Our friends at Osage County Guns sent us a photo of this beautiful suppressed AR-15 SBR. I love the bronze ribbed gas tube! John writes …

We just received this gorgeous suppressed SBR from Spikes Tactical. It is one of the most gorgeous SBR’s I’ve ever seen. If Apple made a SBR, it would be this! I have more photos including the case and accessories. The BCG is nickel boron coated and lightened.




Thanks John.



  • Giolli Joker

    .223 or .300BLK?

    • iksnilol

      With a that short barrel I really hope it is 300 BLK.

      • Joshua

        I think the compressor is 5.56 which is why the gas tube needed the copper heat sink wrapped around it.

        Effective range for fragmentation and expansion will likely be limited 10-15M and only with the absolute best bullets.

        .300BLK works fine in kitty Kat builds, 5.56…not so much.

        I knew guys who carried 7.5″ kitty Kat guns suppressed in Afghanistan due to their unique job and engagement ranges there and I will honestly say the guns had to be rebuilt every 3,000-4,000 rounds. MRBS was also only around 180 or so.

        Not the most reliable guns, but was better than the MP5 for their jobs.

        • iksnilol

          Doesn’t seem like a terribly practical weapon. Sure, it is probably awesome for CQB but after going outside the building then what?

          I don’t really have an interest in ARs but I wouldn’t mind one in 300 BLK with a 20 cm barrel. Add a T4 suppressor which extends the length by about 5 cm and it would be compact and quiet (could go quieter with the T8 but that means 5 more centimeters added length). Would be too short to be legal where I am, so that puts a dampener on that one.

          That gas tube was interesting; I just assumed that so short gas systems get hotter than regular ones so a heat sink would be natural to have regardless of caliber.

          • Joshua

            .300BLK was actually designed for short barrels with short gas tubes.

            It does not have the negative aspects of 5.56 when run in pistol length has tubes.

            The ones I spoke of had M4A1’s in their vehicles if needed, but often they stayed in doors so the 7.5″ guns were ideal for them.

            Very specific job requirement and dangerous at that.

          • iksnilol

            Though it can’t hurt to have extra cooling, despite the caliber being made for short gas tubes?

            Yeah, dangerous indeed. I believe I would just throw grenades in and call it a day. Wouldn’t work for hostage rescue or retrieval though.

          • Joshua

            The extra cooling would be beneficial if used like a LMG. Otherwise .300BLK effect a pistol gas tube like 5.56 does a carbine gas tube.

          • iksnilol

            So… 300 BLK IARs?

          • Joshua

            It’s an interesting design, but it would just be cheaper to run a beefed up gas tube like the Colt Canada IAR.

            Surefire used on when they were testing their 100round coffin mags. Out 5×100 round mags back to back through a M4A1 with no issue with the gas tube.

            It would be much cheaper and easier to just make a thicker, straight gas tube.

  • DW

    If Apple made a SBR it would be the XM8, because fuq mainstream accessories!

    • Joshua

      So In otherwise, it would look cool, suck, and be 3 or 4 generations behind what is available.

      • Umm, no?

        • Joshua

          If you mean Apple products, then yes. Trust me Computer and Networking are my job now that I am retired.

          I could list a dozen ways the IPhone 6 is a few generations behind current phones hardware wide, same for their computers.

          • I mean the xm8 did not suck and was not three or four generations behind. It was also very cheap, so there’s no way it would be an Apple product 🙂

          • Joshua

            Aside from overheating problems, and requiring all new mounts for ancillary components it was cheap. But those mounts were going to be quite costly.

          • Because they totally never offered a version with picatinny rails or anything… oh wait…
            Here is some reading:

          • Joshua

            Well your the defensive sort. Let me guess, you believe we should be using the XM8 instead of the M4A1.

          • I dont care, I’m a civilian.

          • Ed


          • Kevin Harron

            Fishgun is still fishy. The XM-8 tactical Trout.

  • Devon Cartwright

    If Apple made a SBR it would be 3x more expensive and the technology 3 years behind the competition…

    • MR

      After reading the comment section, it’s starting to dawn on me that Ruger may just be the “Apple” of the gun industry.

      • Green Hell

        WTF are you talking about? Ruger is actually making a very nice AR-15 that costs less then iPhone 6. And all their other weapons are pretty affordable and well made. What’s not to like?

        • Don

          I agree with you 100% Green Hell. I have several Ruger firearms, they are both well made and very affordable. And they are very accurate!! Maybe the meant to say Sig Sauer, now that is a company that reminds me of Apple with the way it operates 🙂

          • MR

            Really? $1019 MSRP for a 3MOA Mini14 is “very” affordable and accurate?

        • MR

          Found the fanboy. Since you asked, I was talking about the Mini 14s and “Gunsite Scout” models, overpriced, obsolete, and requiring proprietary accessories like mags and scope bases.

          • Green Hell

            I can’t be a fanboy since I can’t own any guns where I live. But i can understand why Mini 14 or any other gun made by a single manufacturer costs more than 1000 dollars, because it always costs more to make the original designe and all the parts yourself instead of outsourcing them everywhere like all those endless AR-15 and 1911 makers.

      • Sam Schifo

        If anyone is the Apple of the gun industry, it’s HK.

    • Mystick

      …it would also be white. But you could buy a million different “skins” for it at RadioShack. Including the diamond-encrusted one.

      …and you would only be able to mount Apple-produced accessories to it.

      …and they would change the shape of the magazine slightly every year so you would have to go out and buy new ones each time.

      …and it would have software installed that tracks it’s location at all times that cannot be turned off.

      …and you could only shoot it at certain ranges which Apple licenses to.

      …and it would immediately shatter if you dropped it. And cease functioning entirely if it comes into contact with a drop of water.

      …but it would have Bluetooth.

    • Wetcoaster

      There would be no user-serviceable parts inside, but you’re welcome to trade it in for next year’s model so they can refurbish your old one and sell it again. Reminds me of a car dealer.

  • Darhar M.

    If Apple made a SBR it would be expensive, would not work with anything else, and no Apple users would use it as it might be used to harm humans even if the human is trying to kill them.

    • Giolli Joker

      I’d be worried about having to buy a new one after emptying the magazine… 🙂

    • MR

      They might have trouble getting it through customs, what with the sanctions against Chinese firearms.

  • ToMaZi

    If Apple made an SBR:

    1. Everyone will own one, and would not understand how the lived without one previously.
    2. You will not be able to customize it.
    3. disassembling it will void the warranty.
    4. It will have its own cartridge, which will change with each new model.
    5. FOXCON (the chinese mega factory that makes Apple devices) employees will have an easier time killing themselves.

  • USMC03Vet

    Looks like a pain to clean.

    • Joshua

      I’d recon with a 8.1″ barrel, suppressed, and 5.56 pushing 62,000psi bolt and barrel life would be 3,000 rounds.

  • Lance

    Another tacti cool AR SBR…. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!

  • nero

    Seems like there is such a wider variety of buttstocks, and pistol grips. Why would they rest on the most basic and unattractive magpul plastic?
    Suppressing and sbr aren’t not that unique or amazing.
    Blah blah blah nfa, blah blah spikes, blah blah blah magpul.

  • santi

    Anyone have an Idea where I can look into that coiled looking gas tube?

  • DonDrapersAcidTrip

    I think we need one more half assed comparison between an electronics company and firearms manufacturer and a list a bunch things other people have already said but reworded slightly.