CZ Announces 922r-Compliant Skorpion Evo III SBR Kit

Česká Zbrojovka is doubling down on its earlier commitment to bringing unadulterated Skorpion EVO IIIs to the US market, with its recent announcement that they will be importing a 922r-Compliant Skorpion Evo III SBR kit. has more:

CZ-USA has announced plans to introduce a 922r-compliant stock kit for the EVO 3 to build short-barreled rifles, or SBRs. Due to certain import restrictions, rifles may only have so many components made outside of the U.S. so the kit includes additional parts needed to build an SBR.

“Obviously, an approved Form 1 is required to convert the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol into an SBR,” CZ-USA said. “The ATF has informed us that 922r does apply, and their official parts count for the Scorpion Pistol is 16 parts. CZ-USA is currently in the process of manufacturing a number of US-made parts which we intend to sell both individually and as part of a kit to ensure that individuals manufacturing SBRs have the means to comply with 922r.”

The stock itself is not one of the compliancy components. It is the real deal, made in the Czech Republic and is identical to the stocks on Scorpion submachine guns. This is welcome news for anyone who picked up an EVO 3 S1 pistol with the long-term intent of building a short-barreled rifle.

This means that users buying the parts individually may convert existing magazines or build an SBR usingtheir pistol brace adapter and any AR stock, including foreign-made stocks, using a carbine buffer tube. CZ-USA expects to have the parts available by late fall but will put them up for sale as soon as possible.

While the final list of American-made parts is still in the air, CZ-USA told that they would probably include a replacement grip, trigger, disconnector, muzzle device and magazine follower and floorplate.

The CZ Skorpion Evo III is a very compact and lightweight firearm with decidedly “futuristic” looks. To the extent that I have handled them, I’ve been pretty impressed. I think it submachine guns were more relevant than they are these days, it would have been a real world-beater.

Nathaniel F

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  • JS

    We need to dump 922r.

    • Tim U

      True, but in the meantime at least they are addressing it instead of depending on third party aftermarket support

    • KestrelBike

      I have a hard time even paying attention to 922 because it’s so f’ing arbitrary and stupid, let alone giving a damn if it turns out I’m somehow violating it. “Oh noes my completely identical magazine base-plate isn’t stamped “US”!!” [Incoming black choppers]

      • JS

        Exactly. I think if you’ve already paid a $200 tax stamp that 922r shouldn’t apply. I’ve never even heard of anyone getting busted for violating it. It doesn’t make us any safer, and if anything it only protects domestic gun makers from cheaper imports. Dump it all!!

        • Cymond

          What’s worse is that ATF has gone back & forth in the past on whether or not a SBR is a rifle for the purposes of 922r. I guess they’ve settled on “yes” now.

  • Maxpwr

    Don’t just dump 922r, but dump the entire Bush and Clinton import bans, the NFA AOW, SBR, and SBS, and the ’86 and ’68 machine gun bans.

    • echelon


  • Finally! I have been waiting for this since I bought one and am very happy.

  • aweds1

    The questions over SBRing one have kept me from looking more seriously at buying a Scorpion. When the parts kits are out and the 922r questions are answered, then I’ll look.

  • JumpIf NotZero


  • BrandonAKsALot

    Yay! My decision to get one of these hinged on this whole prospect.

  • Ian Thorne

    Well, if they are making a new grip I sure hope it will come in a few sizes, the current one is a little unnecessarily big. I was thinking they might just to a whole new “lower” since that would be 5 parts itself and instant plug and play then add muzzle device to be done, but probably more expensive by a good bit.

    I have the TROS 3-lug adapter on order to take care of 1 part, now just gimme the rest and that stock please.

  • BTR

    Fantastic for CZ!!!!

  • Pike0331


  • Well done Cz. That’s some solid commitment to the line. Now bring the damn things to Canada where we don’t care about 9.22r and love cheap 9mm sub guns.

  • Lord Skeletor

    You would hope that they would give current owners first dibs on being able to buy this kit or stock.

  • Johnny

    Again the problem with the NFA is the SBR category when enacted in 1934 revolvers and pistols didn’t have the firepower that they do today with new ammo designs and magazine capacities. SBR firearms category is antiquated and useless and should be removed from the NFA