Josh writes …

Finished AR15 80% lower from Anderson mfg, anodized Red MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 2, MAS Defense upper chambered in 7.62X39MM, ATI scorpion recoil pistol grip, MFT minimalist buttstock, CMMG lower parts kit, Tapco buffer tube assy, bsa reddot sight. Vortex 3x magnifier . Finished a couple days ago really happy with look of rifle and needed to share

2015-04-24 18.41.06

Thanks Josh. It looks great.



  • SlippedThroughTheCracks

    “really happy with look of rifle and needed to share”

    One word: Glasses

  • BillC

    I hope Josh has thick skin.

    • MR

      Yeah, lots of A-holes online with nothing better to do than tell him he’s not good enough, and he should have spent more money on higher quality parts. Of course, if he had spent the money on the more expensive parts, they’ll claim they could have built it cheaper, and that he should have spent the money on ammo and training.

    • Ed

      I like to point to “OPSEC” as the reason I don’t post photos of my firearms online, but really I just don’t want to listen to a bunch of people who have never even touched a real gun tell me how I should have built mine.

  • KestrelBike

    No watermelon is safe with this setup.

  • Harold

    I would recommend saving for another 4-6 months in order to buy quality parts and not build this embarrassing pile of junk. Post what this cost you and I can list what it would take to make a 100% better gun buy saving up for just a few more months.

    • MR

      By 100% percent better, you mean it gets you twice as many “likes” on Facebook? If Josh were taking his rifle into battle, saving up a few more months might make sense. For plinking, these components should be fine, spend the extra on more ammo. Besides, who knows what could happen in the few months it’d take to save up for “Harold approved” components. Another panic could cause the supply of parts to dry up, then he’d be left without a gun at all.

      • valorius

        his rifle is fine for any REALISTIC need a civilian could have for an AR-15.

        Short of zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, he’ll be just fine with his bright red AR.

      • Harold

        Likes on Facebook? What is that? You argument to buy cheap trash junk parts because they are currently available is fallacious.

    • Dan

      You are a grade A douche. I don’t even feel the need to explain why it should be pretty obvious

      • Harold

        Oh please explain…

        • Dan

          No makes you an asshole, the guy likes his gun so what if he didn’t use top tier parts that fit your gun snob definition of good. What the hell do you care what he uses. If he wants to stick a —- on the stock that tickles his chin who cares

          • Harold

            Your public school command of the language is a sophomoric embarrassment. Your name calling tactic is a very telling insight into your ways of the keyboard. I give you one more post before you pull the Hitler/Nazi card. It isn’t my definition of what is good, fool, it’s fact based reality. Post your fourth-tier build on TFB and Nomex up wimps. What are you – his protector?

    • valorius

      I recommend you not speak for 4-6 months in an effort to learn some class.

      • Harold

        I will take your recommendation under advisement, and ignore it. I recommend you not stick up for garbage AR-15s. There is enough of that cr*p on ARFdotcom.

        • valorius

          Ill bet his rifle works perfectly fine for every role he will ever use it for, including home defense.

          Cheap optics and all.

  • Ed

    Good to see an AR incorporate some color. Looks like it ought to be a fun recreational rifle, in an inexpensive caliber.

  • Sianmink

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a magnifier used with a thin frame holo.

    I don’t see any reason not to, I’ve just never seen the combination before.

    • valorius

      i wonder how well it works. I have the tru glo version of the same holo sight (dirt cheap and works really well, even after 3 years on my AR).

  • Southpaw89

    The AR-15 has never been an overly attractive rifle to me, but its versatility never ceases to amaze me. The ability to customize the rifle to fit one’s specific desires or needs is no doubt the reason behind it’s popularity. But hats off to this gentleman for not decking it out like a Christmas tree, never understood the desire some people have for turning a lightweight carbine into something that weighs as much as a BAR with half the punch.

    • buzzman1

      I’m with you brother. I get tired of people complaining about how heavy their 7 lb rifle is and then they put everything on it but a swiss army knife and a toaster.

  • iksnilol

    Eh, his money and his choice. Personally I never found ARs pretty. Though I wouldn’t mind one with a long barrel (50-60 cm), carry handle and wooden furniture in the A1 style. That could look classy.

  • Mark Monroe

    I know you think you should be proud of this or you wouldn’t have posted this but no man should ever add color to his gun. I’m not trying to be fashionable when I’m trying to kill someone. To color your gun make me question your thinking. It looks like the texture of taffy and makes you look like a b!tch. To be holding an instrument of death and saying to yourself “you know what would make me feel great? A f*cking puschia colored rifle.” The gun is ugly at best. FAIL!

    • Dan

      Whoa, who said he was trying to kill someone? That makes me question your thinking. Not everyone has a gun to kill someone bro.

  • Phillip

    All it takes is one round to go bad then it’s done

  • valorius

    You do realize its not your rifle, right? He didn’t make it for you.

    Now please kindly post pix of you rifle, so we can make fun of it.

    • Harold

      Val you realize that he posted this gun to receive positive affirmation. right? Sorry but he needs a slap of reality after parading this hideous build on TFB. MAS Defense, BSA, Tapco, Vortex, Wal-Mart, Aldi’s, Dollar General, AHHHHHHHHHHH

      • valorius

        Dont be a tacti-snob dude.

  • Ok guys enough back and forth insults.

    • Dan

      But… but…but phil….fine