STRIKE ONE Pistol Review

Andrew at GY6 did an excellent review of the Russian/Italian STRIKE ONE pistol. He liked the pistol a lot and compared the Strike to a Glock with an aftermarket trigger. As far as I know this pistol is legal to import into the USA (its not affected by sanctions).

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    The Russianised Glock may be a fun pistol to try. Overall its still just another Glock knock off.

    • iksnilol

      How is it a knockoff? It has no interchangeable parts and is a different mechanism.

      • Esh325

        Don’t mind Lance. He says some pretty silly trollish things.

        • iksnilol

          I know but I am sometimes genuinely confused whether he is trolling or if he is just very old fashioned/misinformed regarding a subject.

          • john huscio

            In his world, if its not a Beretta it sucks

    • Giolli Joker

      Aside the fact that the designing comes from Italy, it’s the polymer frame pistol that is mechanically the farthest from Glock.
      It may just look similar from a few meters distance.

    • Dave


      Very little of it is actually Russian designed, it was designed by Italians to Russian requirements and desires.

      • Not even that.

        The pistol is 100% Italian designed, the designer is Italian. The only thing Russian in ARSENAL FIREARMS and in the “Strike One” is one of the associates to the company. The company indeed runs a plant at the outskirts of Moscow, but the guns built there are only conceived for the Russian market and for Russian-aligned Countries. All the “Strike One” pistols for the global market outside that area are manufactured in Italy.

        • Coolhand77

          AH Italian designed…explains the price

          • A price which is… pretty much competitive with Glock, in Italy. Don’t know how it managed to cost like that in the U.S.

    • micmac80

      Probably the most unique pistol in the polymer segment its definetly no knockoff .

    • The “Strike One” is not a Glock knock-off. In no way.

      The Glock sports a modified Browning/Petter/SIG locking system with a tilting barrel.
      The “Strike One” comes with a partially fixed barrel, and the entire locking system is based on a locking block on the slide.

      The Glock sports a light double action with a partially pre-armed striker.
      The “Strike One” comes with what is basically a single-action trigger, acting on a fully pre-armed striker, and a double-structure trigger bar (the first portion is pivoting, and disengages the inner safety system; the second portion is sliding and that’s what actually causes the gun to fire).

    • mechamaster

      Glock with capability to cycle the 7N21/ 7N31 properly without exploding in the shooter hand. lol.

      • Sam Schifo

        Despite what you may think, Glocks can handle pressures in excess of 9mm +P+.

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  • Riot

    I would like to see one of these up close, the mechanism looks interesting.
    And lance the world isn’t split into 1911s and glocks y’know.

    • Cal S.

      WHAT?!?! Heretic.

      I mean, we all know there’d be only one firearm brand out there if only Glock would release a 1911, AK, and AR. Then all the others may as well go out of business!

      • Karabiner Kurz

        Glocks aren’t that good.

    • Coolhand77

      I got to. Liked the hardware, didn’t like the price. A little too steep for a polymer framed service pistol

  • Vitsaus

    How is it that the low bore axis cheerleaders almost always ignore how bad the trigger on these guns are? Its SW 9VE bad.

    • 3XLwolfshirt

      The trigger on my PPQ is pretty sweet. It’s true that “duty guns” have heavy trigger pulls, but it’s not like striker-fired guns are incapable of having a good trigger.

      • Vitsaus

        I was talking about the Strike One in particular. PPQs and VP9s have pretty good triggers, the Arsenal Strike One, at least the single example I have been able to operate, is far inferior. Even the ergonomics of the PPQ seem preferable, to me at a least.

        • How much rounds have you fired through the “Strike One”? I have owned one for one year, and has the best trigger I’ve ever tried.

          And yes, I *DID* fire the PPQ and the VP9.

          • Nicks87

            He’s fired ZERO rounds through the Strike One. He compared the trigger to a S&W sigma series pistol which has an 8-10lbs trigger pull and a completely different mechanism. The Strike’s trigger pull weight is around 4.5-5.5lbs. The PPQ and the VP9 have great triggers but to say the Strike One is far inferior is just plain nonsense.

    • Nicks87

      How do you know the trigger is bad? A lot of people hate Glock triggers but I think they are just fine. Trigger complaints are usually directly related to a lack of shooting skills.

      • Jack

        Huh? Directly related? You complain about a trigger so you’re not a good shot? How’s this work and where did you hear it from?

        • Sadler

          He’s saying most people will blame poor shooting on a bad trigger, rather than their own skill or mistakes.

      • Vitsaus

        I actually like the Glock factory trigger just fine, but I found the Arsenal Trigger to remind me a lot of the S&W Sigma series, as I pointed out in my post. Essentially I laid out what was “bad” about it by comparing it to something which many people can use as a point of reference. Anything else in there that gives away my lack of shooting skills?

        • Nicks87

          Dude it’s not even close to a sigma trigger. If you want to trash the strike you will need to do better than that. Not to mention the “low bore axis cheerleader” comment. You cant argue with science. Go troll the 1911 articles, this one is out of your league.

    • John

      Probably because it’s a departure from the traditional browning short recoil system. Arsenal is trying something new (or at least uncommon) with the dropping block action and people are evaluating the pros and cons of that, part of which is the low bore axis.

      Discussing the trigger is less relevant because it can always be fixed. the focus is directed towards: is this action a sound design?

      I can imagine most people would pick this handgun up for the uniqueness, not so much the handling characteristics.

      An analogy I can provide is why people collect the HK VP70. It has a trigger akin to a staple gun. However, it was the first to use polymer, one of the highest capacity magazines for its time, and was striker fired, also relatively rare.

      Yes it was a bit unrefined but a first try at a polymer striker fired pistol. You can’t just go “psshh bad trigger”, forget the polymer, forget the magazine, forget the striker fired. You’d never have developed the glock that way

    • I own a STRIKE ONE — have had and fired it for one year now — and it’s actually the best trigger I’ve ever tried on a handgun that’s not a race gun. Are you sure of what you’re saying (writing)? I suppose not.

  • Mike

    Does this handle the High power Russian Ammo? And can we get the ammo here?

    • Giolli Joker

      Pretty sure YES and NO.

      • iksnilol

        +1 to that.

        It can probably handle the ammo (why market a gun to somebody if it can’t use their ammo?) but that ammo is AP by American law.

        • Zugunder

          Is there high pressure round with very soft and heavy hollow point bullet? So, you know, it wouldn’t penetrate as much while carrying a lot of energy to the target.

      • M

        Well, there’s always the rare batch of L7a1 hirtenberger 9mm floating around…

      • mechamaster

        I choose Yes. lol.

    • lol

      You can probably do similarly well with +p+ or some handloads (a few books have data for the high pressure variant, but user beware)
      I won’t post the info here just in case some clown wants to run em through his glock.

    • mechamaster

      Yes, actually this pistol mechanism is tailored for 7N21 / 7N31 ammo.

      Sometimes, the normal pressure bullet doesn’t always cycle the gun properly.

      You can watch the InRange TV from full30 about StrikeOne review. It’s Very informative.

  • hami

    A beautiful handgun! Bravo Arsenal!

  • WillLeach

    Its a really interesting design, and the execution seems to be getting some good reviews. I am under the impression that they needed a heavier slide to handle Russian AP rounds. I hope the can redesign this with a lighter slide in the next iteration.

    • The pistol sports an extremely sturdy locking system and a heavy slide to handle high pressure loads. A lighter slide version already exists, it’s called the “Strike One Speed” and also comes with an enlarged magazine release catch and replaceable high-visibility sights, for IPSC shooting.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        The Speed seems to fix everything I had issues with on the original. I also wish the all-metal version didn´t cost an arm and a leg…

        • I have no issue whatsoever with my original, and to be bluntly honest, there is nothing exquisitely better in the “Speed” version’s slide if compared with the original. Lightening is mostly cosmetic.

          • G0rdon_Fr33man

            My issues were mostly the elevated edges around the mag release and the lack of fiber inlays in the front sight. And yeah, I doubt the 10% lighter slide weight is very noticeable. It seems the Speed also has a metal guide rod? If so, another quality-point from me.

  • Don Ward

    Striker fired. Polymer. No safety. Cool looking range toy but a pass.

    And I know all guns have warning labels these days, but the prominent “Warning! Fires Without Magazine” elicited a chuckle.

    • Esh325

      So is the Glock a range toy then because it’s polymer and has no manual safety?

      • Jack Burton

        The difference being price and ubiquity. Which are really the only reasons I’d consider buying a gun like this to begin with.

      • guest

        Hush! Some people believe a loaded gun with a manual “safety” lever is somehow actually safe, compared to one without this lever.
        Comes from the mouth-breathing “I shot myself while cleaning the gun because it was not clear and that’s the gun’s fault” crowd.

        • Coolhand77

          heh, tell that to the guy who shot himself with a 1911 on youtube….

        • BryanS

          Some people believe that you should unload the damn gun and double check it before pulling the trigger…

          You know, those pesky 4 rules and all.

  • Esh325

    In a saturated pistol market with lots of pistols that don’t differ very much from each other, it’s nice to see a pistol like the Strike One that actually does something different from the rest. I believe it is being used by Russian SF, but it hasn’t been widely adopted by the Russian armed forces.

    • It is. Not widely adopted by the Russian Armed Forces because they don’t even know what they want, nor IF they want to replace the Makarov…

  • Just a note: the “Strike One” is not affected by the sanctions because the Russian plant of the ARSENAL FIREARMS company only manufactures the gun for Russian governmental sales. All the “Strike One” pistols manufactured for the global markets outside of Russia are made in Italy.

  • Patrick R.

    Man, I wish we could get one of those to review here. I have been eyeing that gun for a while now.

  • SD3

    What is that, some kind of new Glock?

  • mechamaster

    Hopefully they make optional polygonal rifling barrel to increase the accuracy to stand toe-and toe with Glock, and improved iron sight, Plus, tailored the gun for normal pressure 9×19 mm that commonly available, so it can cycle the surplus and cheap and cheerful ammo properly.

  • john huscio

    Well they’re doing something different, but the pistol is huge and doesn’t look to be ergonomically superior to what I use now (p2000, p226) pass for the moment…..too many other guns that interest me more have come out in the past year or so…..

  • Reset Your Axis

    Bore axis? So now we’ve giving up in the hyped idiocy of “trigger reset” and moved on to this nonsense?

    The bore axis is measured from the center line of the BARREL to the center line of the WRIST–not the top of somebody’s fatty HAND. The bore axis of this weapon is better than a SIG–but not that significant–when PROPERLY measured. That’s why a Rhino–with an axis that kicks the Strike One’s ass–has SOME muzzle rise.

  • Coolhand77

    I actually got to fondle one at the gun show last weekend. Not bad, good fit and finish. I’d like to have a go at the range with one.
    Down side, for that much, I’d rather have a 1911 variant. Right now the “from dealer” price is 800ish. Is that normal, or was the guy just charging extra cause they were new [early adopter cost]?

  • dreddlord

    Fascinating. Reminds me of the Lone Wolf Distributors aftermarket frame and slide assembly of a Glock 17 /19. That would make for another interesting comparison. And perhaps also a Ruger SR9.