Selecter Versatile Defensive Weapon

Bryan S. sent me these pics of an odd defensive weapon. G-L Industries, in New Jersey, made this semi-automatic pistol for defense purposes. It is sort of predecessor to the paintball gun. It uses a CO2 cartridge for propulsion and is loaded by a 5 rd box magazine. It uses a variety of ammunition: stinger, noise, tear gas and fluorescent dye.

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Here is an ad from Popular Mechanics back in 1970.


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  • Sianmink

    That.. looks a little bit too cheap to rely on for anything. If it breaks when I smack a guy in the head with it, what good is it?

    • Tom

      Smacking someone in the head is probable the most practical use for it.

  • Bert

    This post reminds me of the Para-Ordinance Model 85. It was a plastic MAC-10 look-alike that fired paintballs using shotgun primers in little self contained cartridges. Cool early attempt at simunition-type training aids.

    And yes, that is the same Para-Ordinance that was bought by Remington.

    • BryanS

      Mod 85s are great, if you can find ammo. I know 2 guys with a few boxes of the stuff.. double primered, .38 paint caliber… very cool and crazy guns.

  • Jeff Smith

    I’d rather have the plywood sports car.

  • iksnilol

    Wouldn’t it have been better if the magazine was in the pistol grip while the CO2 bottle is under the barrel? Essentially reversing their positions.

    • wetcorps

      The grip would get pretty huge.

      • iksnilol

        Doesn’t have to, you can see how much dead space there is in the grip. Couple that with better designed mags and it could work.

        • BryanS

          The grip design is pretty much in line with the cattle marking paint ball launchers and some airguns of the time. It wasnt until 2001-2002 that we saw a paintball style gun come about that reliably fed rounds from a grip mounted magazine.

    • BryanS

      That wouldnt work with the valve system for the CO2, lengthening the tubing would cause more gas waste and drop shot count.

      • iksnilol

        I don’t think shot count is a too big priority with these. Most likely you will fire off one or two magazines.

        Besides, in its current form it is very hard to conceal it with a magazine loaded.

        • BryanS

          No matter how I look at it, being basically a 12 gram powered paintball gun, shot count automatically factors into my thinking 🙂

          But, you loose a lot of effective pressure and volume of c02 by routing the gas elsewhere. Also, it took until about 2002 for a decent .68 caliber launcher (this is .69) to feed from mags through a grip.

  • Southpaw89

    So it’s a weapon that’s just powerful enough to aggravate your attacker, no thanks. I will take one of those gnat go carts though.

  • Zebra Dun

    Be sure to make it out of chocolate, so when your target makes you eat it the taste will be agreeable.

  • BryanS

    If anyone has info, past what can be googled, let me know. Ive had this for years because of its similarity to paintball, and the subject came up because there was a paintball gun from South Africa that showed up at a recent vintage equipment game, and it was very much based on this design.

    I think the purpose was to have a longer range OC style delivery, like Pepperball. But Pepperball came about in the 2000’s.. this hails from the late 60’s. In the history of semi-auto paintball guns, that s a HUGE deal.

  • Cattoo

    This reminds me of the disc gun. It was a space age looking plastic gun that had a built in magazine that would hold approximately a dozen flat plastic discs that would spin out of the muzzle when the trigger was manipulated. Fun toy that I’m pretty sure accounted for a fair amount of injuries whilst having fun.

  • Tim Ellwood

    I remember when these came out, right up there with the “Un-Gun” for LTL use.
    I had a good collection of odd LTL devices as I was partners in the 1st airsoft/paintball catalog in the US.

    We had the exclusive distributorship for the Model 85 paintball gun in the US for a few years. ( I have probably shot 100,000 rds or more thru the model 85, doing testing and QC work)
    We also tracked down the “Un-Gun” maker and bought out all of the stock he had left and reimagined it into a M79 style paint grenade launcher system.

    Never sold very well but I had a heck of the time in the mid 80’s traveling to paintball fields to demo our product. Kitted out with some of the 1st nylon “tactical” gear ( holsters and pouches from Keith Idema Combat systems and vest by Elevated Urban Operations) , 2 model 85’s in thigh holsters and a direct feed Sheriden pump rifle with a Un-gun mounted under barrel (Ala a M203).
    This was the days of pumps and splatmasters, so for the 1st year or so I was like a time traveler showing up at a Civil War battle with a M-16. Those were fun days.

  • Donald Darr

    I actually am more interested in the ad for the “Gnat” vehicle or the “Plywood Sports Car” then the plastic “toy” gun. lol