SI Drop-In Free Float Mega Fins Full Auto Heat Test

Strike Industries Freefloat Mega Fins / Keymod handguard.

About a month ago I posted a install how-to and review of the Strike Industries Drop-In Free Float Mega Fins handguard. Some of the readers were curious about how well the Mega Fins dissipated heat, so while at the range I did an impromptu test. Admittedly it wasn’t as controlled of a test as I would have liked, but it did achieve the desired result.

After dumping a couple of magazines the handguard remained comfortably warm to the touch. I am sure with sustained fire it would get pretty hot, but it does seem that the heat sink principal of the Mega Fins rail is a solid concept.

The MSRP of the handguard tested is $149.00 and can be found on Strike’s website here.

Patrick R

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  • Maximilian Johannes Benning

    It would have been nice to compare this with other free-float rails. Unless y’all are just product placing for Strike Industries, saying “it wasn’t bad after a few mag dumps” isn’t very helpful.

    • Patrick R.

      When some one offers to provide me with a slew of rails and the anmo to test them, I will gladly put the results together. Until then my articles are at the mercy of my pocketbook.

  • Gwolf

    What sights you running on that?

    • Patrick R.

      They are HK Diopter sights off a MR556.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        That rear drum-sight is the best…

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    The rail is always gonna take it. I don´t see an aluminum rail break because of secondary heat from the barrel/gas tube. The weakest point is the gas tube, as demonstrated by IV8888 in a video a while back. What would be fun is to see how a 416 would break.