Lipsey’s Exclusive: Ruger .357 Mag/9mm Revolvers

Ruger Lipsey's

Lipsey’s is now offering an exclusive run of Ruger Blackhawk Flattop revolvers. These single-action handguns are chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge. They also come with an additional cylinder to convert the guns to fire the 9mm cartridge. Cylinders in both calibers hold six rounds of ammo.

The guns come with either a 4 5/8″ or 5 1/2″ barrel. Guns can be ordered with a blued or stainless finish. Grips are made of rosewood and feature the Ruger emblem.

Ruger ships the guns in hard plastic cases. The sights are adjustable.

All of the guns are available only through Lipsey’s. Each carries a suggested retail price of $745.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Swarf

    So impractical, yet gorgeous and I want one.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Yes, it seems utterly useless.

      I want two.

  • Paul White

    how’s accuracy with 9mm? I know they’re very slightly different diameters; is it enough to screw with accuracy?

    • troy2525

      Accuracy much the same as my S&W m986 but lose velocity around 100-150 fps(4.62″ barrel).

    • Southpaw89

      My Blackhawk convertible seems slightly less accurate with the 9mm, but it’s still good enough for plinking.

  • GlennG

    I was all excited about this headline till I saw the photo and realized they were single action….

    • Zebra Dun

      I always found the single actions to be the most fun gun to shoot.
      Not quite up to speed of a double or auto but for fun hell yes.

    • Zobeid

      Single actions are still the safest to use from horseback, four-wheeler, etc.

  • tazman66gt

    Still waiting for a .44 Special/44.40 convertible

  • Zebra Dun

    I always salivated at owning one in .45 Colt and .45 ACP as I have both types of ammo for two different pistols handy.

    • J-

      That is the combo I want. There are some very warm .45 ACP loads that I’d be reticent to shoot out of a semi auto that would be dandy out of a Blackhawk.

  • Don Ward

    And once again Ruger has the market pretty much cornered on cool revolver stuff. And for a fairly decent price. It would be nice if the other gunmakers could do something other than redundant striker fired polymers.

  • Cymond

    Ruger has been making convertible Blackhawks for years

    So what makes this model special beyond the grips and a different profile on top of the frame? Ruger is constantly making special decorative versions for Lipsey’s and Talo. Is there something particularly interesting about this variant.

    Also, I’ve always wondered why Ruger doesn’t offer a convertible Vaquero.

    • Sulaco

      They also for a time made a 45LC/.45ACP revolver with convertible cylinders, but try to find one now. And I called and asked if they would do the conversation on an exsisting revolver. No soap.

    • Zobeid

      The Flat Top is a bit smaller and lighter than the regular Blackhawk, and is much closer to the same profile as a Colt SAA. I believe the Vaquero is also made on the same frame.

  • Blake

    Those are nice.

    But these are nicer:

    (& $100 easier to buy)

    & they’ll shoot cheapo 32ACP from the same cylinder &ltgrin&gt

  • havasuguy

    I had a .357 mag/ 9mm Ruger Blackhawk in 4.625 barrel length. I bought new in the early 70s
    It was my first handgun.

  • ricolib

    does this model have an all steel grip frame? or the lousy aluminum that .357mag always had?

  • Bill Busch

    Had one that shot .357/.38 & loved it. Will this one shoot .38?

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      No, it has a special cylinder designed to prevent ,38 wussery.

  • RPK

    I have a 1976 Liberty Model New Super Blackhawk which came with a .357 and a .9mm cylinder. It is an awesome weapons platform. A true shooter in BOTH Calibers!