MULE Tactical Adaptive Storage Stock


M.U.L.E. Tactical debuted their Adaptive Storage Stock earlier this year at the 2015 SHOT Show. Well they’ve actually come to market and are currently available from various retailers. Their Adaptive Storage Stock is exactly what it looks like, a replacement rifle stock that holds a backup pistol inside of it. The Adaptive Storage Stock holds most 4″ barreled compact frame handguns. The stock will work with any platform that accepts a standard 1 and 3/16” threaded buffer tube. The stock itself weights in at 20oz with the holster at 1.3oz and the buffer tube an additional 6.2oz.

They’re made in the USA and retails for $180. Check out for more info and to find where they’re available. Check it out in action below.

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  • BearSlayer338

    It’s a bit late for an April fools joke.

  • Dracon1201

    Dang that is ugly! I know the company logo is a mule, but that doesn’t mean the products have to look like an ass.

  • david

    wow, just wow. They should lower their head in shame.

  • Aaron E

    Sweet Jesus! I give them an A+ for creativity, but … yeah, I don’t see these being all that popular. Extremely bulky, making carrying and transitioning from strong to support side very difficult. The added overall weight will likely be problematic, though it might make recoil less jumpy.
    For $180 I can buy a very nice holster, duty belt, and a magazine pouch. And it is a lot less cumbersome.

  • JQPub

    Holy Heavy, Batman

  • I’m assuming this counts as concealed carry?

    • hydepark

      Or an SBR?? Either way it’s hideous garbage that I will ridicule thoroughly.

      • Cymond

        How could the pistol inside the stock possibly, conceivably be called “designed to be fired from the shoulder”?

    • TechnoTriticale

      re: I’m assuming this counts as concealed carry?

      Is a second firearm hidden inside an open-carry firearm “concealed”?

      That, I suspect, is a question that will be answered by caselaw. Don’t be that case.

      Until the Supreme Court has spoken (and that will take some time), only employ this device if you have (or don’t need) a CC permit, and are in a CC permissive situation.

      And we may never get the answer, due to low sales. This product answers a question no one asked. Anyone who want a storage stock would probably rather it held something more practical, like a spare mag.

  • Martin Grønsdal


    this is my comment.

  • Hokum

    We heard that you like pistols, so we put one in your rifle stock so you can shoot while you shoot.

  • Squirreltakular

    I wish this was a joke.

    I think that rail-mounted knife someone came up with a while back makes more sense than this.

  • wetcorps

    So you can have a backup weapon in case you lose your rifle! Wait…

    • JQPub

      A backup to your backup to your backup!

      • Joshua

        We need a tactical pie concepts video asap.

  • KestrelBike

    F yea voltron family of guns. Needs a .22lr ZIP forward grip.

    • Cymond

      Mount the ZIP on the pump forearm of an under barrel breeching shotgun (I’m assuming a carbine as a base gun).

  • TITAN308

    As you can see from the comments so far…. dumbest idea ever…

  • Joshua

    I hear you like to shoot. We have you a gun, in your gun, so you can shoot while you shoot.

    • Grindstone50k

      Yo dawg…

      • LH

        This made me come here.

  • I think I’ll pass—- The price is rather high not to mention I see no practical use for it.

  • Kitsuneki

    Better tie a kydex holster on the side

  • Not_a_Federal_Agent

    sounds like somebody redesigned a pistol to be shouldered and is now an unregistered SBR

    • Cymond

      It hope that’s sarcasm. It’s hard to tell on the internet. The law specifically says “fired from the shoulder”.

      • MR

        Well, he’s not a federal agent, so he might not be familiar with federal law.

  • iowaclass

    gun turducken

    • Southpaw89


      • Grindstone50k


    • sauerquint

      Every other comment here pales in comparison. You, good sir, win the intertoobs today.

    • nadnerbus

      No no no, you’re one gun shy of the turducken. Maybe squeeze a derringer onto the Glock rail somehow.

  • ghost

    I hate to be negative, but sometimes it is necessary, (from my point of view). No way.

  • Ahen Seda

    How about you turn it facing back and put a trigger hole on the stock so I can shoot one way and my wife can shoot the other!

  • nova3930

    21.3oz before you add the pistol! Why not just make a stock out of solid steel while you’re making the rifle @$$ heavy…

    • Joshua

      Tactical recoil dampening system. Patent pending.

