Exclusive to TFB, here is the first public photo (to my knowledge) of the new AA-12 SOCOM model. It features a full length picatinny rail along the top for optics instead of iron sights, an improved charging handle and a rail along the bottom. With optics, this shotgun could be used with slugs (or 12 gauge HE/grenade rounds) for accurate medium range shooting.



  • Sianmink

    I dunno that looks pretty Machine Shop Bonus Round if you know what I mean.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Who is fielding this and in what capacity?

    • Jake Barnes

      I was wondering who was buying these as well….

      • TCBA_Joe

        Literally no one. They’ve sold like 12 on the last 20 years.

    • Vitsaus

      By the look of it I’d say Airsofters.

    • BenJamin

      Hollywood. Other than that, never seen it out in the wild…

  • Amsdorf

    Comp M4 with 3x magnifier on a full auto shotgun??


    I’d definitely want to level up to win that in a video game.

  • burned by the Atchisson

    The Atchisson? Put $100 deposit down on a semi in the 70s, and the company folded into the tall timber. Burned. Fcuk ’em.

  • Esh325

    Are they just calling it “Socom” for marketing? It would be neat just to see a 20 gauge version/

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    The thought of firing full-auto 12 gauge mini-grenades makes me wet.

    • ProjectThor


  • Anon. E Maus

    Oh boy, they’re making a tactical variant of the gun nobody wants for their unit, this is sure to boost sales!

    Remind me again what the point is with one of these when something like a Vepr or Saiga can do what it does but better? Full-auto never seemed practical to me for a shotgun, semi-auto is where it’s at.

    • Sam Schifo

      It has almost no recoil, even on full auto. You can literally fire it with one hand. Try that with a Saiga.

      • Kyle Senior

        Only because it weighs 20lbs. Not actually that impressive.

        • BenJamin

          Not only that, you can change the dimensions on the Saiga; weight, size, etc. The AA12, not so much…

  • Ted

    There’s was a great article a few years ago in the New Yorker, of all things, about Jerry Baber and the AA-12. In it he states unequivocally that he would never make a semi-auto version for civilians. The thought just scares him.

    He’s his own worst enemy as a semi-auto would sell pretty well and would allow him to actually make some money.


      I agree with you there…excerpt: “It’s all about politics,” Baber says, wistfully. “The average military
      paper push just isn’t interested in helping the soldier on the front
      lines. It’s a terrible, terrible situation . . . I’ve had a dozen
      soldiers test this weapon—special forces, Marines, Army, you name it.
      They love it. They say the troops in the field would have the AA-12
      tomorrow. But the bureaucracy in the U.S. military is worthless; the
      people in it are pitiful.”

      • Airborne

        He’s clearly trying to tug at our heart strings here lol. The problem with the AA-12 is that it fills a niche role. You take a guy in the squad out of his primary function- shooting lots of bullets at bad guys- and give him a close range weapon that only does one thing. Now he’s only useful 15% of the time and the other 75% of the time he has an expensive paperweight. It’s too heavy for him to carry an alternate M4 and its requisite combat load of ammo, even cross-loaded on other dudes, so the AA-12 ends up sitting at the FOB in supply somewhere.

        Same thing happened with the XM-25. Ranger bat. guys decided it was better to have an extra M4 vs a guy with a specialized weapon that was rarely used and left them at home. Not that these weapons aren’t useful, they’re just not useful enough in the majority of situations to warrant wide scale adoption.

        • TJbrena

          I agree with you that the AA-12 is impractical for combat. Unless you plan to fight in an urban area and issue it for that sole purpose and AO, and provide ammo that would make it useful against enemies behind cover and using ballistic protection, it’s no use.

          The Ranger not bringing his XM25 is more because that op didn’t need the extra weight. In contrast, GIs seemed okay with carrying an M4 and XM25 and didn’t complain much about the weight, even leaving their M4s back at base sometimes and just bringing the CDTE.

      • ozzallos .

        Sounds like he’s a bit too in love with himself, to be honest. And clearly the semi-automatic shotgun crime wave is at epidemic levels. I would keep my product off the market in fear such an outbreak as well /sacrasm.

      • Primussucks

        It is an open bolt operation. It would be a no-go in it’s current configuration and would, in my mind, lose it’s reliability if it was converted to a closed bolt, semi auto config.

  • guest

    If by “SOCOM” they mean a DLC for a game, then yeah, probably.

    • spotr

      If by “Medium Range” they mean across a large room, then yeah, probably.

  • William_C1

    What about a fire selector for semi automatic? I know the rate of fire on full auto is low enough where you can fire just one shot easily enough, but it still seems like it would be a good thing to have.

