Highlights of the MEU

The MEU stands for Marine Expeditionary Unit. In this video you get to see Force Recon practicing with their M4s and Colt 1911s.

MEU 1911 MEU M4  MEU weapons


In the video you get to see a clever rolling target to simulate a moving target.

MEU target

Nicholas C

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  • Burst

    The presence of that G36C is baffling.

    • Phil Hsueh

      It’s probably because they’re either training with a foreign force that uses the G36C, a foreign national cross training with the MEU and allowing them borrow his G36, or they simply acquired one just to acquaint themselves with it.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Don’t they know it can’t hold zero?

      • Core

        Do people believe everything tey read on the interwebs?

        • SP mclaughlin

          Hopefully your recognized sarcasm.

  • Lance

    Its not total MEU its a documentary about a SOCOM MARSOC unit attached to a MEU. Most MEUs have regular marine weapons as well such as M-240, M-16A4 and IAR.

  • Ron

    Lance, that the Force Platoon not an embarked MSOC