BearSlayer338 writes …

This is my North American Arms Guardian in .32NAA,it is pictured with 60 grain Corbon JHP’s that go 1200 feet per second out of the Guardian.The .32NAA round is supposed to penetrate deeper and expand more reliably than other pocket pistol rounds such as .32 acp or .380 acp.

The .32 NAA has about the same muzzle energy as a .380 ACP, but a higher velocity, smaller caliber and lighter bullet. It is far superior to the old .32 ACP.

Thanks to BearSlayer338 for sharing.



  • M.M.D.C.

    Cute, but how does it shoot?

    • SM

      It’s probably unpleasant to shoot since it’s such a small gun.

      • BearSlayer338

        Not really,it has pretty light recoil,if you have good eye sight it is a pretty accurate gun out to 25 feet,but it is obviously not designed with those distances in mind.

        • SM

          Huh, I figured that a hot little round in a small gun would be a literal pain to shoot.

          Good to know it doesn’t suck.

          • BearSlayer338

            That is safe to assume a portion of the time but the NAA Guardian is 18oz so it is pretty heavy for the size.

          • Giolli Joker

            Hot little round is a relative definition.
            It is a necked down .380, so it’s likely to kick less than a .380 with heavier bullet.

          • BearSlayer338

            Yep,also weighs more than most .380’s so recoil is pretty light.The sights are tiny though,if I keep it I’ll have to send it in and have dovetails cut for some sights that are more usable.

      • Badkarma060

        Light recoil, I have this strapped to my ankle, or in a pocket holster 6 days a week. I love my .45 ACP, but when its hot out, this is my stand by piece.

        • BearSlayer338

          Is yours also the .32NAA version or did you get the .32 acp or .380 version?

          • Badkarma060

            Guardian 32 ACP. Its not bad little piece, 6 round mag, one down pipe. No perceivable recoil, compared to my S&W model 36 (chief). If the SHTF beats throwing rocks, lol.

    • Sulaco

      Had one for a range eval at one time. About as accurate as a thrown can of peas. Keeping rounds on target at 25 feet was a real chore and seemed to owe more to luck than anything else…

      • Giolli Joker

        I like your accuracy rating.

      • BearSlayer338

        Must not have shot it well due to the microscopic sights or got a factory lemon mine shoots dead on at 25 feet.

        • Sulaco

          Doubt both, eval was on police range with SWAT guys. They most likely knew something about shooting. Had another example show up from another cop and it shot the same way. Early models with bugs? Or problems with the down size rounds?

      • Fred Johnson

        My .32 ACP Guardian is about the same. I figure it to be the cause of several things.

        1. The rifling is so shallow, it essentially just to keep the gun from being classified as a smooth bore.

        2. The barrel is really short.

        3. The sights? Eh, just grind ’em off to better replicate the Seecamp.

        4. The grip is really small and the trigger/hammer is a true double action only. Meaning, the gun moves around a lot when pulling the trigger through and when it recoils.

        5. Forget shooting it two handed. It actually shoots better one handed in my experience. Just hold that little blowback gun tightly so the slide gets the full effect of recoil to prevent jams.

        Yet with all that, the little Guardian makes a decent up close blaster. Which is all it is supposed to be.

  • CW

    They used to sell a .32 NAA barrel replacement for the Makarov. Might be fun?

    • Jeff Smith

      I’ve seen those online. They also make a .380 barrel. I’d love to see some tests of the .32 NAA, .380 acp, and and 9x18mm out of the Makarov.

  • iksnilol

    I am sticking to .32 ACP, cheaper and easier to find (+ subsonic which is nice for me).