Aimpoint T-1 vs T-2 – Finally Someone Shows The Difference

I do not typically use Aimpoints and when I have, they have been on single rifles. Its always bugged me the differences between the T-1 and T-2, considering the T-1 is less expensive but has the same 2 MOA dot (and an option for the 4 MOA). As such, I would originally have opted for the T-1.

Jonathan Owen, of SHWAT (Special Hog Weapons and Tactics) wrote for Cheaper Than Dirt’s Chronicle took the time to put the two side-by-side and noted the subtle differences. In short, its worth it to splurge the extra $60 extra for the T-2.

Check out the details here and in the video below:

Nathan S

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  • The upgrades are nice, I do like the more round dot. But for users that don’t need night vision comparing it to the H-1 the waters become murky, as I don’t think those upgrades are worth the $200 that upgrading to the T-2 commands.

    But what the heck I might just buy one if I get a good enough deal. As I am a fan of the Aimpoint Micro series, heck I even put an H-1 on my open gun.

    • CrankyFool

      What is that big ol’ lever-looking thing behind the sight?

      • ZQuel

        Pretty sure that is a Slide-racker. Allows you to rack the slide more easily when there’s a dot on top that can hinder your access to the slide itself.

      • Well my other post disappeared, probably because I mentioned a certain chain hardware store as a joke (saying you could find the slide racker there).

        But it is a slide racker. It is more useful on guns with longer optics, but it is still helpful with the Aimpoint. It makes unloaded starts a little faster, and it props the gun off the table for table starts (which allows you get more easily get your hand around the grip).

  • nova3930

    The best thing about the T2 is there are plenty of people ditching T1s at relatively low prices to get ’em. I snagged a lightly used T1 in a LaRue QD mount for $550 a couple weeks ago. Based on what I’ve seen of the T2, it’s most surely the better optic, but to me it’s not $200+ better, not for my uses anyway…

  • valorius

    aimpoints are way, way, way overpriced for what they are.

    • Show me an optic that is as durable, with as long of battery life for the lower price. Eotech is the only one to come close, and they are only $100 or so less for a comparable model.

      Durable bomb proof optics are expensive. And to be honest, most people don’t need them. You average range shooter is better off with a Primary Arms, or other Chinese made knock off brand. They are durable enough, with half descent battery life.

      But that doesn’t mean that Aimpoints are overpriced. You just don’t need the durability level that Aimpoint and other military quality red dot/holo sights manufactures build into their product.

      • nova3930

        I’ve said before in another optics post, Aimpoints literally have billions of rounds down range under some of the harshest use and environments you can think of, and the failure rate is STILL vanishingly small. That level of durability and reliability has a price associated with it.
        I’m a big fan of the PA optics and the value they represent to the average shooter. I have several of their scopes and red dots on various rifles in fact. That being said, any rifle I’m betting my life on, namely my primary and backup HD rifle, has an aimpoint on it. If you’re betting your life on it, buy once cry once. Better to be a few hundred lighter in the wallet once than have an optic fail once when you need it most…

        • valorius

          vanishingly small.


          So you have a primary and backup dedicated combat rifle? Geez i didnt even have two rifles when i was in the Infantry. 😉


          • nova3930

            I probably need to be in rehab for rifle addiction :p

          • valorius

            Got one for my momma san too. 🙂

      • valorius

        99% of us dont need “bomb proof optics” and are just pissing our money away so we can have what the military has.

        In reality a $100 red dot from any of a number of manufacturers is completely adequate for home defense, hunting, or plinking.

        If you feel a need to low crawl through a swamp after HALO jumping from a C-17A, then calling in danger close air support thats so close the pressure wave of the explosions would destroy a lesser optic….by all means, spend $700 on an Aimpoint when a $100-200 Primary Arms will do.

        I remember when Aimpoint hit the market, i bought an Aimpoint 1000 way back then for about $129 new, i think i paid $159 for my brand new Aimpoint 2000. The problem with Aimpoint is that they now have a massive “tactical tax” on them, because its what the US military uses.

        I have a $40 tru glo on my AR thats been on there for 3 years. I can pick it up right now and shoot the center out of a playing card at 50 meters, all day long.

        As far as battery life, i had a $75 Walther PS-22 (i think?) red dot that would last about six months on a moderate power setting with a dollar store AA battery. My gf knocked the rifle over onto the concrete when it was leaning on a shooting bench, it was a pretty damn solid real world impact. I picked it straight up and it shot to the exact same point of aim it always did, and it did until the day i sold the gun with the optic on it to my brother. He still uses it, and it still works great, going on five years later.

        You really dont need an aimpoint unless youre, you know… “operator.”

        • So basically you said what I said. Except you decided to insult that people that decided “I would rather have something that is overkill.”

          Also I don’t advocate people buying the T-2, I suggest the H-1 for most users, which can be had for as little as $500 (I certainly never paid retail).

          • valorius

            Did i insult anyone?

            The primary arms microdot does for most users (probably 99%) for $150 what the H-1 does for $500.

            If youve got the money, by all means, get your aimpoint- it helps the economy. All i’m saying is that its just not a necessary expenditure for almost anyone, and sadly, Aimpoints are hugely overpriced.

          • Did you read your own post? You basically implied anyone that bought an Aimpoint that isn’t in the military is tacticool.

          • valorius

            Or rich.

