90-Degree Barrels – Myth: Confirmed!

While a slight bend to a barrel was possible (as proven by the Germans in WWII), Jamie and Adam decided to tackle and see if possible to shoot with a bent barrel. Using a 10/22, they proved that it is possible. Moreover, they showed that the exit velocity was nearly unaffected, but the bullet tumbled shortly after hitting the gel.

As a bonus, they showed how much a bullet can “ricochet” under ideal conditions almost 360 degrees:

Nathan S

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  • DIR911911 .

    “curved ammo not included” . . . made me laugh more than it should have 🙂

  • Matrix3692

    I saw this particular episode like what? almost a year ago?……

    • SS Das Reich

      and if the Germans proved it why even bother?

      • ostiariusalpha

        They certainly made 90° krummlaufs, but the Germans favored the 30° bend as safer & more practical; 45° barrel life on average lasted barely 160 rounds, and it only got exponentially worse from there. They also had a great deal of bullet fragmentation with the more extreme angles.

      • Big Poppa

        If the Germans proved that facism is the quickest way to earn an ass whoopin’ from the world powers, why even bother hangin’ on to the “dream?”

        • SS Das Reich

          hard to fight the j#w “world powers” bankers like AH did with f#ckwitz like you fighting for them under the guise of Dumbocracy- enjoy Prez Hillary or Jeb

          • MR

            You might last longer if you kept that garbage hidden away. Of course, your user name doesn’t help.

          • SS Das Reich

            I’ve been “banned” many times- besides- I thought all of the Constitution lovin’ patriot/hypocrites on here love the Right to Free Speech? I guess they only get riled up at the 2nd Amendment attacks- obviously.

          • Don Ward

            Sorry Mr. Neo-Nazi. Individuals here at TFB have the right to edit and delete any comments on their privately owned, for profit website which receives (I presume) zero federal and state tax dollars as they see fit. Maybe if you’d take a class on the Constitution instead of trolling websites with crypto-fascist twaddle, you might learn to change your warped world view sometime.

          • UCSPanther

            Neo-nazis have no right to complain about freedom of speech.

            You see, your Reich had a pack of nice policemen known as the Gestapo, and one of their roles was to root out and silence dissent…

        • buzzman1

          Shorted sighted view of history. Fortunately the little corporal, whose brain was being destroyed by syphilis, dictated the war to his Generals. If he had allowed his generals to press the war. the war would have ended differently or their would have been some nuke blasts in Europe.

          • valorius

            Had the Wermacht’s Chief of staff had his way, 5 Airborne divisions would have made landings in England within days of Dunkirk.

            Hitler told him no.

    • Dan

      Your point? You assume because you have seen it we all have?

      • SS Das Reich

        cuz it’s click bait?

        • MR

          Like almost everything else on here, or any other “news” site? If it’s interesting, people are gonna click on it, and somebody will think it’s “clickbait”. At least this one has a little substance, unlike true clickbait which is just an ad with a misleading title, or a controversial statement designed to elicit emotional responses.

          • MR

            Of course, racial slurs also count as “controversial”, but I was thinking more along the lines of “Why AKs are better than ARs.” or “Glock or 1911? Vote now!” Of course, we all know the dream is a Glock 1911.

      • Kelly Jackson

        I don’t think anyone has seen any episodes of Mythbusters in the last 4 years because nobody can ever figure out when they’re on.

        Discovery needs to spend less time on Amish nonsense reruns and show Mythbusters agai.

  • ostiariusalpha

    I’m thinking this kind of barrel favors short-for-caliber bullets. If they had more straight barrel after the bend would it make an improvement in stabilizing the bullet? What difference would lead vs. copper jacket make? How do changes in velocity or caliber effect the outcome? The necessary conclusion here is that this needs MOAR TESTING!

  • SS Das Reich

    the Poles also tried a variation on this but curved the barrel 180°

  • Anomanom

    Curve the bullet.

    • MR

      They tried that, didn’t have much success.

  • wetcorps

    Now make an infinite loop and see how long the bullet keeps turning.

    • J.T.

      When I was at a handgun class, someone clipped one of those blue plastic drums at just the right angle and the bullet ended up spinning around the inside of the drum. It probably went around at least 10-15 times before it stopped.

  • Swarf

    Up next: Möbius barrel.

  • MR

    Just to pick nits, you can’t stand beside a piece of ballistics gel like he did in the second video, and get an accurate idea of penetration. I’ve totally done that, and was immediately corrected by the engineer at the facility. Apparently, the first four inches approximate the resistance provided by your skin and surface muscle tissue, which generally total much less than four inches. The gel is more intended to provide a controlled comparison between bullets than indicate exactly how deep a bullet will penetrate actual flesh.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    What myth? This has literally never been a myth. This has always been documented science.

  • Phillip Cooper

    The mythbusters did this like 10 years ago. The Germans actually fielded small numbers 70+ years ago. Where, exactly, is the “myth” part of this?

  • aka_mythos

    I wonder how the gradualness of the turn effect the stability of the bullet. 90 degrees gradually over a 26″ barrel is probably more stable than the same bend on a 16″ barrel.

    • sam

      That’s what I’m wondering. I don’t think it would be more is more tho. Rather I’d want the arc length to be about equal to or a little more than the length for one twist of the rifling to squish and grind the bullet evenly.

  • M

    Speaking of mythbusters there were two things I remember:
    1) They “busted” the ability for a bullet to ricochet and create sparks…..
    2) They tried to confirm the “myth” that shooting a handgun round at ice could result in the bullet spinning like a top… its funny because 4 years after they confirmed it people are sitll calling bull on the original video

  • Rock Island Auction

    While the Germans had the Krummlauf attachment for the StG-44 in 30, 45, & 90 degree barrels, their bullets did not tumble after they exited. Instead, they often would tear themselves apart, resulting in a shotgun like blast of shrapnel. Aberdeen photos document these results.

    The U.S. also made versions, the most popularly seen of which is the M3A1. The Russians even had one for the PPSh41.

    Photo below is looking down the sights of a 30 degree Krummlauf barrel.