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Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • joker

    Baaaaaaaad ass!

  • BjornTheBrave

    Psycho…. Who shoots goats (who happen to walk around in THEIR own habitat)?? This primitivism/thrill to kill for ‘he kick of it’ is exactly what I mean. Try shooting at something that actually shoots back. This video is not at all cool… People who actually like this ought to have their guns taken away from them, be banned from guns for life and commit themselves. You’re seriously disturbed if you indulge in needless killing and destruction. I’m all for background checks for that matter. No guns for psycho’s, criminals and other potentially dangerous people.

    • Vitsaus

      Popcorn time.

    • Kitsuneki

      So? You think that goats, who destroying New Zealand National Park land (which wasn’t THEIR OWN habitat) are harmless? People brought them, so people must take care of them, in any way. Can’t keep it – kill it.

      • BjornTheBrave

        Muslems are destroying Europe (which IS NOT their own habitat). People brought them there, and people must get rid of them. Kill them all, along with the people who brought them here. After all, we can’t keep them and they are stupid. 😉
        Any idea how ridiculous you sound? as I said earlier: this is a very inefficient solution.

        • Kitsuneki

          It is an acceptable option. Goats are not humans (Captain Obvious was here). So we can regulate their population in any way unless it’s not too painful for animal. Also, I’m not against that kind of solution for muslim problem, but I haven’t seen any christian, who would blow himself in crowd of muslims yelling “FOR JESUS CHRIST”. Sad but true

          • Burst

            >who would blow himself in crowd
            This would probably not lead to any religious epiphanies, but might provoke a few cries of ‘jesus!’

          • Tassiebush

            Joking about helicopter based genocide…
            The trouble with comments like this is they alienate moderate muslims and push them towards the extremists. If you’d said ISIS instead of muslim I wouldn’t commenting.

    • Dave Parks

      Not sure if you’re trolling, but if you’re not, you might want to watch the video again with the sound on.

      • BjornTheBrave

        I stand corrected. Still, this is a lousy and horribly inefficient solution though. Any idea how much sex these animals have?

        • Dave Parks

          Goats breed like rabbits and they’ll eat anything they can chew on. It’s one of the reasons they make great livestock. Poison is effective but hard to aim (you’ll kill as many animals you want to protect as you do pests). The terrain offers too many impassable avenues of retreat for herding to be an option (goats climb mountains handily). If two men, one helicopter, and one rifle can take goats at the pace in the video, looks like a pretty good operation to me.

          In Texas, the farmers tend to turn their pest problem into an opportunity. If you’ve got hogs on your land you can contract out to an outfitter to run guided hunts and find a sweet spot between mitigating the damage caused by the invasive species and earning an income off of the difficult to farm land on your property. If I was responsible for wildlife management in the Galapagos, I’d look into offering helicopter goat hunts to sportsmen as a way to control the goat population and raise money for the park.

          If you’re really interested in wildlife conservation and management, you should read one of Theodore Roosevelt’s biographies.

          • Don Ward

            The point was to eradicate a common invasive species that was single-handed (single-hoofed?) destroying a unique and irreplaceable environment in the Galapagos Islands. Not to turn it into some dime-a-dozen big game hunting park. And at any rate it is a moot point since the goats have been completely eliminated.

            I’d much rather have the opportunity to see and take pictures of giant tortoises than hang out a helicopter window shooting some poor goats.

          • nadnerbus

            The Galapagos are definitely one of those places that would be great to see before I die. Glad people are taking steps to preserve them.

        • Tassiebush

          The point of this is total eradication rather than just managing numbers so it’s efficient in the scheme of things. They don’t have much cover in an environment like that. Goats are completely devastating to Island ecosystems like this one. The vegetation hasn’t evolved for hard hoofed animals. they cause problems like erosion and change the structure of water courses. I’m pretty sure I’ve read they trample tortoise eggs too so it’s a very high priority to sort them out.

        • Herr Wolf

          obviously more than Frau Wolf and myself

        • javierjuanmanuel

          Unlimited sex.

  • Kitsuneki

    Eat this, you stupid goats!

  • mosinman

    Now i know why ISIS is so mad at everyone

  • Don Ward

    OK, the park they are referring to is the Galapagos Islands and specifically three islands where goats were introduced in the 19th century. “Project Isabela” started in 1997 and wrapped up in 2006 and successfully removed invasive livestock from those island. One of the innovative strategies was the use of “Judah” goats which were dropped on the islands with radio collars. The hunters would then track these goats back to the feral herds who – no doubt – had gotten rather gun shy at that point.

    If you want to learn more about the project Galapagos dot org /conservation/project-isabela/ has a good write up. Otherwise the Google machine has it at Galapagos Island Goat Problem.

    Sadly (happily really) Nicholas, your dream job is now completed.

    • Just sayin…

      Judas goats, huh? Didn’t the commies do something like that in Red Dawn?
      (Oh wait, that’s just a movie…)

      • Don Ward

        Yeah. In the Documentary Red Dawn, the Commies tried this exact thing. Rumor has it there is a Raaaag Taaaag band of goat holdouts wielding RPGs and AKs on one of the smaller Galapagos islands…

        • Tassiebush

          Haha you got in first calling it a documentary and I salute you for that sir!

