TheMonk, who has a gun blog calledĀ Fleeting Survival, sent in a photo of his nifty SBR. He writes …

11.5 BCM KMR upper on a Umbrella Corp lower cerakoted in 75% Magpul FDE & 25% burnt bronze. Umbrella Corp grip & BCM buttstock. The light is a arisaka defense scout build with their offset keymod scout mount. The rifle also has the new BattleComp BC 51.0 for attaching AAC suppressors.



  • Joe

    who makes the flashlight mount

    • Hsein Chen

      arisaka defense scout build

  • ColaBox

    Umbrella Corp? Like based on Resident Evil?

    • Dracon1201

      Yes. Those lowers.

      • ColaBox

        Ok then. These guys must pay quite a royalty to the franchise.

        • VeryTraumatic

          I think the copyright rule is that likeness across very different domains (IRL firearms and visual media in this example) are free to use.

    • Cymond

      Oh nooo, not related at all. Their identical name and logo are pure coincidence. Mmm hmm, yup, sure.

      In all seriousness, there’s no official connection to the Capcom game, but it does seem to be their inspiration. I have one of their early forged lowers (sn under 500) and several of their grips. B5 Systems copied Umbrella’s Grip 23, if you’ve ever seen one of those.

  • Kivaari

    It’s a fine looking rifle. BCM knows how to make things right. I just hit the range with my Colt UNDER BCM upper 16″ Mid-length. With a Geissele SSA, I can shoot groups with iron sights as well as I used to do with a scope. BCM cares about the products with their banner.