Arnold sent us a photo of his Colt LE6920 AR-15. He has modded it with a with Smith muzzle brake, BCM KMR rail, PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube, VLTOR IMOD buttstock, and Geiselle S3G trigger.

Thanks Arnold.



  • Mr. Fosi

    What is that optic?

    • Paladin

      ACOG from the looks of it, unless its a knockoff.

  • John

    Yep, ACOG on the standard ACOG TA51 mount. He also added a Battle Arms Development ambi safety, and BUIS – the front one may be a Magpul Pro, the rear one seems to be HK-like

    • Squirreltakular

      Rear buis looks like a Matech. I had one but swapped it for a KAC. Same elevation presets but lighter and less bulky.

      I’d put money on him being a Marine or Army dude.

      Nice setup, btw. Looks like mine.

  • Herr Wolf

    why go through all of this BS when you can just buy a DDM4 V11

    • JEWDUB

      Reason: Geissele Trigger, KMR rail, Smith muzzle brake, and PWS enhanced buffer tubes are all worthy upgrades for any DDM4.

    • Booter Wilson

      Because you can get into a Colt much cheaper and upgrade it as you have the funds.

  • Harold

    Fantastic upgrades to a great base rifle. Harold approved. Nice work Arnold.”This Is How We Do It”

  • SteveK

    Black Beauty!