Gun Pro Delta 1 Sights


Gun Pro announced the introduction of handgun sights called the Delta 1. The Delta 1 sights claim to overcome some of the perceived problems with traditional post and notch sights. Here is a video from the company that explains the sights:

These are not night sights that are self-illuminated in low light. The sights are machined steel and made in the United States.

Delta 1 sights are being made for the 1911 and the Glock platforms. The company also has plans to introduce them for the M&P series of pistols from Smith & Wesson. The Glock version of the sights are fixed and carry a suggested retail price of $89. The 1911 sights are adjustable and have a MSRP of $119.

Richard Johnson

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  • GRComments

    Looks like it has possibilities. At least the marketing video makes it look that way. I’ll be interested to see what people say about it when they start using it. I’m not often an early adopter and don’t plan on it for this. But, the video is made well enough that I’m interested.

  • JohnnyBGood

    i like the idea but man does that orange front post look hideous

    • stephen

      I would rather have orange rear & green front.

    • My Little Tony

      You say “hideous,” I say FABULOUS!

      • John Yossarian

        “Align the orange bow in the front with the one on top of Hello Kitty’s head”

    • derfelcadarn

      I use a blaze orange insert in the front sight of my Super Blackhawk in conjunction with a One Ragged Hole ghost ring with these older eyes it is very effective. I would tell you to ask the deer , but they have very little to say on the subject.

      • JohnnyBGood

        didn’t say it wasn’t effective, just said it was ugly

  • Dracon1201

    I don’t know. I’d have to see it in real life. That front sight post looks huge! Distance shots may be a real challange.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Clown sights.

    • Gregor

      Must be christmas. All that glowing green and red…

  • Brody

    I’d love to try it! But I feel like any widage or elevation compensation would be more difficult. Athough that is a relative nonissue with pistol fighting.

  • claymore

    But one must STILL align the sights left and right and therein lays the same old problem.

    • stephen

      But instead of having to line up multiple points and lines, you line up to one point where the point of the triangles meet.

      So yes you will always have to line up something but this at least looks like it minimizes how much. I would interested in shooting a set of these.

      • claymore

        Like I wrote one must still line them up and you still need to align in exactly the same planes as regular sights.

        • iksnilol

          Yes, but it seems simpler to have one triangle pointing at another triangle than it is aligning a notch and post sight.

          Then again, notch and post sights have existed almost as long as sights have. Most likely they aren’t going anywhere.

          • All the Raindrops

            There’s nothing simpler about these sights

        • John Yossarian

          Like these other guys said:
          1. Yes, you are still aligning your sights in the same two horizontal and vertical planes
          2. No, it is not the same

          1. You are now aligning at ONE spot (the two points) VS.
          2. Aligning along THREE different lines (each side and the top of the post)

          • claymore

            And you are still aligning three lines with this one it’s no different other than the made up selling points.

  • Tom of Toms

    Holy visual feedback, Batman.

  • I’d like someone to make universal sights based on the Steyr pyramid

    • Squirreltakular

      I’d donate to that Kickstarter.

    • Spidouz

      I just checked what the Steyr Pyramid was and it actually looks interesting. When doing some search, I just found something similar (not exactly, but still) at Advantage Tactical Sight (I don’t know if I can copy/paste the link here without being flag as spam or so). I have no idea how good or bad it is, and never used it, but I’d definitely love to have more feedback from users…

      • I’ve tried the Advantage Tactical sights, and *for me* they didn’t work well at all.

        I honestly want something that basically comes down to being as close to a delta-point reticle optic as possible without getting overly complex.

        • Spidouz

          Thank you David. That’s really good to know. The main problem I have with all those sights, is that I’m not ready to drop between 50 to 100 bucks just to figure out it’s just “not as good” as I wanted or expected. Sometimes, I often think the easiest way is to use a red-dot sight. I wouldn’t mind to see a “pistol” small version of the SeeAll sight… but the current version looks way too big and too high profile for pistol and then you need some mounting stuff, etc… and it’s indeed getting overly complex, heavy and not quite practical to carry, etc… Again, I’m just thinking out loud.

  • Scott Tuttle

    I can live with being 1 inch off at 25 yards 😛

    • derfelcadarn

      Agreed. It is hardly a factor in any defense situation with a handgun.

  • guest

    Meh. Used ghost ring sights on one gun, was so impressed I bought another set. IMHO the only “natural” sights for a human brain with its obsession with concentricity are peep/ghost ring sights, which by the way offer a very good sight picture unlike this revamp of the basic handgun sights.

    • USMC03Vet

      I’ve wanted to try ghost ring on a pistol before. I need more gun friends.

      • guest

        Like I said no quantum leap, but definately an imporvement. Try it, if you don’t like it sell it. I reccomend one with tritium inserts.

      • Tothe

        I once shot a Hi-Point 9mm that had a ghost ring rear sight. It may have been fugly, heavy, and not at all ergonomic, but it was reliable for the duration of the range time, and accurate enough. I rather liked the system.

  • Will

    I like the concept. But I’m too old to jump on bandwagons so I’ll wait and see.
    Like Scott Tuttle said, I can live with being one inch off at twenty five yards.

  • Max

    The sight-picture reminds me a lot of the ASP guttersight. I would think that this sight would have similar issues of precision and time-to-align.

  • Bill

    Key words: “perceived problems.”

  • Patrick Mingle

    I can’t tell if this is a gimmick or if I really need these

    • Minerva

      I think these look like they have promise and I hope they make them for the FNS.

      If I had my way all of my pistols would have Steyr’s trapezoidal sights on them. I’ve never been more accurate with a handgun than with Steyrs and I believe it, for me, to solely be the sights. I’m next best with regular serrated patridge sights and for some reason I can’t shoot 3 dots worth a damn.

  • DGR

    The problem with all of these new sights is experience. I would want to try them before I dropped the money on them, and even then I would want to actually spend a significant amount of time behind them. They may be better, but dang, its used traditional sights my entire shooting life. Not to brag, but I like to think I can use them pretty well at this point. Could these be better? Maybe. But its hard for me to buy this type of new product without a lot of hands on testing.

  • AD

    The marketing claims seem exaggerated, but it looks interesting; I like that there’s more open space around the sight, though I doubt that amounts to as much in real life as they present it in the video. I do have some questions however:

    1. It looks like colour is the only thing that allows you to differentiate the two sights when you’re lining them up. What if you’re colour-blind?
    2. In low light everyone is effectively colour-blind; it seems to me that in low light these might be harder to use than some other available options.

    I would like to give them a go, I think they could be good for fun shooting (dunno about life-or-death stuff).

    • noob

      You also have the alignment of the edges of the v-notch and the sides of the rear delta.

      if the alignment looks like this

      you’ll notice that there is no smooth line between the sides of the v the sides of the delta.

      the idea is that aligning pairs of straight lines has a special neural circuit in our brains that is subconscious and automatic.

  • Jarhead0369

    I bought a set and I’m not impressed. No magic here, all the basics, sight alignment, sight picture, etc. still apply.

  • Tothe

    Aside from the snag-magnet look of the front sight, I think the concept is worth a shot.

  • Ken Alexander

    Spingfield XD series next please.

  • freethinker

    Looks like a gussied up two dot sight system.

  • JSmiff

    Nice idea….but how often will these sharp/pointed edges get caught on holsters and clothing when being drawn?