New Scope From Leapers UTG

Leapers UTG is now selling a new scope they’re advertising as being extremely versatile and capable of delivering an exceptional performance. We’re all familiar with the various optics available for many different needs, and now Leapers is saying they’ve come up with one that pretty much does it all. The new scope is the 2-16X44 CQB/MRC IE and it’s a part of the company’s UTG T8 line. Read on for a detailed description from Leapers.

From UTG:

When it comes to rifle optics, there are endless choices. There is a scope out there for every distance, time of day, and situation. This year, Leapers UTG has boldly stepped forward and designed a scope that excels in every role and scenario you could think of while still offering unprecedented accuracy and precision. Introducing a new 2-16X44 CQB/MRC IE Scope in UTG T8 series. “T8” represents the 8X zoom ratio which is a cutting edge technology in optics, challenging to design and manufacture. The UTG T8 optics first launched its 1-8X model, bringing excitement into the users community. This 2nd model further raised the bar in this line of optics built for Multi-Range Combat and Competition(MRC) purposes.

This wondrous optic maximizes your performance at any range with the touch of a dial. You can use low power for close CQB range, medium power for intermediate distances, and high power for extended long range shots. Most conveniently placed parallax adjustment knob allows you to eliminate parallax from 10 yards to infinity. When it comes to the environment and time of day, you can illuminate your reticle in virtually any color of your choosing with its patented 36 Color IE system. When it comes to precision, this scope is like no other. It features Leapers’ innovative True Strength (TS) Platform and is completely sealed and 100% nitrogen filled, making it shock, fog, and rain proof. The signature TS Platform is built with a Smart Spherical Structure to control inner/outer tube interaction. This structure adds durability to the scope allowing for precise and consistent windage/elevation adjustment throughout its lifespan. This T8 Scope also has premium lockable and resettable turrets for fast and intuitive zero adjustment and retention. Its 30mm main tube offers a bright view and maximum W/E adjustment range. When you take aim, you will notice its high quality etched glass reticle and the outstanding light transmission from the emerald coated lenses. As a bonus, this scope also includes an integral angled sunshade, flip-open lens caps, and Max Strength QD rings. A typical UTG model – you get everything you need in one package.

SCP3-216AOIEW MSRP: $299.97

Other models available in the T8 series—

SCP3-18IEMDQ MSRP: $249.97
SCP3-18IECDQ MSRP: $249.97
SCP3-18IEMDN MSRP: $229.97

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  • some_guy

    Oh boy more made in China garbage

    • MR

      I’m gonna have trouble shelling out $300 for a Leapers without trying it in the field, first. You can add all the features you want, if the glass is crap, the scope’s no good. Having said that, I have had good luck with my “Made in the U.S.A.” UTG Pro items.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        This scope is garbage. Don’t buy garbage. Certainly don’t buy knockoff Chinese garbage.

    • Vhyrus

      My primary arms red dots and scopes were made in China, but have no problems sighting in and holding zero. Guess not all garbage is created equally.

      • clickboom

        I own PA optics and leapers optics and leapers optics are crappy. Their CS is also pretty crappy with a rude returns dept when their scopes Break after 200 shots of .22… Not the same thing as PA here. I would recommend PA, their dots for sure at least.

        • Ergo

          I lost the screws on the utg pro free float rail. UTG shipped out replacements quickly once i emailed them a receipt. That being sad their glass is crap.

        • Griz19

          I absolutely recommend PA’s products and their amazing customer service. I own a red dot from them (amongst the many other items I’ve purchased from them) and a week or 2 after receiving the red dot, brightness level #6 went out. All the other brightness levels worked just fine, I just happened to prefer #6. I called PA and explained the situation- they sent me a new red dot, had me put my old one in their box with a new shipping label (return was free of charge), and I sent it back. A week later I received a phone call from them, asking if I was happy with the replacement red dot. I was blown away. They called

          • Griz19

            just to make sure I was happy with the exchange! Now THAT is Customer Service. I’ve never had such a great time dealing with a business I’ve purchased from.

    • Richard

      I’ve had pretty decent luck with UTG stuff. I use a UTG bipod that has held up over the last 4 years, A cheap UTG flashlight I throw in my bag and it still keeps on working after being dropped many many times, put a UTG Pro free float rail on my Dads AR which I like better then my Samson and my buddies DD (it attaches in a way better IMO then both and is super slim and light) and my Dad just bought a 12x scope for a little .22.

      I will say when the scope arrived he said that it fogged up a little when it was brought inside from the very cold outside so I’m not saying its military rugged, but for a range/target/even light hunting scope its good enough.

      China stuff is junk, unless the companies keep a careful eye on quality control, like Primary Arms does or in my experience UTG does.

  • KungPaoChicken

    Few colors to the reticle.Not awesome tactical.
    I wait the next model with 128 colors reticle, laser and light (tactical light of course).

    • Vitsaus

      I think NC Star already has that.

      • Barry

        UTG gear is actually significantly better than NC Star junk. UTG is useable on a real firearm, unlike NC Star which should only be relegated to toys and airsoft. Having said that, almost all American accessory brands trump UTG (except Promag and a few others). But not all Chinese brands are bad. Primary arms gear is a case in point.

        I bought an NC star 3-9 scope on Amazon and it was total junk–glass was not clear at all, controls were cheap feeling, and it wouldn’t hold zero on a .22 Lr rifle.

        They say you get what you pay for, but with NC Star, you actually get less.

        • BaconLovingInfidel

          “but with NC Star, you actually get less”

          And the shame.

  • robert w

    Holy crap… 8x zoom ratio in a sub… I don’t know, $3K scope? You need some dead nuts, awesome lenses and mechanics design to make that kind of zoom ratio clear through the whole range.

    I think Zeiss, USOptics, Schmidt & Bender, and a couple other high end manufacturers have some 8x zoom ratio scopes.

  • Ergo

    Is English your first language?

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    Well, there is worse stuff made for AKs than Leapers/UTG, but UTG is still low grade crap.