Geoff sent us a photo of his recently built 5.56mm AR-15 and his just completed .300 BLK upper. He wrote …

On the top is my PSA 16″ 1:7 Stainless barrel and upper, 12″ free float handguard from opticalfactory from eBay, Nikon P-223 4-12X40mm. BDC600, Millet Tactical mount, registered homebuilt 5.56 suppressor.

Bottom is my just built Ares Armor 300BLK 16″ 1:8 4150 steel nitride barrel, noname upper with a DPMS BCG and BCM Gunfighter charging handle, ERGO 4810-HC 7″ Z-Float handguard, Ares Armor finished 80% 7075-T6 forged lower with a Bushmaster LPK, MagPul MOE stock and buffer parts, Crosman Centerpoint 4-16X40mm. variable parallax and Millet Tactical mount. I use the same BCG/handle for both uppers until I can get another.

I built the 5.56 a few months ago and the 300BLK yesterday (4/25/15).

After zeroing the scope I shot a 1.3″ 5 shot group at 50 yards from the bench with front support. No, it isn’t great, but I wasn’t really trying either. Just testing function. 100 yard zero soon.

Thanks Geoff.



  • MR

    That’s a hot weapon.

  • Duray

    What’s the rationale for having such a long optic supported by such a small portion of the rail? Wouldn’t it be more precise & solid with a longer “footprint” for attachment?

    • Mr. FN

      I believe when that mount was designed they thought operators would want as much space for their three types of PEQ boxes and 15, 45, 60, and 90 degree iron sights.

      My guess.

    • MR

      On these two rifles, that scope mount allows proper eye relief without having to put one of the scope rings on the forearm. Conventional wisdom indicates it’s best to mount the scope to just one component, either the receiver or the forearm.

      • MR

        Apparently, Silencer Shop has some more work to do with their “I am the suppressed” campaign.

  • Florida Mike

    So it is an Ares Armor lower… I don’t see a serial, but I do see an Auto Sear pin. Also, I have concern for the “homebuilt suppressor.” He is either a manunfacturor that buys cheap optics or he doesn’t live in the US. I sure hope no one is that stoopid.

    • MR

      I don’t think that’s an auto sear pin, looks too big and the shadow is weird. He says “registered homebuilt 5.56 suppressor”, indicating it’s registered on a Form One, and perfectly legal. Of course, it’s also possible that he’s an SOT or outside of the U.S., as you mention, but that wouldn’t be necessary for him to be legal.

  • uisconfruzed

    I suggest he goes for a more solid mount like the Burris PEPR on the 556, and a completely different option on the 300BLK (4 x 16?).

  • Geoffry K

    The scope mount was the only way to get the scopes far enough forward to not block the charging handle. dual rings would have put one on the forward rail which I did not want. Yes, it is a Form 1 silencer, approved 1/15/2015 by Diane R. Wood. 33 weeks and 6 days from acceptance of the Form 1. I am in South Carolina. It is a MagLite flashlight silencer as shown in YouTube videos and at SD Tactical Arms. The CenterPoint scope is a spare I had used on a previous rifle, I plan to replace it with another Nikon or Leupold in the future. Also for a 30 caliber silencer when I can get the $200 for the ATF. Being retired means not a lot of money for gun stuff. A little bit at a time. A thread protector or flash hider for the 300BLK will be added before the silencer.
    I milled and drilled the aluminum lower over 3 days with just a drill press and a vise and the bits that came with my Polymer80 80% lower kit. I have to order the LPK and get a stock/buffer assembly and then that will be the 300BLK lower.
    I am replacing the 7″ handguard with a longer one and will have a bipod for each upper.
    As I said, I’m retired, fixed income, so builds do not move very fast.