UTG Pro Super Slim KeyMod Rail for AR10/DPMS 308 Rifles

UTG announced the company is now selling KeyMod hand guards for the ArmaLite AR10 and DPMS-pattern .308 rifles. The new hand guards are made of 6061 T6 aluminum and have a hard coat black anodized finish. The rails are 15″ long.

According to UTG, the rails come with a four slot and an eight slot Picatinny rail to attach to the KeyMod sections. These Picatinny rail sections will allow the shooter to add non-KeyMod components to the hand guard. Additional Picatinny rail sections are available from UTG.

The suggested retail price of each hand guard is $187.97. UTG states the parts are all made in the United States of America.

From UTG:

When the question of “Made in USA” is brought up in the firearm industry, it is hard to think of anything more American than the iconic AR-10. Designed well ahead of today’s extremely popular 5.56 AR’s, the AR10 in .308 caliber has seen its glory renewed, with more manufacturers and variants produced now, than ever before. It’s definitely not a simple task to come up with ways to improve on the ergonomics and handling of a firearm legend, and so, it is with the greatest care and attention to detail that Leapers/UTG has committed to making high quality accessories, tailored to the 308 platform.

The New UTG Pro Mount MTU026SSKA is the first of UTG’s “Made in USA” Keymod rail systems designed for 308 AR systems, and augments an already existing line of UTG Pro Super Slim rails which have been very well received in the firearm community. Designed for use with the ArmaLite® AR10 model and same dimension variants, this rail features an ultra-lightweight octagonal profile with an extended 15″ length. Its proprietary attachment design and integral anti-rotation tabs, together with the inherent tolerance control which is UTG Pro, allow for a perfect rail-to-receiver alignment. A top Mil-STD 1913 (Picatinny) rail interface with T-marks provides 37 slots, while its edges are scalloped for easy mounting of accessories. A combined 7 Keymod tracks are evenly spaced around the rail and house 112 Keymod slots providing the ultimate mounting versatility. The rails sleek surface has been adorned with grooves across the entire length to provide comfort and weight reduction. The new rail ships with one 4 and one 8 slot Keymod-to-Picatinny rail section and additional rail sections are available for purchase. The MTU026SSK family of rails are currently available in a hard black anodized surface coating and are constructed of 6061 T6 Aircraft grade aluminum.

Leapers/UTG has fast become the premier US manufacturer for AR 308 Rail Systems and stands alone in the amount of rails adopted for this legendary platform. As such, the Leapers brand UTG Pro has begun manufacturing the MTU026SSKB, which is designed for compatibility with the DPMS® high profile type receivers and variants using the same dimensions. These will be released concurrently with the “A” version, and Leapers/UTG has already committed to a “C” version that will address the needs of those using S&W® MP10® as well as DPMS’s low profile variants. All in all, it is the right time for those that love the “Heavy Hitting” AR to contact their local UTG Dealer and prepare to be amazed.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Blue Falcon

    DId they just move this over from their junk airsoft gear again? Leapers/UTG is junk gear…

    • iksnilol

      IIRC UTG Pro is the non-junk gear of Leapers/UTG. Though don’t take my word for it.

      • MR

        Yeah the UTG Pro product line is pretty good stuff for the money. If it isn’t their “Pro” line, I wouldn’t mess with it, unless you’re just building a sub-caliber range toy or airsoft trainer.

    • fattie03

      Like MR said, their PRO line is made to be more durable. I’ve had their midlength PRO Slimline rail on my AR for a year now, and I’ve put a couple hundred rounds through it. Now I’m not a super soldier or anything, but I do get training in.

      Only problem I’ve had was the barrel wrench broke when I installed it, but UTG sent me a brand new one for free and were very pleasant to work with. I definitely recommend their PRO line of accessories.

      • Blue Falcon

        IF they can’t make a barrel wrench that doesn’t break under normal use, you really trust their rails are made ok?? Really???

  • wv cycling

    I see stuff that looks just like this on Aliexpress for $70-90 all day long.