Bushmaster Quick Response Rifle

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Bushmaster is coming out with a new entry level AR-15. They have offered entry level ARs with red dots before, but now they look to be coming with an mini red dot on a riser. According to this info sheet, MSRP is $769. I am curious which mini red dot they are going with. Still a great entry level option compared to other entry level guns like the S&W M&P Sporter and Ruger AR556 which retail at $699.


Nicholas C

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  • Vitsaus

    Which one is the Slow Response rifle?

    • Paul Epstein

      I’ve heard that one comes disassembled and you’re not supposed to put it together until someone starts breaking into your house.

      • Sianmink

        Upside: you’ll probably still finish assembly before the police get there.

      • notalima

        Legislators in California woke from a dead sleep with a ‘new idea’ for a ‘safe storage solution’ thanks to your post 😀

    • JT Win

      All of them, but this one makes you more agile.

    • El Duderino

      A Winchester 1892 with an empty 12rnd tube magazine.

    • MR

      I believe Rock River Arms offered one with a case that required the rifle to be split, upper from lower. Good for jurisdictions that require rifles to be disassembled and in a locked case for transportation. Hope you don’t find yourself in immediate need of a rifle.

  • Wolfenstein

    What’s the point of the quick detach if there are no iron sights?

    • Cal S.

      Do you even operate, bro? All operators know that you can aim along the side of the picatinny rail in a pinch! Accurate out to 1,000m too.

      • Wolfenstein

        Is this technique Chris Costa approved?

        • Cal S.

          Heck ya, bro! He even used it when his Chinese optic went down on his Japanese airsoft gun in the Battle of Japan 2015!

      • Nick

        You won!

    • RealitiCzech

      Storage (hard to stick an AR in some cases with the optics still on) and holding zero when switching optics. The idea of detaching an optic in the midst of a firefight is technically possible, but odds are it’s never really been done.

      • Wolfenstein

        I’d imagine that the certain equipment with the capability to actually hold zero after several detachments and reattachments costs more than this entire rifle.

        • Risky

          For high magnification rifle scopes perhaps, but most QD products on the market retain acceptable zero for red dots.

          • Wolfenstein

            Fair enough, but why are you choosing an AR platform if >50yd accuracy isn’t one of your concerns?

          • MR

            Rifle caliber wound channel > pistol caliber wound channel

        • RealitiCzech

          Lots of good red dot QD mounts for 100 and less – unless ‘LaRue’ is written on it, in which case the sky’s the limit.

      • Dave

        In 2003 I had frag from an RPG destroy my M68 that was riding on my CAR-15, it was crushed and bent in such a way that I couldn’t look through it to see my co-witnessed iron sights, taking the destroyed optic off was the only way for my rifle to still be useable. I imagine that the process of getting my rifle back in fighting condition would have been significantly harder if I didn’t have my M68 riding on a QD mount.

        • Wolfenstein

          Two things:
          You did have iron sights
          Your QD mount was probably better than what’s included in this package.

          In this case it’s not even possible to use iron sights without a gas block replacement.

          I’m not dogging the QD concept I’m just questioning the purpose of this SKU, haha! I don’t have any combat experience but I agree the ability to quick change is probably indispensable.

  • spotr

    There is no way to mount a front iron sight. They used a low profile gas block even though it is not inside a forearm grip. So you need to change the gas block, or change the forearm grip just to add a front sight.

    • Cal S.

      YHM makes a nice flip-up gas block. I have it on mine and it’s never given me a day’s trouble. It’s sized so that it fits both pencil and bull barrels, iirc. But essentially, yes, you still have to mod the rifle if you want irons.

    • nova3930

      A standard front sight post along with a flip up rear sight works great with a red dot on a riser, either in a lower 1/3 or absolute cowitness configuration. A shaved front sight post that’s not under a free float is asinine…..

  • nero Maniac

    it will be a Sig/Walther mini reddot, good but surely no amazing, especially with that price, lol good reddots are the price of the gun. Typical ar to bring to a market where these days coming soon to us is Martial law.

    • RealitiCzech

      There are decent red dots for cheap – decent in the sense that they will hold zero under recoil. They’re just not as robust as the more expensive ones to abuse other than recoil (bouncing around in the bed of a truck, being dropped on the concrete by accident, etc).

  • Dave

    Who seriously thinks 1/9 twist is a good idea?

    • Sam Schifo

      It is a good universal twist rate. It allows use of bullets from 40-62 grains. For an entry level AR, it’s just fine.

    • Vitsaus

      I’m not a huge fan of 1:9, but I will say that the cheapest and most commonly available bulk factory ammo seems to be 55 grain, so from a standpoint of economics, 1:9 for a “range gun” makes sense. For a “go to” I would say 1:7 naturally.

    • JT Win

      Depends on application. I would agree and 1:9 suits 55gr range ammo better.

    • El Duderino

      Because someone who buys a $700 AR doesn’t usually buy 77gr match ammo for $21/box or tracers. They feed it the steel-cased junk they find at Wal-Mart or Uncle Bubba’s reloads.

    • Cymond

      From what I’ve read, 1/7 is only really needed to stabilize the unusually long military tracer rounds, and I’ve read that they have shorter barrel lives. Of course, 1/9 is good for 55gr and 62gr ammo, which is the majority of what’s available, and 1/9 can sometimes stabilize 69gr ammo. That’s fine for many people. Heavier bullets are a bit of a niche, and this is an entry level carbine.

      Yes, I’ve read that the heavier rounds are better for defense, but typical defensive ranges are quite short, so a person could still choose to use heavier bullets despite the instability. I saw an objective a while back that showed 100 yard groups opened from about 2 inches to about 8 inches when switching to ammo that was too heavy. That degree of degraded accuracy would be a problem on a battlefield, but hardly noticeable at 25 & under “CQB” ranges where many people train.

  • Bill

    I sense Chinese optics

    • Obi Wan

      The Force is… about average with this one.

  • Esh325

    AR’s do seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper.

  • Lance

    Needs front sight base.

  • nova3930

    A shaved FSP coupled with standard handguards is probably one of the more asinine things I’ve seen an AR manufacturer do. A standard FSP works great with a red dot on a riser….