Brügger & Thomet USA Firearms Now Available

For those looking for some modern Swiss firearms, Brügger & Thomet USA firearms have now been imported and are available. Ethan of Aftermath Gun Club reports:

The first three B&T models approved and imported are the APC9, APC45, and TP9. Inventory has arrived in the country and have begun shipping. All three have been imported as pistols but stocks will be available for people willing to go through the legal process of registering the firearms as short barreled rifles.



Those looking to purchase any of these rifles should follow the link over to AGC for more information.

EDIT: Ethan has posted pictures of one of the new arrivals over at AGC’s site. Follow the link to see them!

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Maxpwr

    What exactly are the US made 922r parts for one of these? Or are they suggesting you ignore 922r to make an SBR?

    • KestrelBike

      I don’t think SBRs are exempt from 922r?

      • Kelly Jackson

        They aren’t, but I think the loophole here is that these are imported as pistols not rifles.

        • jer223

          Agreed. 922r is for imported rifles. If you manufacture (as on a Form 1) a new rifle from an imported pistol – I would think it is considered made in the USA.

          • JSmath

            Have read in several other places that when a pistol is converted to an SBR, 922r absolutely does apply.

          • Maxpwr

            No, that is not correct. You still must follow 922r. Signing a form does not make foreign parts American parts.

      • They are not. If you put this pistol on a form 1, it must be made compliant.

    • Kelly Jackson

      922r doesn’t apply to pistols, which is how these are being imported.

    • It is possible that they will provide compliance kits like CZ is doing. Also, remember that a US-made magazine counts as three parts.

      • I am shy from posting this because I don’t want it to be wrong but from what I understand, you can swap out the trigger components with most USA made AR15 triggers on the APC223 variant. I don’t know what is different on the APC9 trigger assembly yet (different hammer possibly). Immediately that’s a trigger, hammer, and disconnector. I happily would like to be corrected if anyone knows better but I trust my source on this.

        • Oaf

          I’m pretty sure no one knows B&T better than you.

          • I’ve confirmed it, the triggers are AR15 compatible.

          • Yay 🙂

        • JNZ

          That WAS the plan. But at SHOT the reps confirmed it’s ALMOST identical an AR trigger… but not.


  • Dammit, my wallet did not need this.

    • MR

      On that note, any idea as to MSRP & normal street price? I followed the link, and my internet skills must be lacking today, cause I got zero additional information.

      • When DSA was importing them you could get them for $1,200 new in box.

        • MR

          Thanks. There is some new information on the new link, new pics and a tentative MSRP list.

    • Yohei556

      The TP9 is like a oversized pistol even if you SBR it but the cool factor overrides the logic factor.

      • Mine would be full auto.

        • Yohei556

          Yeah mine wont…but I still just gotta have one.

  • Kelly Jackson

    I’m confused about the TP9, it looks exactly like the Steyr TMP.

    • terminalbrd

      That’s because the TP9 is the TMP. B&T bought the design from Steyr.

      • Correct. The Steyr TMP became the B&T TMP-A1 prototype and then the production model was renamed the MP9. The Steyr SPP became the B&T TP9. The biggest differences include the optics rail, provision for mounting a stock, the folding stock, and an improved trigger. B&T now has the MP9-N whith a different safety selector that is more ambidextrous.

        • G0rdon_Fr33man

          Also a B&T proprietary, non-threaded, 3 lug muzzle for the B&T suppressor.

  • M.

    Are there any brace adapters made for these?

    • It won’t be long for the APC, I doubt it will happen for the TP9. Any challengers?

  • MR

    That APC on the bottom is calling out for a bumpfire stock, since mere mortals aren’t permitted newly manufactured F/A. Maybe it’s just the resemblance to the Lage Manufacturing Max 31.

  • Esh325

    They make a 5.56×45 rifle also, so they aren’t importing that?

    • Ethan

      Importation of Rifles has a lot more legal strings attached… much more difficult thanks to ridiculous anti-gun legislation.

    • The determination from ATF hasn’t been made yet on the APC223 and APC300. B&T USA will import as soon as the government approves.

    • Maxpwr

      They won’t be approved for import as long as they can take a magazine which can hold over 10 rounds. Otherwise expect a thumbhole stock version and 10 round limit. Or B&T USA would have to swap out parts for USA parts after importation to convert back to 10 round+, pistol grip configuration.

