How to Dye a New Sand PMAG – by Magpul

I really am becoming quite the fan of Magpuls various marketing videos. They take the tacti-cool and mix it with a fun flavor of tactical. Latest from their video labs is how to dye one of their new Sand colored PMAG Gen 3’s.

In short, boil water, add RIT dye, leave in to desired color, repeat. But, the video is much more fun:

Nathan S

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  • Nicks87

    Nice! I’m going to buy some and dye them all sorts of bizarre colors just to piss off all the “black rifles should be black” people at the range.

    • Cal S.

      Huh. I guess I’ve run into fewer of those than the AK fangirls who think a 1950s design should never be touched with unholy improvements that detract from sucky standard irons.

    • Jack Burton

      Black? You mean unsightly brown and tan crap isn’t the current tactical hotness?

  • M.M.D.C.

    Dude! Tie-dyed AR15 mags… far out.

  • Disqusting

    9.5 out of a possible 10. They could improve their score on the video if they reshot it with Martha Stewart narrating.

  • BryanS

    They forgot, laser engrave after 😉

    Pmags are made of some very good materials. Even on a $30K 125 watt CO2 laser, we could barely scratch them.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      125W should be able to drill through them, though it might leave a melted blister.

      • BryanS

        I think it is the wavelength. We tried multiple times, I’ll post a picture of one of Nicolas C’s mags that we worked on at a local makerspace before we got our own laser. It scorches the surface, maybe removes just a bit, but not deep engraving.

        compared to Glock mags, which I can get deep 1/32″ engraving per pass.

        • MichaelZWilliamson

          Wavelength or pulse rate? Mot my field, but my father in law was expert in this and likely still is–retired.

          • BryanS

            Pulse rate didnt seem to matter, engraving or vector cutting movements. We tried bringing the frequency up to 10K, no dice. That was on the trotec with teh RF CO2 tube, and on our 45 watt glass tube, same deal, no dice.

  • Hudson

    I would be careful, RIT Dye can be very corrosive to metal.

    • David S.

      You aren’t serious……. right? P-MAGS aren’t metal.

      • pun&gun

        Maybe he means leftover dye contacting the BCG?

      • BryanS

        Their springs are.

        • David S.

          Point taken. Good to know because I sure didnt. You could easily break down the mag then do it.

  • pun&gun

    Anyone got a Stealth Gray recipe?

  • nadnerbus

    I like how they do it all manly in a cauldron over an open camp fire. Like the people that do this aren’t going to do it on the kitchen stove with the wife/mother’s cookware and fabric dye. Not quite as sexy that way I guess.

    I would have gone the other way and had the Magpul guy in a frilly 1950s apron and Donna Reed hairdo, working in a retro 50s kitchen, while the wife sat in the living room with her bath robe, slippers, and pipe.

  • Core

    Will the dye come off the mag onto your hands? I wouldn’t want to ruin my Tactigucci gloves..

  • Doom

    do they make their AK mags in sand color yet? I want some plum mags for my AK.