GY6 Reviews the Glock 43

Andrew at GY6 reviews the new Glock 43 and compares it against the Springfield XD, G42 and S&W Shield.

In this video we Shoot, Test, and Compare the Glock 43. We see how it stands up against the Glock 42/S&W Shield/and the Springfield XDs. We dive into the details of this firearm and see what all the talk is about. This is a full review of the New Glock 43. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF IT?


Steve Johnson

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  • I like his videos. They tell you everything you need to know and have incredible production values.

    • Soless

      Production value is definitely within the eye of the beholder.

    • J.T.

      They only thing he told us was the dimensions of the gun compared to other guns. Apart from the quick mention of controlability when compared to the G42, the rest of the video was him testing ammo and trying to defend the fact that he likes the R.I.P. G2 bullets.

      He also left out the LC9s Pro when doing the comparisons and used a SR9c instead.

  • New Chris

    He said it in the video and I’m going to call him out on it anyway.

    Using the G2 was a poor choice. The entire premise of this video was to compare something new, to something you are familiar with. The G2 is an esoteric, and in the opinion of many professionals, a silly round.

    Switching to the Critical defense was a good call, but I would have liked to see something common like a gold dot, SXT, a hydra shock, or even better the highly regarded HST.

    Now a legitimate criticism of my criticism might be that this is a review of the Glock 43 and not the G2 ammo. Watch the video again and notice how much time is dedicated to talking about the G2 ammo. This was almost a commercial for G2 disguised as a review for the Glock 43.

    I’m not sure why the reviewer chose to use a round that he had to start defending before he used it. It would seem to me that was the big clue that the choice of the round would detract form the focus of this video.

    • ostiariusalpha

      I didn’t mind the G2, but the video would have definitely benefited from evaluating the pistols with more common loads.

    • Soless

      As soon as he brought out the G2 ammo I was done taking this guy serious.


    Lot of guns on teh table, why are we reviewing bullets did I miss something>?

  • J.T.

    That was supposed to be a G43 review? I want 15 minutes of my life back.

  • Sam

    Most people just wanted a single stack 9mm Glock, not necessarily just a G42 in 9mm. Not the best video that I have seen him do.

  • Randy

    If you watch any of the shootingthebull410 ballistic test, you see that often times the faster moving bullet will penetrate less than the slower moving bullet, because the faster moving bullet gets better expansion. In this test he talks about penetration as if that’s the only factor to consider. The longer barreled pistol is obviously pushing the bullet at a faster speed, so if they are penetrating the same distance as the shorter barreled pistol bullet that should me that more energy is being imparted to the gel.

  • Bal256

    Am I the only person put off by the opening? I would have been fine if it ended with the characters G, Y, and 6 being put together, but when the machine guns start firing it just looks stupid.

  • Tox

    Those petals definitely didn’t penetrate 6″ if the post went 15″, you can clearly see that they penetrated less than 1/3.

    I guess I’ll keep rocking my shield.