Russian Combat Swimmers Underwater Training in Crimea

Check out this new video of Russian Special Forces training underwater in Crimea posted by the state funded news agency Russia Today. It looks like they’re using an underwater SPP-1 pistol and APS underwater rifle.┬áThe SPP-1 pistol has a max of range of just 56 feet at a depth of just 16 feet. The APS underwater rifle fairs better at 98 feet at a depth of 16 feet.

From the videos description:

Combat Swimmers from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet took part in drills in Sevastopol, Thursday, focused on defending the fleet from underwater saboteurs.

Your can see more of the SPP-1 pistol and APS rifle in the video below.

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  • Tassiebush

    Either gun would be so much fun for spearfishing!

  • hikerguy

    They have a design now based on the A91 called the AD Dual medium that uses standard length 5.45 rounds, but I don’t think its operational yet. I’ll agree with Tassiebush…..It would make a great spearfishing rig for sure, LOL.

  • R

    I understand sea lane mining and ship sabatoge. But does anyone know if theres actually ever been underwater combat between military divers?

    • CommonSense23

      The Russians went big with the whole underwater firing gun thing after supposedly losing a diver to a dolphin. If you know divers are in the water, turn on the sonar and throw some anti swimmer grenades. Underwater combat between divers is pure Hollywood.

  • hikerguy

    Thanx…..I knew I had seen something on it recently, but couldn’t remember where.

  • Max Glazer

    This kind of combat is actually VERY probable. For example the US Navy SEALs are trained in underwater demolition and are perfectly capable of planting charges onto ships hull to disable it. There are specifically trained dolphins that can carry out military tasks too.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    I read some declassified document. I wish I could give the source but unfortunately that website is currently 404.

    “During the late 1980s meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in Malta. The ship where two leaders were meet was protecting by 16 Spetsnaz combat divers team working fully 24 hours in three shift. They were given an order to shoot-to-kill anyone that approach the ship perimeter within 200 meters. They’re equipped with Russian underwater assault rifle and West Germany firms (?) was kind enough to loan to the team Germany made underwater pistol”