Winchester SXP Faulty Firing Pin Video and Recall

This video was recently uploaded to YouTube,  it shows the owner of a new Winchester SXP Shotgun emphasizing just how important it is to practice firearms safety and to never simply rely on your guns safety button, that’s because his new SXP fires a round when he closes the action with the safety on.

Don’t worry Winchester already knows about the issue, they’ve actually already recalled SXP Shotguns with the issue. You can see details on the recall here.

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  • Riot

    Is the pin loose and jolting forward or is it resting too far forward ?

    • J.T.

      Firing pin could either be too long or stuck forward. The fact that it made it out of the factory like this is terrifying and means they either aren’t testing their guns before shipping them or are and shipping them after they malfunction anyway.

  • Squirreltakular

    That’s terrifying.

  • rcooper81

    I’m glad that mine doesn’t have this issue.

  • Vitsaus

    Is it just me or are there a hell of a lot more recalls lately.

    • Patrick Mingle

      You could see that as a good thing. I’d find it hard to believe modern manufacturing has lead to more defective guns

      • tts

        Its not the manufacturing methods per se.

        Its the guys running the plants and|or companies who are cutting corners somewhere. Either in QC, initial design test, or some combination of both.

        • sauerquint

          I refer to this as “bonus seeking behavior”. If you’ve worked in this environment it’s absolutely ridiculous the actions managers will take to claim the savings as their bonus. It’s a huge failure on the part the company because it results a net loss of quality of service or goods and no cost savings since every nickle is claimed by some bean counting clown with an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

        • nadnerbus

          See it in every industry.

          I watch my company waste dollars to save cents every day. Seems like modern corporate management is very good at the school-taught management theory, and completely in the dark about actually handling human beings, their personalities, and wrangling everyone into working towards common, clearly stated goals.

          And woe to any mere underling who thinks they might have a better way.

          • Rooftop Voter

            Although not firearm related, I too, worked for a company that spent dollars to chase pennies. Saw it everyday for nearly 25 years. Any suggestions from the peons that might streamline the daily operation were quickly squashed as they were not “management generated” ideas. Yeah, it is everywhere. A lot of egos, private kingdoms and personal agendas are at stake for the higher ups.

          • tts

            sauerquint + nadnerbus:

            Yea ‘Penny-wise, Pound foolish’ is a wiiiidespread problem.

            Its always existed to some extent but I think its worse now than it used to be. More and more the people running things only seem to know how to do is cut quality, outsource manufacture, and slash worker compensation to boost profits.

  • Southpaw89

    Looks like its slam firing, not sure how they let that one slip by. At least its being addressed.

  • nadnerbus

    Inexcusable for something this major to make it out into the market before it is caught. Would be like Ford shipping cars that just start driving forwards as soon as you move the steering wheel or something.

  • Anthony Rosetta

    Winchester is not the Winchester we used to know! I wouldn’t buy one today!

  • Anthony Rosetta

    Remington got away with it for years with their rifles. I was in a gun shop 30 years ago getting ready to buy .270 Remington. I opened and closed the bolt, and put the safety on, and you could hear the hammer drop. Remington finally admitted just recently the trigger/safety mechanism “may” be defective and recalled their rifles, but it took them many, many years, and at least one fatality that I can recall, and numerous accidents.