  • An Interested Person

    That is ugly as sin. I somehow doubt that top rail can hold zero.

    • LCON

      If memory serves the Iron sights on the AA12 are Stainless Steel mated to the Chassis under the plastic outer skin. That rail mount seems to be mated in place of the Irons and it’s likely Stainless Steel hard mounted to the inner chassis. in other words it may be ugly as sin but it will last as lig as the gun.

      • Giolli Joker

        I’d bet on the rail being aluminum.
        (It could still hold zero pretty well.)

  • RealitiCzech

    I have heard of the 12ga frag rounds (though more in video games than real world) – I’m guessing they are not available to civilians in any way/shape/form? Ballistics gel testing would be dashed interesting with those.

    • Alex Nicolin

      They would probably be duds if fired against naked ballistics gel.

      • RealitiCzech

        True, but worth trying, at the very least. I would probably get kicked off every range in the state for using them, though.

  • nadnerbus

    Poor SOCOM, everyone piggybacks on their name these days. Pretty soon there will be SOCOM carrot peelers and SOCOM toilet paper.

    • Patrick Mingle

      Can the DoD hold a copyright?

  • LCON

    finally now if only they build a semi auto derivative, sure it would have to be closed bolt but imagine the fun on the range.

    • RealitiCzech

      This is the only way this ridiculous gun will sell. Since I don’t carry 60lbs of crap into combat on a regular basis, a big heavy drum-fed 12ga would not be such a ridiculous and pointless idea for my shooting enjoyment. As a military weapon, it’s bulky, heavy, and far less capable range-wise than an M4.

      • LCON

        its a Nitche weapon not a pointless weapon It’s not meant to be competing against a Assault rifle it’s meant to be used as a Shot gun. That means Work inside 75 yards. In that case it’s still heavier then a conventional or Semiauto sans ammo. I mean a a Benelli M4 is what 8.5 pounds empty vs the AA12’s given empty of 10.5 pounds. but speed of reloads, capacity with a drum and rate of Fire would make it a sure seller for Riot police.

  • TDog

    Why after all these years does that thing still look like it’s in the testing stage? I’ve seen smaller cars.

    Although I’m glad they called it the SOCOM model… “tactical” is sooooo last year! [end sarcasm]

  • BenJamin

    This is still around? I thought someone got a pillow and smothered it in it’s sleep like they did the Pancor Jackhammer

  • MIKE


  • PaulG

    Whenever I see or hear about someone discussing the possibilities of this thing I want to take them to the nearest gun store, stack sixty rounds of 5.56 next to sixty rounds of 7.62 NATO and sixty rounds of 12 ga and ask them to imagine humping around with this in their web gear for a couple of hours and see which they would prefer. I am not denying the tactical uses of combat shotguns but I have always thought this thing falls into the ‘tacti-cool’ category of firearms.

    • Bert

      I agree. The tactical uses of shotgun are, in my experience, limited to breaching, close in defense in very rare circumstances, and as a less lethal projector. All of these roles are already filled very well by mossberg 500s, remington 870s, and the like. Small, light, and handy rule the combat shotgun niche, and this is none of those things. With no organic role, and no way to fit into the existing roles, this thing definitely falls into tacti-cool, like you said. Sure was cool in the Expendables, though.

  • Giolli Joker

    Uhm… making it more practical by taking a ambidextrous charging handle and converting it into a right side only handle… uhm…

  • highhammer

    And who is buying these up?

    • TCBA_Joe

      Literally no one. They’ve sold like 12 in the last 20 years.

  • Mike

    I like how the Pic rail is a solid 3″-4″ above the barrel.

  • Rick3

    As a ‘dust-off’ corpsman in Nam I had one of those old Model 97 shotguns that I had sawed the barrel off of and kept it by my side when I flew side gun because it was very effective in the tall grassy LZs – BUT I also carried my M16 and would never have given that up. ’00’ buck can clear a path with 2-3 rounds and it made dinks pay attention when you pumped a couple of quick rounds. What is needed is an M4 platform that has a double-barrel shotgun attachment like the grenade launcher – now you have a dual purpose without the extra pain of carrying a second weapon. Every swinging dik could have a shotgun for CQB and with some of the exotic rounds like Dragon’s Breath you can make a real statement to the insurgent when you light him up. Semper Fi (HM2 USN FMF 3rd MarDiv/MACV II Corps – Duc Lap)

  • Mazryonh

    How did this weapon reduce its recoil when fired? And can it cycle lower-power 12 ga. ammunition as well as those using longer shells (such as 3 and a 1/2 inch)?

  • This must be for when you absolutely must be able to put those FRAG-12 rounds into some baddies mouth from down the hallway.