Ruger 77/17 in 17 WSM


Ruger announced the company will now manufacture the 77/17 rifle for the 17 WSM cartridge.

These bolt-action guns will use an American Walnut stock with checkering and a 24″ stainless steel barrel. Metal parts will have a matte stainless finish. The guns will weigh about 7.5 pounds. A six round rotary magazine feeds the rifle.

As with the other rifles in the 77/17 line, the 17 WSM version does not ship with sights. Ruger does, however, machine integral scope mounts directly into the receiver to provide an exceptionally stable mounting surface. The MSRP is $999.

The 17 WSM cartridge is a rimfire round that can push a 20 grain bullet to 3,000 fps. The cartridge was introduced by Winchester at the SHOT Show in January of 2013. Along with the cartridge, Savage introduced a rifle chambered for it called the B.MAG.

Richard Johnson

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  • Joe

    That’s a nice looking rifle. It doesn’t fill a need for me but if it did or I had the extra income laying around I’d pick one up.

    • Geo

      Yes, nice looking BUT no more rimfire for me. After this last fiasco of 2 years with little to no ammo, except the $100 a brick; if I can’t reload it, I don’t buy it.

      • Guest

        Around here .17 hmr can be found pretty much anywhere you can buy ammo and for a decent price. .22 on the other hand is a completely different story…

        • iksnilol

          What about .17 WSM? How easy is it to find?

          • Limonata

            It is not and it is expensive enough that you might as well buy a 223 bolt gun and shoot 223 hand loads.

          • iksnilol

            Also 223 probably has better ballistics than .17 WSM. What with the three times heavier bullets and the same velocity.

          • Jerry Blank

            .17 WSM–thanks to the flop of Savage’s B-Mag–is consistently on the shelves along with .17 HMR at my local Sportsman’s Warehouse(s) and a second regional small chain outdoor store. For hunters restricted to rimfire only hunting regulations, the .17 WSM is a great option for cleanly taking foxes, bobcat, and coyotes. The trajectory matches the .223 55g, so no new holdovers to learn.

          • Irish Wristwatch

            Do you not have gun shops near you, or something?

          • iksnilol

            Yes I have, though I don’t think there is any .17 WSM in Norway. I doubt it will be available here.

        • Gene Ween


          And over the last month, any time I see .17 HMR on the shelf, I see .17 WSM next to it. My wife is going to be mad the next time I head to the fun shop and they have a Savage A-17 on the shelves. I have a ton of jackrabbits around me and I miss chasing them with .22 LR.

      • kipy

        My 22s are getting lonely 🙁

  • iksnilol

    For that much money it better be sub-MOA at a 100 meters.

  • Jack Burton

    When are we going to get that semi-auto .357 Mag carbine? Or how about a lever action – one with a loading gate, none of that 4 round rotary mag nonsense. Those had to have been two of the most popular choices from last year’s customer survey. Even a Ruger brand Ruger pump shotgun would be very well received, despite Mossberg and Remington’s dominance of that market.

    • kipy

      I know I voted for the semi-auto 357. They gotta be working on it (crossing fingers)

    • Bal256

      I wonder if remington will lose its place as a popular shotgun at some point, with the recent subpar quality of shotguns they put out.

      • FIFY

        I wonder if Remington will lose its place as a popular gun company, with the recent subpar shotguns, pistols, and recalled rifles.

  • Grindstone50k

    There are so many other things I would rather have for that MSRP. I know actual market price will be somewhat lower, but still. That’s way too much for a .17 cal.

  • HM

    So what is the 17 WSM round good for? Varmints?