CA Legal Bond Arms Handguns

Bond Arms

Bond Arms announced four new California compliant handguns at the recent NRA show. They are the:

  • CA Papa Bear: Chambered in .45 Colt, this handgun has extended rubber grips adorned with the California bear. This gun has an automatic extractor that the other models below do not have. The suggested retail price is $452.
  • CA Mama Bear: Bond Arms fitted this 9mm gun with pink-stained rosewood grips and lists it for $445.
  • California Defender: The California Defender is a double-barreled handgun chambered in 9mm and fitted with rosewood grips. The suggested retail price is $445.
  • CA Backup: This is also a 9mm double-barrel that comes equipped with rubber grips. Is has a MSRP of $445.

Bond Arms states that these models have specially designed barrels that do not interchange with any of the company’s other barrels/guns.

Richard Johnson

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  • SD3

    It’s not a lack of capability. It’s a ‘feature’!

  • Zebra Dun

    I recall my friends pet derringer in .38 spl, shooting it made the barrel flip up and aim back at you while the cartridge thankfully fell out at your feet.
    Made me all kinds of confident.

    • jamezb

      There’s actually a term for that problem, it’s called “the latch is broken”.
      I’m glad you and your friend still have fingers.

      • Zebra Dun

        The lil gun would stay barrel down and latched until it was fired, and every time it was fired it would end up pointed back at the shooter after dropping the second barrels unfired round at your feet.
        We tried it with an empty second chamber and by holding the barrel down but the latch or the barrel always came loose.
        My memory doesn’t serve me in naming the brand of pistol I recall it was a cheapo though.
        Now that one shot at 15 feet was accurate at least.

  • Max Boss

    So – these have microstamping?

    • Tet

      I believe microstamping is only enforced on semi-auto handguns.

      • Marcus D.


  • lucusloc

    They should have used the bear logo without arms.

  • Phil Hsueh

    You mean somebody actually came out with a new CA compliant pistol? That’s pretty amazing, pity it has to be something that I would never even consider buying, but it’s still cool to see some pistol manufacturer still supporting CA, even if the laws/rules are stupid.

    • Tom Currie

      Exactly the opposite!!

      This just helps perpetuate the feeling of Kalifornia politicians that they can legislate ANYTHING and the rest of the country has no choice but to comply because Kalifornia is too big a market to ignore.

      While I might feel sorry for the tiny number of rational people still living in Kalifornia, I can’t feel very much sympathy for them.

      • Ed

        Until they outright nullify the Second Amendment, we will keep jumping through the hoops. The WILL never disarm the criminal, so we cannot let them disarm the law abiding citizen. We need to keep gun owners and enthusiasts in California so that hopefully, someday we can restore that state to compliance with the Constitution.

        • Tom Currie

          If the US Auto Industry had said, “Sorry ’bout that” when California passed different standards for automobiles years ago, the voters would have replaced the entire legislature immediately… And we would not be seeing one-state-only rules for any product in interstate commerce today.

          • MR

            Colorado had a recall election after the 15rd capacity limit was passed. Some representatives were replaced. And the capacity limit is still in effect.

    • Marcus D.

      It is not a “pistol,” it is a revolver or derringer to which the microstamping rules do not apply. A “pistol” is specifically a semi-auto handgun. In fact, most of the rules, other than drop safety, apply only to pistols, e.g., LCI, mag disconnect, and external safety. So it is easy to get a revolver or derringer on the roster. In a few years, that may be ALL that is on the roster, besides some 1911s.

  • Marcus D.

    I think the Papa Bear has been on the roster for awhile, but these are new grips. The Mama Bear in 9 mm is new. The Defender also has some new features. I wonder how much it hurts to light off a full load 45 colt in such a small gun.

  • jtns

    bond arms derringers are niche guns, but very2 solid, safe and dependable ones, almost works of art. i have fired them in 410, 45lc, 357, 38, 22lr. recoil: 410 handgun (not regular) shells are ok for 6 – 8 shots at range, regular 2 shots at most. 45lc and 38 are easy & fun shooters, 22lr is like an air gun & useful for manual of arms practice, 357 kinda unpleasant. i have not shot any of the auto rounds, no extractor on those barrels, which worries me a bit if i need a quick reload. i never thought i would like a derringer, but now im a huge fan of bond arms. would it be my only gun? no, first a shotgun, then a revolver, then… but if i had money and interest to practice, if a calif resident, i would jump on the 45lc papa bear. 45lc comes in a variety of types now, from softer cowboy loads to personal defense. easily concealable and potent, not a weapon for a street war but excellent as a reliable, close range defense piece.