Tango Down/Vickers Tactical M&P Floor Plates

Soldier Systems got a sneak peak of the new floorplates for the S&W M&P pistols magazines by Vickers Tactical and Tango Down. Vickers Tactical and Tango Down collaborated and made floor plates for Glocks. Well not the M&P pistols will get the same treatment. No word on pricing but I suspect they will be similarly priced as the Glock floor plates.

Q15_2810a Q15_2814a


Nicholas C

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  • mud

    So do these give you more “floor” or more “plate?”

    • Vitsaus

      They give you more “I’m like Larry! I could be in Delta” when you put them on.

  • Ethan

    So when is someone going to design a floor plate that’s actually practically useful to real people?

    Make a floorplate that’s as small and slim as possible for concealed carry in a pocket, with a loop or clip of some kind (ala Magpull’s mag pull) for fast access from a pants pocket. It is key that the floor plate NOT add width in either direction. It needs to be slim.

    THAT would be worth money. THIS is not an improvement over the standard plate as far as I can tell.

    • raz-0

      It’s a minor improvement in that it has the beveled sections to rip the mag out if you get a death jam. However, it totally ignores one of the biggest gripes about M&P mags which is that the floorplate protrudes so far forward. lots of folks wind up unintentionally yanking out the neighboring mag in a multi magazine pouch setup.

      • Eric S

        The 10-8 Performance floorplates fix the long plate problem.

        • Squirreltakular

          Those look nice, but damn do they want a lot of money.

      • bmielb

        As a daily carrier of spare mags (9 0′ clock on the belt) I appreciate that the Vickers base plates have rounded back corners. I have come to resent my PPQ mags for the lack of this attention to detail.

        • MIke

          Get a dremel/file and spend 10 minutes

      • Curious_G

        You can also just put on the ones from the compact.

  • valorius

    LOL, what exactly makes a floor plate “tactical?”

  • valorius

    A metal floor plate option would be nice. Metal is much better than plastic for pistol whippin’.

  • USMC03Vet

    Somebody needs to make a magazine plat which doubles as a notary stamp. I am in dire need.

  • All the Raindrops

    I’m still waiting for the Vickers Tactical toilet paper holder.