      • …Or import them as pistols. The CZ 805 pistol and MKE 53 pistol for example.

        • Maxpwr

          Then you need USA 922r parts to make them legal just like to make them into SBRs.

          • Yes, of course.

            When I get upset on this topic, it isn’t focused towards the manufacturers or importers, they’d prefer to sell us what we want. It is towards our ridiculous laws based almost entirely on cosmetics.

  • DAN V.

    You can fit SO MUCH stuffon those rails….

    • JSmath

      They can fit all that is necessary and more.

    • MR

      Looks like the side rails might be removable, or you could put a light on one side, laser on the other.

  • Just a heads-up: “Brügger & Thomet AG” doesn’t exist anymore as a company name — it was rebranded simply B&T AG in 2011, after one of the co-founders, Heinrich Thomet, sold all his stocks of the company.

    B&T AG is extremely picky on this, to the point that they would send letters to gun magazines and websites headquartered in Europe if any of them would still report their name as “Brügger & Thomet” rather than as B&T.

    The company’s marketing manager, Ralph Wilhelm, attached a very specific letter to the media kit they handed out at the 2015 EnforceTac expo, last March. Find it hereby attached.

    • Giolli Joker

      He offers guns for testing. TFB, jump on it!!!

    • When Recoil covered B&T, that was the first thing I noticed, right on the cover – they got it wrong! With the firearms coming into the country now, maybe they can get some traction on B&T AG and B&T USA becoming more commonly known than their original branding.

    • I used the old name just to be clear to our readers. They may not know what “B&T” is, but they sure recognize “Brugger & Thomet”.

      I’ve tried to use both side-by-side, just to phase in the new name.

      • MR

        Uh…well…no. But it’s in The Firearm Blog, so they’re likely gun related.

  • J.J

    What about a Sig brace? Especially on the TP9 that would be so awesome. The TP9 is definitely one of the best in its class.

  • hikerguy

    I doubt the U.S. army would make the TP9 the replacement for the Beretta 92 (especially since congress appears to want to cut funding for the modular pistol program) but it has my vote (not that mine really matters). Yes, I know its a machine pistol instead but I like the idea of full auto PDW better.

  • EHW2

    Maybe THIS will be the wakeup call HK needs to finally make civilian MP7’s and UMP’s more easily available.
    I would buy these SOOOOOO quickly

    • Read up on German firearm export laws. It is a miracle that they are able to sell anything here.

      • EHW2

        Interesting. How did Walther bypass this particular wall? I see their stuff all the time.
        It would help if you could cite some articles BESIDES the one on the firearm blog that I’ve already read.

        • What Walthers?

          • Yeah, where are my Walther MPK & MPL?!

            @EHW2 The rimfire models have different export/import requirements in both countries; I assume you are referring to the .22LR models.

          • MR

            PPX & PPQ’s seem to be readily available, though I haven’t looked into where they’re actually built.

          • Conventionally laid out pistols are not affected by their (or our) regs. Something like an MP7 “pistol” could not be exported because of German law regarding the exportation of “implements/weapons of war”.

          • Sadler

            Do you mind citing the law that prohibits exportation of weapons of war or IP of weapons of war? I’ve been unable to find it myself, and it seems like you’re quoting directly from something.

  • TangledThorns

    Read about these in Recoil two issues back. Seemed kinda pricey.

  • HKmaster

    Now why can’t HK do something like this for the folks in the USA? I’m pretty sure pistols don’t have to go through a political sh*tstorm to be imported. Stockless MP5s, UMPs, and MP7s would sell like hotcakes over there.

    • German law regarding the export of war matériel is extremely convoluted. Basically the German government owns all the patents of firearms designed with in Germany.
      Also, you do know that the MP7 requires armorer level maintenance after 500 rounds right? Why the hell would you want one?

      • Alex, could you elaborate on the maintenance required? That’s the first I’ve heard of such a ridiculously short service window.

      • Sadler

        Could you cite the law that prohibits the export of firearms? I’ve heard people say that the law is complicated or that export is banned, but I’ve never once seen the actual law that is referenced.

  • I haven’t had problems, just the same I’m glad replacement parts will be obtainable again.