New POF 9mm Pistol


Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) is teasing a new 9mm pistol that should be released in the coming months. The gun is called the Patriot Sub Gun, or PSG for short.

The new guns are AR-styled pistols that use Colt 9mm stick magazines. All controls are said to be completely ambidextrous.

Overall length of the new gun is a touch over 16″. It does not need a buffer tube, which helps keep the length short.

No word yet on pricing. POF is considering adding a 9mm carbine with a 16″ barrel to the line up as well.

Phil Note: We’ll be reviewing this gun shortly.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Not_a_Federal_Agent

    Unless the MSRP is sub-$800 there is no reason for anybody to give a damn about this thing.

    • BryanS

      Agreed, and until the SBS regs are overturned, doubly so.

    • 2A Yoda

      Knowing POF it will cost $2500+ and weigh 16 lbs.

      • Steve

        TTAG is reporting the MSRP as 999, so probably 875ish street cost. Which puts it in direct competition with a CZ scorpion (which I own.) If the gun performs well I will probably dump my Scorpion for it as I am more used to the AR style controls than the CZ/HK style.

        • Rob

          Yeah, and unlike the Scorpion with one won’t need another thousand bucks worth of compliance parts; it’s US-made so none of the 922r B.S. you have deal with for imports (to SBR, natch).

      • Kivaari

        They do a nice job, but they are quite expensive. We really need to repeal the NFA SBR rules. Since the NFA rules only stop the good guys, we shouldn’t need the law. Bad guys will have these, after they steal them from good guys. Have NFA laws stopped much crime?

  • BattleshipGrey

    I don’t know much about the Colt style mags, but $40 (Brownells) seems kind of high to me. But I can’t think of any other reliable, readily available 30+ round pistol mags that aren’t $40. The CZ EVO mags are supposed to be much less, but in a quick search I can’t find any for sale.

    • Steve

      The Metalform magazines run a little pricey but most people have great performance with the ASC 32rd mags for 22ish dollars. Most 9mm ARs (don’t know for sure if it will work with this though) can accept modified UZI mags that sell for 10-12 dollars.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Thanks for filling me in guys. I didn’t realize they’d be that reasonable on price after seeing Brownells’.

    • Bal256

      CTD has the 32-round colt mags by ASC for under $15. It seems to be reliable for most people.

  • ClintTorres

    Love the design aesthetic of the monolithic upper. Can I say “monolithic” without paying royalties to LMT?

    • BattleshipGrey

      Looks like a bigger version of Han Solo’s blaster.

      • Kivaari

        Remember the guns used in Star Wars were Mauser C96, Sterling SMGs and MG42s.

        • BattleshipGrey

          I do remember that, I just said it looks like a BIGGER version.

  • Green Hell

    Why everyone keeps making those “pistols” to feed from those Colt magasines? Why not make them for glock mags for price and avaliability or at least create a trend for curved MP5/UMP-9 mags for reliability and good looks?

    • MR

      Glock mags would be more practical for me, but I think the Colt/Uzi mags will look “just right” with this pistol. Slightly Tech9-ish.

    • Askelion

      Glock mags are built for pistols and require a backswept angle. It makes them relatively annoying since they require a special design of controls to accommodate them in an SMG bulid (gotta work around the mag release and bolt catch devices for ergos, especially around existing patents that ALREADY exist).

      As for MP5 mags, direct copies don’t have BHO-capable followers, so that’s already behind the times. And for reliability, I’ll give you that curved is better for 9mm, but aesthetically no way. It’s like the AK’s x39 horse weiner mags saying Hi to the world.

      Out of practicality in general, the Colt mags are mostly open for use without patents getting in the way of profits, and you don’t have to design a new mag and produce it yourself (saving the SMG makers some headache). They’re reliable enough if you design your feed ramp and bolt around it honestly.

      • Kivaari

        None of the G3 based HKs have hold open devices. Except in actual combat the value isn’t a prime issue for military buyers. Like all the AKs there are no BHOs used. The Yugo AK mags have a hold open follower like 30 round carbine magazines. It gives you a signal, but that’s all.

    • SMH

      MP5, UMP-9 mags are both very expensive and not widely available. Mp5 mags also don’t have a bolt hold open. The colt pattern mags are cheaper, ($15 to $25) available everywhere and have BHO plus you can modify cheap old UZI mags to work in colt mag guns. Those are all solid advantages over the HK mags. Glock mags make a little more sense but the colt mags remain cheaper.

      • KestrelBike

        Quick question for you MP5 types: Can the trigger finger manipulate the mag release button in the same manner as AR rifles? I mean, can you release the magazine on an MP5 using just your trigger finger without changing your hand’s position on the grip more than you would releasing the mag on an AR-15?

        • Kivaari

          The HK94 used the button. It took more effort than the AR. The MP5 has a button and a lever. It is handy and fast to use. The ones in our patrol cars used the factory clamp, so we had 60 rounds on the gun and more in the trunk along with the heavy armor. I always figured that any shootout using 60 rounds from the MP5 and 45 rounds from my G17 (I only loaded them to 15 rounds) and 5 rounds of .38 Special, it was time to get out of there.

          • KestrelBike

            Ah ok thanks for the info!

        • jafactory

          full ambi man, see the gen lowers POF has now



  • jamezb

    I think I’d prefer a “K” version with about half as much barrel.

    • Gan

      I think that’s called a “full-sized handgun.”

  • hami

    If under $1000 that will be a very cool SBR

  • Plumbiphilious

    This looks loads better and more optimized than the AKX-9 (sorry Atlantic/DA…). A lot ighter by the looks of it.

    I hope they offer a rifle-length barrel version so I don’t have to bother with SBR business immediately. And if it has replaceable handguards (seriously, why take away one of the best parts of the AR design?).

