Coast HP3R Penlight


Coast announced a new rechargeable flashlight that is small enough to carry pretty much everywhere. The HP3R Penlight is approximately 5.8” long and weighs less than two ounces. It charges through a USB port.

Coast made the HP3R to also take AAA batteries. The power output is less, but should you rely on the flashlight for a long period of time, a pair of alkalines can extend the run time.


On the lithium polymer rechargeable battery, the light is rated at 245 lumens with a 1.5 hour run time per ANSI specs. With a pair of alkaline AAA batteries, output drops to 86 lumens with a 2 hour run time rating.

Both battery types are included with the flashlight.

Richard Johnson

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  • valorius

    I use a $10 Nebo “CSI” light that uses a single AA battery and is about 90 lumens. Its been very reliable as my EDC light for the past 10 years.

    Its a lot more compact than the one in this article.

    • Cymond

      Well, you have a single-cell light, this is a two-cell light, it’s not entirely fair to compare them. I have a few lights, and my experience has been that the extra length of a a 2-cell light is a non issue when carried vertically, clipped to the corner of a pants pocket. I’m much more sensitive to the bulk of the diameter of the light for that kind of carry. I also have a far, stubby 1-cell CR123a light that carries well on the bottom of my pocket, but feels awkward on a clip.

      Anyway, I love my 2-cell AAA Preon, it’s about the size of a standard Sharpie marker, so it’s not exactly bully.

      • valorius

        I carry my light in my watch pocket in tandem with an extra mag for my Ruger LCP. They lock together nicely, and its a super compact package.

        The light is 3/4″ diameter, and typical in length for a single AA light.

        To each their own, was just sharing what i use.

  • Phillip Cooper

    I use a $10 Solarforce light I got off Amazon with an 18650. It’s not as compact as this light, but it puts out a lot more energy and has more options. Also, lasts a lot longer.

    Small is good and all- but it’s like iphones or ipads- at some point the damn thing is too small, and gets damaged or lost easily. I have pockets and an EDC pack for a reason.

  • Darhar M.

    I have a few Streamlight 66318 that is nice and bright yet does not chew up batteries.
    I EDC it and barely notice it is there.

  • Swarf

    These days, I don’t look for a manufacturer, I look for a CREE emitter. If it’s got that, I’m good.

    Case in point: I just bought a Darkvim (who the hell is that? I have no idea) that runs off a single aaa battery and may actually live up to it’s lumen claim.

  • Cymond

    The MSRP is $95 and here’s a link to the actual manufacturer’s product page, since TFB doesn’t seem to post that sort of info much any more.

    • Cleophus

      Yeah, why is that? One of the first thing’s I want to know about a new product is HOW MUCH DOES IT COST??? Why is that so hard for writers to get right?

  • Steve

    The majority of the single LED Coast lights are using Cree emitters. My EDC the Coast HX5, personally. It comes with a regular alkaline AA, but actually supports rechargeable Li-Poly 18650 cells that bump the output from 130 to 345 lumens. I think it was something like 20 bucks, plus another 5-10 for the 18650.

  • NYC_based

    wake me up when some beats the Preon 2

    • Steve

      “Beats” in what way? The Preon 2 is non-rechargeable and doesn’t have adjustable focus…

      4sevens has been hit-or-miss for me. I really like some of their lights, and others I’ve wondered what they were thinking…

      I’ve picked up the following (can you tell I like CR123 lights?):

      Mini ML-X – not a fan of twist on-off, but otherwise a decent performer
      Quark Pro QP2L-X with Burst Mode – the tactical model has a better UI
      Quark Tactical QT2L-X with Burst Mode – best CR123 light they make
      Maelstrom Regen MMR-X – cool idea, good output, terrible UI in practice