  • Nick L.

    Goat makes excellent stew. Their meat is very healthy for humans when they graze on grass. How someone is at least eating some of this meat.

  • Coelacanth

    Great to see Kiwis in action. Where I live (in New Zealand) there are ferral goats everywhere. They cause massive damage to native bush and also farmland, plus create a driving hazard on the roading network. Local bodies use the Judas Goat idea on Mt. Taranaki to help preserve the local flora. Goats breed quickly and numbers can get out of control in short years if left unmanaged. I personally live hunting goats – putting meat on the table and helping the initiative to Bring numbers down. On another note, the crew who went to Galapagos to sort the problem there purchased a renowned goat hunting dog from my good friend. He went to the islands with them and served his time assisting with the land-based cull. My friend is incredibly proud still of this long-dead canine.

    • Don Ward

      Neat story!!!

    • Tassiebush

      Coelacanth (awesome name btw), Can I just say on behalf of Tasmania, a lot of us are loving the show Hunting Aotearoa! I notice the heli shooter on this clip seemed to use a different technique to what I saw on that show. On the show they seem to hit the front of the herd and keep getting the others as they move forward. Albeit that was on deer. In this that order is reversed. Just interesting to observe. I knew the expertise of professional NZ cullers was well established but had no idea they were working that far afield!
      Oh and sorry about the wallabies and possums btw! 🙁

      • JeffinNZ

        Don’t apologise for the wallabies! I love hunting them.
        Yep, if you want it done right, send in the Kiwis!!!

        • Tassiebush

          Haha fair point they sure are pretty darn awesome for that! Tasty, abundant and always close to home. you’re welcome then. Just say if you’d like another species btw 😉

  • Swarf

    It’s not the population control aspect that bothers me. It’s not even the killing.

    It’s the glee some people take in killing animals just to kill animals. It’s bloodlust and it’s not a sign of a healthy mental attitude.

    Same thing with certain hog hunters in Texas. Yes, they’re a problem that needs to be dealt with, but have a little respect for the lives you are taking, invasive species or not.

    • mosinman

      some people feel happy getting a good kill on a hunt. i don’t see an issue if they’re being humane

    • Tassiebush

      To be honest without a bit of bloodlust a chore like this would be a distressing and psychologically harmful excercise. My theory is we have it to counter the other instinct of empathy. A lack of it turns everyone into an annoying vegan so you can probably see the need for it 😉

      • nadnerbus

        Oh man, a planet of vegans. The horror…

        Same in war. People always dehumanize the enemy, since it is a mental and emotional prerequisite to killing them. Makes sense that a similar emotional distancing would take place in hunting as well.

      • Julio

        I hadn’t thought of it this way, but I strongly suspect you’re right.
        Once we decide something unpleasant needs doing, deriving enjoyment from it must contribute to getting it done thoroughly and ensuring that those concerned emerge from it with a greater degree of satisfaction than trauma.

        • Tassiebush

          Absolutely. If you look at it with a long term perspective, it’s probably only been for about 2 generations and just in industrialized areas of the western world that hunting has even been questioned. It would hardly be a workable option if every meal made it’s diners feel morbidly sad for the last 100k years. Some people are really challenged by the idea that you can kill a critter without being bothered but at the same time be mortified if you hurt someones feelings.

      • Swarf

        everyone in to an annoying vegan

        Well, when you put it that way…

        Also, you said annoying twice.

  • skatebaker

    Battlefield level: Expert

  • Sven79

    The US Navy did something similar on San Clemente Island off of California in the early 70s, but then a bunch of whiners got a court injunction and made them capture the remaining few thousand goats with nets and then transport them by helicopter. They never provided the cost per goat of that ridiculous operation. I remember thinking that I would have paid them to shoot the goats from a helicopter.

  • uisconfruzed

    Nice shootin’ Tex!

  • Broz

    Thining out the potential Moslem wife population…

    • Swarf

      That’s a real funny joke. Highbrow stuff. Did you manage to get it all typed without getting the keyboard stuck in your nose again?

  • john huscio

    “We wouldnt last 5 minutes on their turf”

    That’s why we shoot them…

  • javierjuanmanuel

    Unarmed is not natural. People in africa around lions, hippos, rhinos, elephant’s have carried knives, spears, and bows for 50k years or more.

    Also you could last 50 years, and certainly 5 minutes, its not certain death by animals. The government, aids, disease even insects will likely kill you before a lion would

  • Goodacre

    Those two headshots at the end? Maaaarvelous.

  • petru sova

    Rather than spending Government money. A licensed hunt for sportsman hunters would have brought money in that could have been used for conservation projects. The video is very sad to watch when you gun down animals from a helicopter, its about a sick as the helicopter hunts in some U.S. States when they shoot wild boar from helicopters rather than in a normal fair chase hunt on foot. Really sick to watch any type of helicopter hunt.