  • commenter1

    Is this thing gas operated? The video seems to show a port just forward of the chamber.

    • Justin

      Just a gas vent. It is a blowback.

  • John Daniels

    I immediately lost interest upon learning they don’t use pistol magazines. Glock magazines, for instance would allow one of these (in SBR format, for example) to share magazines and ammo with a sidearm.

    I don’t understand why companies keep doing this.

    • Kivaari

      Now that Glock has a 30 round G17 mag, it would be nice. I carried MP5 and Uzi’s and felt my choice of handgun should not matter. If all I have is a pistol, I use it. If I have a SMG/carbine I use that. It should not really matter, even in a combat situation. Like having common gear with your fellow officers. In a gunfight the thinking was if you or your partner ran out of ammo you could bum some. But if your partner shot all his rounds and the suspect is uninjured, do you really want to give your ammo to someone that shoots so poorly? It could be advantageous. Had the Ruger PC9 accepted Glock magazines, it would have lasted in the market lace. Almost no American cops used Ruger pistols. Even though they weren’t all that bad.

      • Bob


        • Kivaari

          I did wander around a bit. The point was, I like having a carbine that takes pistol mags, if they are Glock. And when I was in the business where Glocks were standard issue, the big mags did not exist. The need to have interchanging mags is nice but not needed. That had Ruger made the PC9 taking Glock magazines, that gun would have sold in huge numbers. Ruger using P95 mags in the Police Carbine 9 (40) made them less attractive to police agencies.
          It still is rambling and maybe circular thinking, but I’d have kept mine, had they done that.
          I like SMGs and SBR carbines (Uzi and MP5/M94) for police use.

      • Andrew

        “Now that Glock has a 30 round G17 mag”

        Glock doesn’t make a 30rd G17 mag. They do, however, make a 33rd G18 mag…and have been making it since the late 1980s. Great info, guy.

        • Kivaari

          I know it’s 33 rounds. like my other weapons I normally don’t load them to maximum capacity. My 17 rd. duty mags only carried 15, the M4/M16 are at 25 and the MP5 was fully stuffed, since that is what the chief wanted. I typically loaded those to 25 on my SBR M94s.

    • RealitiCzech

      Pistol magazines have one significant issue – they’re generally made to work with a tipping barrel, not a fixed one. That makes using them in a fixed-barrel design somewhat difficult.

  • aweds1

    What kind of stock adapters will be available? This screams to be a folding stock SBR with a suppressor.

    • Plumbiphilious

      I hope an ACE-compatible one is released, so we can use more or less any stock, folding or solid, under the sun short of an AK-specific one.

      And we can keep stuff in empty buffer tubes. Like skittles or rolled-up pornography. Both.

  • BigRigRick

    I would be a lot more interested in this if they offer it in a 10″ over all length. At 16″ i wouldn’t consider it a “pistol”. Its just too long to be practical, but i like that it is chambered in 9mm.

  • Alex Nicolin

    I really don’t understand what practical does it have. A stock-less SMG or very short rifle is not only much heavier and larger, but front heavy, compared to a traditional pistol. Besides, why make it in an AR-type platform when there are much simpler solutions out there for a similar configuration?

    • Kivaari

      Using an AR pattern weapon is a good idea. Many shooters have learned enough about working on them, this has great appeal. I really like the looks. The small lower is better.

  • RealitiCzech

    Wow. A 9mm pseudo-SMG that will be out AFTER the MPX. Never expected that to happen. I figured I’d have 40W plasma rifles before it got released.

  • LCON

    Suddenly the Subgun market seems busier then the PDW mafia would have us believe,

  • Southpaw89

    I feel like someone picked up a tec-9 and said, “I love the idea, I just wish it worked.” And this was born. Though no doubt higher quality, this definitely fills the same niche.

  • Cymond

    No buffer tube means that a SBR version can have a folding stock, but I kind like a buffer tube on a pistol for a cheek weld.

    • Kivaari

      Four decades ago an NYPD officer designed clip on his M&P .38, that gripped the Kel-Lite 5 cell flashlights. It made a good combination in the time when LEDs were not pumping out so many lumens in a tiny package. When big flashlights ruled. He had it published in a police magazine, where everyone thought it was a great idea. Well, everyone except the ATF, which closed him down. The point is ATF hates the idea of SBRs without the $200 taxation. I suspect if you added a non-functioning buffer tube, the thugs would be out there making we little people into examples.
      I like this “pistol” as much as I like the SIG “pistol” and if I were youthful again, I’d do a Form 1. POF does do nice work on their products.

      • Cymond

        I agree that it would be bad to include a nonfuctional buffer tube, I’m just saying that I like the idea of a function buffer tube. OTOH, this is a lot more compact …
        And it would make a beautiful SBR.

        Can you provide any more info about the SBR flashlight adapter? That’s one I never heard about, and my Google-fu is weak tonight.

        • Kivaari

          I’ve been in hospitals since 4-24 and 5-5. I just remember reading about it in “Law and Order” Magazine of the era. Maybe when my brain reengages I can find more.

  • TangledThorns

    Any news on a KRISS 9mm Vector? That is probably the only 9mm sub gun I’d be interested in.

  • smartacus

    hey I’m all for the Plenty Of Fish in 9mm, but it loox like Han Solo’s blaster

    • Kivaari

      If you like small carry a Glock G19.

  • smartacus

    the Amendment doesn’t imply soldiers, but not police.
    …because modern policing, along with a lot of things weren’t invented yet.
    Historians would agree; if they saw what was going on, they would all say this is EXACTLY the crap the government should not do. Public policing are indeed the enemy, foreign or domestic, they were implying!

  • CR Cobb

    Why didn’t they just stick an AR mag, stick a block in it, and call it a day.