Winchester AA Shells Soon to be Available in Commemorative Wooden Box

While I initially thought “gimmick” the logical portion of my brain housing group immediately jumped to the practical implications of having a wooden storage box. I might (finally) have something to store those awkward hulls in efficiently.

Sadly, the box will only be available for a single loading, the size 8, 1 & 1/8 ounce, 1145 FPS loading. For most, this is good news but I like the heavy loads for competition. Regardless, its a solid step in the right direction and a solid improvement over cardboard. download

Further details from NRA can be found at Winchester’s Blog here.

Nathan S

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  • Nicholas Chen

    These are already for sale. Have been for a month.

  • Jsim

    wheres the best place to buy them?

  • Swarf

    No, your first instinct was right.

  • flyingburgers

    What they need is a box that can store 25 used hulls as well. Otherwise you have to manage a box and a bag until you reload them. And the worst is when you forget a bag at the range, and toss them all over your car floor, then hope not to get pulled over on the way home.

  • Blake

    best place to get nice wooden boxes for storing tools, parts, empty shotgun hulls, etc:

    wine shop dumpsters.

    or just go in, buy a bottle, & ask if they have any extra wooden cases.

    they look like this: