Green Tips vs. Hard Drives. Hard Drives Win.

Another of my YouTube favorites, Taofledermaus, has appealed to both my love of IT and firearms. Setting up over 50 lbs of hard drives, he and his cohorts put a M855 “green tip” into 5″ HDD platters.

I had high hopes for the light “armor piercing” round, but its penetration fell short. Moral of the story? Wear neodymium armor and ensure that you best data is on Western Digital.

Nathan S.

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  • Tom-UK

    They should issue these to the police as body Armour to stop “cop killer” bullets.

  • brian

    Heck of a lot more fun than drilling 3/8″ holes.

  • Spencer

    Just a note, these are actually 3.5″ hard drives, not 5″. There never actually was a 5″ hard drive.

    • Mike N.

      My Seagate ST-225 turned into a desk clock begs to differ.

      • Spencer

        Your Seagate is a 5.25″. Not a 5″.

        • Derpus

          I along with most of the free world would be comfortable calling 5’25” a 5″ HDD. You must be quite popular at parties with that pedantery.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Easy there, Jeff Albertson.

            It’s called accuracy, and most likely Spencer works in IT.
            I’ve worked in this field for 25 years. Never heard anyone call it a 5″ HD. It’s always a “five and a quarter”.

      • jess

        I have a half dozen 5.25s somewhere, im stealing this idea and making clocks out of them. thanks 😀

  • marathag

    Now how about .30-06 Silver tip API?

  • Dracon1201

    When Le Wifey makes you “absolutely” get rid of your magnificent porno collection!

    • Phillip Cooper

      Time for a new wife!

      • iksnilol

        Why would you need a collection of porn? Especially when married?

        • RocketScientist

          Because unlike women, men’s sex drive doesn’t immediately dry up and vanish once a ring is on the finger.

          • iksnilol

            Still, I am a 17 year old guy without a girlfriend. If anybody should have a porn collection it should be me… I don’t have one and I doubt I am some kind of freak/anomaly/paragon of “purity”.

            I digress, I doubt womens sex drive is lower than that of men. I just think they are conditioned by society in general to hide it. Men and women are the same species, we are pretty similar even though we don’t like admitting it.

            EDIT: Does sex count as politics in regards to the “Firearms, not politics” rule?

          • RocketScientist

            “I digress, I doubt womens sex drive is lower than that of men. I just think they are conditioned by society in general to hide it. Men and women are the same species, we are pretty similar even though we don’t like admitting it.”

            This is patently demonstrably false. Of course we are a large population, there will be extremes. So of course there are women with fairly high-for-a-woman libidos with more sex drive than some men with fairly low-for-a-man libidos. But in aggregate, men have MUCH higher sex drive. The hormone that is the primary motivator for sex drive in BOTH genders is testosterone. A healthy man has, as a baseline, somewhere near 12 times more testosterone in his system on a daily basis than the average woman has during the point in her cycle where her testosterone PEAKS (only lasts for a few days out of every 28). And multiple studies have shown that when women take additional testosterone (during a female-to-male sexual reassignment, professional weightlifter, etc), one of the first and most obvious effects they report is dramatically increased sex drive. to the point they say they feel like it is wrong, they can’t control it etc until they become used to it. And this is with levels still lower than the average man. Additionally, many studies have shown that desired frequency of sex in a relationship varies dramatically between genders. Men range from 2-3 times per week as being the ideal frequency, women report anywhere from 1 per week to 1 per month being their ideal. Or just take an informal poll amongst friends.ask the guys (privately) how often they’d desire sex. There are probably some guys that would honestly say 1/day or more often. Have your wife/GF do the same to the females. Guessing there’s not one that will say 1/day, and at least one that will honestly say something along the lines of “sex is overrated. if he loved me, supported me, etc etc but we couldn’t/didn’t have sex I’d probably be ok with that”.

          • Phillip Cooper

            So kids are giving grown men advice on marriage.. nice.

          • iksnilol

            No, I am giving advice on porn… my advice boils down to: if you have a collection of it, you might be addicted.

          • RocketScientist

            Nothing wrong with having a collection of porn. Masturbation is healthy, and being mainly visually stimulated, men like pornography for those purposes. It could be a generational thing. People younger than my generation grew up with easy access to a huge variety of free internet porn. No need to keep/have a collection when you can find whatever you’re looking for in 2 minutes on the web. My generation didn’t have that until we were in our early 20’s. Before that age I had a “collection” of a few magazines, DVDs, etc. Most men older than me likely had a larger “collection” due to that being their only way to have easy access to porn. So while keeping a physical collection may seem weird to you, that was the norm for anyone until fairly recently. Of course, there are some people who morally object to pornography in general, or even masturbation itself. Which is fine, different strokes for different folks and all that (no pun intended). But just because you have a collection of images/videos of naked women doing sex things doesn’t mean you’re an addict or have some sort of problem.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Let me know when you’ve lived in the real world, junior.

          • valorius

            so if you have a collection of anything, guns, cars, boats, porn….youre an addict?

          • valorius

            Ive got tattoos significantly older than him. LOL

          • Phillip Cooper

            I’ve got boots *MUCH* older than him! 🙂

          • valorius


          • Barry

            Sorry, I don’t take advice on women from 17 year olds without girlfriends. However, I see why your past comments on ak’s and comblock weapons seem so juvenile now.

          • iksnilol

            I didn’t give advice on women or marriage. I am just saying nicely that if you have a collection of porn then you might be addicted.

            And combloc weapons are pretty decent. Never have had problems finding them, they don’t draw much attention + they do what I want them to do. Though for people like you who have everything served on a legal platter that stuff is not important. Just remember, not everybody is lucky enough to have that.

          • mosinman

            interesting…. apparently an opinion is irrelevant just because someone is young….

          • Phillip Cooper

            When they have no practical experience on the subject matter- yes, that opinion is worthless.

          • Andrew

            I do not recommend discussing porn or even guns with strangers on the internet claiming to be 17. Remember that everything on the internet can be seen by anyone and copied and pasted without context to anywhere.

          • Phillip Cooper

            For that matter, “text editors” are a thing. Anything can be made out of whole cloth in the text realm.

            I’m not going to kowtow to possibilities and lies.

          • valorius

            A LOT of women are into gay man on man porn. Yes, married women.

        • valorius

          well if you marry a white girl, and one day get the urge to view hot naked asian women doing the nasty, your only recourse is to cheat or to watch porn.

          Porn is harmless IMO.

          • iksnilol

            You don’t need a couple of hundred GB collection to fullfill that urge.

            I am not a moral guardian but you can get addicted to porn and like anything you should be a bit careful to not get addicted. You can read up about it in a lot of places.

          • valorius

            you can have 1 gb (shows how young you are) of porn, or 1000gb of porn, i could care less.

          • valorius

            YOU dont need a couple of hundred GB collection to fill that urge. Others may.

            I’m sure you have some hobby or another. I’m sure that most people could care less about that hobby and wonder why you spend so much time, money and attention on it.

            It’s your business what your hobbies are. Right?

          • iksnilol

            Alright, “You might not need more than one bottle of tequila to have fun. Others may need ten or twenty.”

            There is a difference between addiction and hobby. Before you ask, no, I wasn’t addicted to porn.

          • valorius

            And i am sure every expert alive will tell you that a 17yo kid on the internet is not qualified to tell the difference between an addiction and a hobby.

            Go to college for 4 or 6 years kid, and get back to us.

          • iksnilol

            I doubt masturbation counts as a hobby.

            Also, a lot of people who weren’t officiallly qualified for something did it anyways with good results. Ask any self-taught [whatever] if you don’t believe me.

          • valorius

            Someday when youre a self taught anything, ill ask you about it.

          • iksnilol

            I’ll show you, if they let you out of the retirement home that is. 😉

          • valorius

            Hopefully ive many more decades before i have to go to one of those, lol

    • Yellow Devil

      That’s what the virtual cloud she doesn’t know about is for…

  • Phillip Cooper

    I so wish that our hard drive disposal consisted of things that go “boom”.

    Taking it through a degausser and then venting frustrations with the Supply section with a hammer on what comes out the other side is just nowhere near as much fun.

    • Paul White

      Try a jackhammer. It’s FUN!

      • Phillip Cooper

        Think you mis-replied. Did you mean to post this under the portion of the thread where the 17 year old child is passing judgement on grown and married men who have porn?

        • Paul White

          huh? No, I mean try it for destroying hard drives. You get shards in your legs (at least I did) but it was fun as heck

    • Porty1119

      Originally, I tried a thermite charge but got the mixture wrong. After that, I vaporized a Dremel grinding wheel and finally settled for a drill. Pretty sure nobody’s gonna recover data with a dozen 3/8″ holes through all disks.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Did you forget to add the Mythbusters Secret Ingredient (“Blur”) to the thermite?

  • If only it was Seagate stuff he shot, and not WD! I’ve had more Seagates fail on me than WDs.

  • Reise

    So tired of linked videos. Could journalism get lazier?

    For anyone without 3:22 to burn for two seconds worth of information, it went through four and dented the fifth.

    I guess we’re presuming that both the 40 gig and 80 gig variants being rather randomly used had the same number of drive platters inside (layers to go through) .. instead of being different by 50 to 100%.

    • Andrew

      I beleive they are usually the same and artificially limited.

      • GrumpyCat

        It is wrong to make such an assumption. However if they were better journalists they would have made distinction as to which are 40GB and 80GB, and once they had a hole in each bothered to look and count platters.

        • Taofledermaus

          All the drives had a single platter and were physically the same.

          • valorius

            Well i guess you told them. 😉

    • Taofledermaus

      The video is embedded. If they were to re-upload the video it would be have some copyright issues.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Now hit it with a Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R

  • valorius

    Most handgun bullets wont even defeat a single hard drive. So 4 is pretty good.

  • Curious_G

    Not sure how the hard drives “won”; the round made it through 8 sheets of aluminum, circuit board, and four hard drive platters. There is no control (other than a comparison to .44, but I am not going to go hunt down that video at the moment and they did not give a spoiler).