Polenar Tactical AK Operator Indiegogo Update

Last month, Polenar Tactical set up a Indiegogo Campaign to crowdfund a training DVD on the AK platform. Here is the article we posted about it.. Their original goal was $9k to fund the project and get a 4k resolution DSLR to film the project. They shattered that goal in just a week of going live. Since then they have raised $17,643 from 304 individuals, myself included. They have 40 hours left to try and reach their next goal of $20k. If they reach that goal, they will have an entire chapter dedicated to women and AKs.


If you are inclined to help out, click here to go to their Indiegogo Campaign.


For the final 12 hours of the campaign, Polenar Tactical will be doing a live streaming marathon on Google Hangouts. You can go and chat with them live. Here is the link.


Here is the promo video.


And some gratuitous pictures of Manca of Polenar Tactical.

_MG_1404-2_MG_1421 _MG_2947  Manca.Still001

AK Operator DVD Test Front Cover - Manca 4

Nicholas C

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  • Petteri

    4K camera for a DVD? DVD resolution is 720×576.

    • Polenar Tactical

      Yes, AKO will be shot in 4K but then resized to the correct dimensions of the medium on which it will be recorded on.

      So 720×576 for the DVD, Full HD 1080p for the BluRay and 4K for the digital downloads and hopefully the 4K BluRay discs that are scheduled to be released in Q4 of 2015.

      • Grafika

        So many Armchair Operators giving you guys shit…typical. Great work guys. I enjoy your videos from an Art Directors view, a Tacticool view, from a view where you guys/girls had a vision and your making it happen. At the end of the day you’ll complete something yours, and the keyboard trolls will always stay…several negative keystrokes behind.

        Good Luck Guys!

        • Guy

          +1 Agreed! Keep it up.

      • Dan

        Manca shooting AKs in a Bikini, funding problem solved. Don’t even judge me you all know you’d watch it. Even my girlfriend would watch that!

        • Harold

          What an ass you are Dan. Big one. Gaping. Flaming. Ass.

          • Dan

            You know Harrold one day you and me will be best friends

  • Jolly

    Many thanks for the gratuitous pics of Manca. She rocks my world.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    AK operator…with a Vz.58?:-)

    • Polenar Tactical

      That is Alpha footage 😛

    • RealitiCzech

      It’s the AK’s body double for glamor shots.

  • Polenar Tactical

    Thanks for the awesome write-up, Nick.
    Hope to talk to you guys on the live stream!

  • Pete Sheppard

    In her own way, Manca gives Erica a run for her money! 😀

  • West

    I am highly skeptical about ones ability to learn “combat”, or whatever this is called, shooting from a DVD. If you can then I am already a Tier One Low Drag SCUBA Sniper from having seen “Aliens” over 20,000 times.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Ive seen “Beverly Hills Cop” over 1000,000 times and have killed 19 people with bananas.

    • Yallan

      It beats reading about it and looking at pictures.

      And seriously, if you’ve seen third world nation Ak operators, they could do with a dvd like this.

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    Way to go, guys, nice project!
    I envy you, you’ve got the weather, those freaking awesome beaches AND the guns down there in Slovenija! 🙂
    Greatings from the neighborhood: Adam from Hungary

  • Nicholas Chen

    If you watch the 12 hr stream on YouTube we discuss and compare Firearm laws. One benefit is that there are no restrictions on hunting rifles. A firearm retailer registered a PTRD Anti Tank rifle for hunting purposes.