Seekins Precision K20 Angled Grip


Seekins Precision is now selling an angled grip for AR-15 and similar weapon platforms. The new grips are available for both KeyMod and M-LOK accessory rails.

Seekins Precision is manufacturing these grips from aluminum using a CNC process. Grips weigh 1.6 ounces and will have an integrated QD sling mount. The grips will be anodized in a variety of colors as seen in the photo above.

The grips retail for $49.

From Seekins Precision:

Seekins Precision announces new K20 Angled Grip

Seekins Precision is proud to announce that the K20 Angled Grip is now in full production and available for purchase.

Designed as a lightweight, ergonomic alternative to the standard forward hand grip. The CNC billet constructed K20 weighs in at only 1.6oz and features an integrated sling mount and anodized finish.

The K20’s angled grip surface provides the shooter with better control of the rifle and ease in recoil. Shooters will also find that the K20 allows for a faster response time and a more accurate return of fire.

Seekins Precision will be manufacturing the K20 in both the Keymod and M-Lok configurations as well as offering a selection of anodized colors for ease in rifle customization.

“The response we received for the K20 during initial beta testing was overwhelmingly positive” said Kevin Weyrauch, Seekins Precision Business Development Coordinator. “We are excited to be able to add the K20 to our product catalog.”

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  • anon

    Yes, but are they available in aquamarine and fuchsia?

    • greensoup

      aquamarine and fuchsia swirl or like a two tone?

  • Crash Pro

    I don’t see the M-LOK version on their site

  • Jack Morris

    Did the magpul AFG patent expire or something?

    • Dracon1201

      Lots of companies have been producing these types of angled grips for a while.

      • Jack Morris

        Dang, I’m falling behind

        • Dracon1201

          It’s alright. Almost impossible to keep up nowadays when everyone and their brother is turning out parts.

          • RICH

            …..And nothing for a picatinny rail anymore… ! ! ? ?

          • John Daniels

            That system has been reduced back to what it was designed for, and best at: mounting optics. 1913 rails are great at that, but they’re heavier, chunkier, and more expensive to make than necessary for any other use. Hence the new direct-attach systems that started coming on the market about five years ago.

  • Dracon1201

    These are pretty sweet. Especially for $49.

  • Mike

    I haven’t got the slightest ideal what that would be useful for. The KeyMod itself on my DD4M v11 makes for great purchase.

  • Mike

    To get the “faster
    response time and a more accurate return of fire” to sounds like you’d
    need to slip your fingers in to the grip. Is that how they are indented
    to be used?

    • John Daniels

      lol no

      Just look at the angle your hand would be at on a straight handguard, and then on a handguard with this wedge-shaped attachment installed. This is pretty simple stuff.