Guns & Ammo And The Maxim Silencer

We previously covered a James D. Julia auction for a Winchester 1894 lever-action rifle mounting a Maxim .30 caliber silencer. This unique firearm was sold as part of the March auction, but Guns & Ammo has answered the question many may have been asking while reading that article: “How effective, really, were Maxim silencers, and how do they compare to modern suppressor offerings?”

Four years ago, Advanced Armament covered the same Colt Woodsman used in the video, and its silencer, as well as the packing tubes those silencers were shipped in:

The G&A video includes a very unique segment of shooting the pistol with its intact, registered silencer. Registered Maxim silencers are very rare items indeed, as they were originally intended to be very cheap items costing only a few dollars, but purchasing the tax stamp needed to register the suppressor cost $200.

Nathaniel F

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    Jesus! Tats and plates for earrings!

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    At least she likes guns!

    • Zebra, when one is a professional tattoo artist, one tends to get a little inked up. 😉

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        The same can be said about heavy methamphetamine users.

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          Ah, stereotypes… nice… so, I guess now we are to believe the media stereotypes about gun “nuts”… well, I hate to, but if you say so..

        • Having lived in a few places with significant populations of heavy methamphetamine users, no. Meth heads typically cannot afford to sink that much money into tats (they’d much rather buy meth).

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      I don’t mind the tattoos but the stretched ears are weird to me. Then again I have ears that are larger than average and protrude more than average.

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  • Cymond

    It’s funny to hear Mers refer to the Black Box, which as far as I can tell, never entered production. I remember a lot of chatter in the suppressor communities about the Black Box. It was an eccentric design that could bring a 45ACP pistol to under 140 decibels, which was a big deal at the time.

    A few years later, SilencerCo came along with the Osprey. The Osprey and Sparrow were SilencerCo’s only products for a long, long time. I’ve always wondered of SilencerCo would be the industry giant that it is today if AAC has released the Black Box in 2007.

    • iksnilol

      How bad were suppressors if they couldn’t get 45 acp under 140 decibels? 45 acp is a pretty quiet cartridge (most ammo for it is subsonic).

      • RealitiCzech

        Larger bores are harder to suppress. You can get crazy quiet with .22 LR.

  • Bill

    I wonder how many cans she could have gotten for the cost of the ink and body mods? It’s also the ones your CAN’T see that get really weird.

    Anyway, anybody know what that silenced Winchester went for?

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    So that Maxim suppressor. Kind of cool, right guys?


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    Just one more comment on the tattoos? It’s not the tattoos! It’s the core values of the “free spirit” that chooses to sport the graffiti, at least to most observers. The perception may or may not be factual, but it is real to the observer. My perception: The wearer is an absolute odd-ball who has no respect for herself! She nor her hideous body disfigurements add any value to the video. She is a distraction!

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  • Blake

    Not sure I’d want to run a suppressor on any straight-blowback 22LR. Read too many stories about questionable 10/22 mods causing OOB/case ruptures/etc…

  • GRComments

    The foam she says was part of the original packing is a plastic foam. It appears to be polyurethane foam. That wasn’t available freely until the mid 1950’s. I would expect that the original packing would have been cotton, paper, or excelsior.

    But, it’s really nice that they have the newspaper with the article and an original shipping container.