Green Laser for Revolvers

CT Laser

Crimson Trace announced a new green laser aiming device for Ruger LCR and LCRx revolvers. The LG-415G Lasergrip is similar to the red laser version already made for the Ruger revolvers, but upgrades the package to use a green laser.

Compared to red, green lasers tend to be more visible to the human eye. They are more easily seen during bright light conditions when most red aiming lasers will wash out and become useless. The LG-415G laser is contained within a rubber and hard polymer replacement grip that fits onto the revolver. The MSRP of the green laser is $399.

Richard Johnson

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  • Paul O.

    It’s pricy but I’m going to pick one up anyway.

    • valorius

      Ive tried almost every major brand of laser maker, and IMO crimson trace’s pressure activation system is hands down the best. Well worth the money.

  • valorius

    I bought my 60yo mother a red crimson trace lasergrip for her Ruger SP101 a cotuple years ago for her birthday. I wish the green one was out then, id have definitely got it.

    Green lasers do very admirable double duty as both illuminators and targeting devices. I have a Viridian C5L green laser, when you turn it on the whole room lights up green and the laser beam itself is plainly visible. It would be extremely intimidating to be in a dark room and suddenly be lit up by a green laser.