          • nadnerbus

            If you are going to make that argument, just about any AR that isn’t an entry level economy model is over priced too. And certainly, 99% of people that buy those are never going to do more than range sessions, so they don’t “need” the high end Noveske or equivalent. Hell, they don’t “need” an AR at all, by that standard.

            People like to buy the best quality they feel they can afford. My experience with red dots is the opposite of yours. I bought two different ones (from Cheaper then Dirt, probably the main problem) that never worked worth a damn. One was just big and cheap, but functioned OK. I ended up giving it to my friend who mounted it on a shotgun and the glass shattered under a couple rounds of 2 3/4 buck. The other one would turn off after every shot. I’d have to turn it back on, and cycle through the reticles to get the one I wanted. So I finally paid the price for a Comp C3 (I think, haven’t looked at the label in a while), and it has been totally trouble free ever since, going on 12 years. Same battery still too.

            I get that some of the newer entry level optics out there are approaching the reliability of an Aimpoint for much less. My Burris Fast Fire works well on my 10/22. But there is something to be said for just buying the gold standard and being done with it.

          • valorius

            No, they absolutely do not “need” (vastly overpriced) Noeveske equipment.

            And yes, for what a person actually NEEDS, a used colt 6920 is absolutely all you NEED.

          • valorius

            When it comes to actual home or self defense, all these guys running around out here with fancy schmanzy AR’s with 18 kinds of gadgets hanging from them would be much better served with a barebones colt 6920 with a simple red dot and iron sights (factory or flip up).

            Sure you can add a million gadgets or accessories, but we all know almost none of them are “needed.”

            They fulfill a tactical itch in a lot of people. Nothing more.

        • BuzzKillington

          Your brush is far too broad. The rationalization you feed yourself to justify cheaper optics, does not satisfy the needs of the rest of us. You can argue capability for need all you want, but durability is not the same.

          • valorius

            Admit it dude, you just want what the troops use because its cool. 🙂

          • BuzzKillington

            Is it possible to copy myself?

          • valorius

            Quantum mechanics predicts that it is. Why do you ask?

          • BuzzKillington

            Dang it. They were right. I’m a poser….of myself :’ (

          • valorius

            It’s ok bro, i’m here for you. 😉

          • BuzzKillington

            Thanks, bud. You don’t know how much that means to me :’) *sniff*

          • valorius

            As long as you dont mind getting emotional fire support from a guy with a non milspec S&W M&P-15 with a Tru glo. ..


          • BuzzKillington

            Uggh, total turnoff. Bet you get turned down by all the guys with that Tru glo potty talk.

            lol…I do have a Primary Arms Micro Dot on my M&P 15-22. But Aimpoints and an Eotech 553 on my AR’s.

          • valorius

            You cant go wrong with any of the three.

    • Anonymous

      Battery life. No one else has it*. Being able to rely on your optic to not only work, but already be turned on before you even pick it up, is worth the money.

      As someone who spent many years selling guns and optics at retail, and has tricked out more ARs than I could possibly count…I won’t buy anything else anymore. I’ve seen too many EOTech/Bushnell/Burris/Primary Arms/etc optics that failed or run out of juice. In all of the years I spent selling guns, I never once had a customer bring an Aimpoint back. EOTech failures were rare, but I saw a couple. Everything else was just a matter of time. If you’re buying it for your kid’s 10/22, spending the money is retarded. If it’s a duty rifle, or for home defense, or going to be used hard in competition…buying anything short of an Aimpoint is idiotic.

      *The Trijicon SRS does, but it’s $300-600 more than an Aimpoint, so that doesn’t really count.

      • valorius

        I had a $75 Walther PS-22 that lasted six months on a single dollar store AA battery.

        With a good lithium energizer battery, it would have probably lasted over a year.

        So, no.

        • BuzzKillington

          Stop spamming everyone’s posts with, “My _____ does the same for less.” 99% of people (carefully calculated percentage) don’t need an AR-15, because I can bore out a tube, stick in rounds of .223/5.56 and hand fire them for less money.

          • valorius

            If i wasnt “spamming” this thread wouldve died already.

            If you dont like my posts, dont read them. Pretty simple.

          • BuzzKillington

            Ahhh yes, the “I’ll post my criticisms, but don’t reply if you don’t like it” retort. Perfect follow-up to the previously shared logic.

          • valorius

            Hey man, if you dont like the message im sending, dont read the message im sending.

            Pretty simple.

  • John Swinkels

    Iam not sure if iam just playing with myself again,and i will stand corrected if iam wrong. But i thought the major difference between the T1 and T2 is the T2 is suitable for nightvision and not the T1.if i am correct i find it strange the reviewer would leave out such an important issue by the way i have a T1 on a 629 competitor just love it. they are worth the money for quality nothing comes near it and with a 5 year batto life.

    • mig1nc

      I think you might be confusing the T-2 with the H-1.

  • T-1 Owner

    The H-1 does not have nightvision settings. No IR led. The T-1 and T-2 DO HAVE NIGHTVISION SUPPORT.

    • John Swinkels

      Beautiful thats sorted,its amazing how one persons review can mislead people.i tend to believe what a read to an extent,These guys sounded professional. I guess its like when the 357 sig first came out they claimed it did not headspace off the shoulder. Well did’nt that cause some drama as i reload for 357 sig.
      cheers guys

  • BuzzKillington

    It’s the opposite. The H-1 is NOT suitable for NV use, while the T-1 and T-2 are. This is reflected in the price variance between the H-1 and T-1. There was not any change between the T-1 and T-2 regarding suitability of NV use.