Accu-Grip Releases Adjustable AK Grip

Accu-Grip showed off their adjustable AR-15 grips at the 2014 SHOT Show, well they’ve finally released a version for the AK-47. Like with their AR-15 offerings, their new AK grip is a two piece design. It consists of a base that attaches to the rifle receiver and the actual grip that then attaches to the base. The user can adjust the grip forwards or backwards allowing the user to fine tune the trigger reach depending on how long their fingers are. This is perfect for those with smaller hands and fingers or those with giant banana hands. They currently retail for $39 at

The AK-47 and its variants have a very short trigger length of pull, too short for most people.
Accu-Grip is the only AK grip on the market that can provide a significantly improved grip and trigger index for most people.
For the AK models designed for long range and higher power, in particular, Accu-grip can provide dramatic benefits.

Check out more on how the Accu-Grip system works in the videos below:

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  • John Yossarian

    This can obviously be accomplished by using any other grip that also is of the size to provide perfect finger-reach to the trigger. However, I don’t know of any opportunity to sit down with a bunch of different grips to “try before I buy”.

    Perhaps grip makers should just do more to promote the dimensions of their product when mounted on said rifle receiver – a “length of pull” for grips – to help prospective buyers pick what fits their hands.

  • Yond

    I can only feel one thing from that picture, one hell of a pinch…

  • Herr Trollzorz

    LEL, AK’s are grippable by most people. Of course idiots say it’s too short because the gun isn’t custom molded for them.

  • Luc

    Sorry, but IMHO AK’s just ain’t meant for optics. Optics that mount on a rail attached to the receiver cover are a joke. Set the irons at a six o’clock hold, and shoot the damn thing as it was designed. I know I’m off the subject, but I couldn’t help but say it.