Singapore Police Non-Lethal AR

Singapore Police are getting new gadgets to deal with violent protestors and rioters. One of them is a non-lethal AR style rifle called the P4.1. Not exactly an iconic name. It sounds like a glorified paintball gun. According to a Channel News Asia article, the P4.1 can fire indelible paint rounds to mark certain rioters. The P4.1 can also shoot a projectile filled with Oleoresin Capsicum, with a similar effect as tear gas.

Channel News Asia goes on to say:

The weapon – painted orange to distinguish it from other equipment – will not compromise public safety or cause unnecessary injuries or casualties.

I am sure that this is a something the police or the manufacturer of the paintball gun is using as marketing to support the use of this weapon. However less than lethal projectiles do not always provide the response the police are looking for. Or worse, they are abused and the suspect sues for abuse and damages. Also the bright orange reminds me of Nerf blasters.

I do find it odd that the Aimpoint micro mount is on a riser, With that setup, the iron sights might be obscured my all that metal. Why don’t they just co-witness the optic with the iron sights?

Nicholas C

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  • smurf

    “Or worse, they are abused and the suspect sues for abuse and damages.”

    Likely not a big concern in the State of Singapore. I remember living overseas as a kid when that teenager was publicly canned for tagging a wall with spray paint.

    • DIR911911 .

      *caned , specifically they usually use a rattan cane or stick , of course being pelted with spray paint cans would be even worse.

    • The Believer

      Yup, and unsurprisingly this works better than either group therapy sessions with some useless counseller/shrink or sending teenagers to a Lord of the Flies-esque group home for further criminal training. It helps that they have more intelligent, and more conscientious human material but the criminal justice policies of Singapore are very enlightened- just like those followed by America and other Euro/Western countries a hundred years ago.

    • smurf

      Right – “caned”. I don’t often type that word, guess muscle memory took over

  • rjackparis

    looks like they’re using the riser to elevate the mount to use it as a see through portion of the the mount.

  • AFW

    Because tactical.

  • Anonymoose

    It’s Nerf or nothin!

  • Geoff Peterson

    The optic setup looks ridiculous at first glance, but I wonder if it makes more sense when used in conjunction with gas masks. After all, riot/crowd control/tear gas…

    • JSmath

      Beat me to it! That’s very likely EXACTLY why they set the optics so high, ask anyone who’s ever had to pair a gas mask with firing a rifle.

    • KungPaoChicken

      Mmmmmm… Why not rise the iron sights?.

  • mechamaster

    Hopefully they not mistaken between simunition and capsicum model. lol.

    • BryanS

      If it is a paintball round, like the FN303, Pepperball, or other similar setups (liek the First Strike finned paintball round) it is .68 caliber and has no firing pin. Kinda hard to shoot simunition out.

  • Jeff Smith

    I was guessing that the extreme drop in a paintball-type round would require an optic that completely cleared your iron sights. Cowitnessing would result in an obscured sight picture (from having to aim above your target and having your BUIS blocking the target) at moderate ranges. Setting the red dot higher would allow the shooter to have ability to arch a round while maintaining view of the target.

    Granted, that’s just a guess.

    • Dracon1201

      Paintball flight is about the same as a crossbow bolt. It is not that severe of an arc.

  • Sianmink

    Yo dawg I put a riser on your riser.
    It probably does make sense with a full-face riot helmet and armor though.

  • MR

    As Tazer users found out, it’s “less-lethal”, not “less-than-lethal” or “non-lethal”. Hit someone with asthma, or the wrong alergy, with that O.C. round, you could have a problem.

  • dannye

    >Protesters and rioters

    FTFY: political dissidents or anyone the Singaporean government dislikes.

  • Just sayin…

    Those are actually U.S. Pepperball-brand P4.1s, saw them at the SHOT show. Neat idea. The CO2 is in the butt stock, magazine holds 14 rounds.

  • KungPaoChicken

    With chinesse beowulfx. Yeah!.

  • Bill

    I believe it’s close to a 37/40mm round in diameter, though not comparable in kinetic energy. She wasn’t the intended target, and was apparently well downrange from where it was being employed. What made it really messy was that the user was apparently not trained on the weapon system. But every direct fire impact munition I’m aware of has preferred target areas, normally large muscle masses in the abdomen or legs. But if the suspect moves, or the shooter misses.

    • David Sharpe

      .68 is 17 MM……

      What the FN303 fires is exactly the same as what this fires.

      • Bill

        You are correct, sir. I don’t know which I was thinking of, maybe the H&K singleshot GL.

        Pepperball was a lot more fun when they still sold the full-auto version, but I think it’s gone.

        • David Sharpe

          Their TAC-700 is full auto, and I’m sure you could drop in a Tippmann full auto trigger kit in it.

  • Tassiebush

    One of these would certainly make our family Nerf fights a bit more edgy!

  • Sam Deeley-Crane

    the mag makes it look like a nerf gun

  • meadmkr

    pepper-ball/markers have been around for a long time. Looks basically like the markers guys have been using for scenario paintball games for over a decade now.

  • Phil Elliott

    Looks like they could use that in Baltimore!