  • Blake

    A first aid kit or hydration pack or something would have made a lot more sense. Personally I’m a big fan of the Kel-Tec SU-16’s ability to hold a magazine in the folding stock.

    Heck, even a USB charger or battery pack for lights & gadgets. But we really don’t need a pistol in the stock mkay?

    While we’re at crazy weapon-mounted ideas, I just came up with something that does have an inkling of potential for field use:

    Create a “handguard” that heats up MREs with the barrel!

    Perhaps more useful would be to make a forend with a thermoelectric generator in it (e.g. as used in automotive exhaust heat recovery systems) that could be used to recharge a battery system. An added bonus: the bbl will never get very hot as TEGs are pretty good at turning heat into electricity in a hurry.

    • nadnerbus

      Love the MRE heater concept. Picturing vicious fire fights where the guys are braving incoming rounds to slip an entree into the heater.

      I don’t understand the impulse to add more weight to a rifle. I don’t even put batteries in the grip. It’s not that hard to carry kit elsewhere on your person and keep the weight off the rifle.

    • Tuulos

      You actually can put a first aid kit in there. It seems you actually need to buy the holster separately if you want to stick a gun in the butt. From their website:

      “THE MULE comes equipped with the All-Purpose Storage Module that can be used for storing gun cleaning kits, survival gear, first aid, food, or basically anything that will fit inside. The Modular Holsters are sold separately. This configuration allows us to box and ship 1 standard product and allows the dealer to choose the appropriate amount of Modular Holsters to order based on the needs of their customers.”

      • maodeedee

        ” It seems you actually need to buy the holster separately if you want to stick a gun in the butt.” –who wants to stick a gun in their butt? not me but I’ve heard of those NAA mini-guns being smuggled into prisons that way.

        • Anomanom

          You beat me to that one.

      • Blake

        “allows the dealer to choose the appropriate amount of Modular Holsters to order based on the needs of their customers”

        excellent; “based on the needs of their customers,” I’m assuming that would be 0.

  • Steve Zahn

    Coming to a gunshot near you!

  • Steve Zahn

    *Gunshow. Damn you predictive text…

  • Rog Uinta

    Kill it. Kill it WITH FIRE!

  • Maxpwr

    “Every gun stock that can be invented has been invented.” ~ US Patent Office April 28, 2015

  • allannon

    Much as I hate the meme, the first thing I thought of was “yo, dawg, I heard you like guns, so I put a gun in your gun”.

    I don’t see this selling well, though if I ever put together my lolforgery* I might use one.

    I keep thinking that if I ever got a few grand to sink into utter uselessness, I’d build an AR out of the most WTF-laden components I could find.

    • Nashvone

      You would have to put a Glock with a slide that costs more than a brand new pistol in the stock.

      • allannon

        I was actually kinda thinking of trying to find a black powder pistol that would fit. 😀

    • wetcorps

      Do it! And show us.

    • Grindstone50k

      This must be a POTD

  • MR

    Or if you’re in Colorado, you put your weed in there, adding a new meaning to “mule”. You just can’t buy new standard capacity mags for the rifle it’s mounted on.

  • You just went full Simple Jack.

  • badwolf

    im thinking Adapter that connects rifle rail to pistol rail. if im gona put 2 weapons together i might as well make both functional. hahaha

  • Chadd

    ” Hey guys I have my new Sig 226 in my ……oh…”
    they could have come up with a better name so you wouldn’t to put a gun up your bum.

  • mzungu

    How to loose both gun at the same time….

  • The stock wasn’t made for a second pistol. The stock was made to hold the pistol and protect it prior to use. Different idea altogether.

  • maodeedee

    Why not just adapt a briefcase to fit the gun? you could not only carry a handgun but you could also pack a lunch and a spare pair of clean drawers in case someone shoots back at you.

  • Graham2

    Plenty of room for a Tactical Samich, so you can eat while you shoot!

  • Bal256

    If a gun could get pregnant, this is what it’d look like.

  • Anomanom

    This has got to be a joke. The MULE A.S.S.? If it is real, someone in the marketing department needs to be shot repeatedly

  • 1911a145acp

    Hhhmmm…. THAT mule is a jackass…..