Victor sent us these photo of him and a friend shooting a 8″ barreled Short Barrel Shotgun. He wrote …

This is an 8″ Remington 870 produced by Safety Harbour Firearms. Shooting 2.75″ slugs. Image was captured by GoPro at 60 fps.

Smokin 3

Smokin 1

That looks a LOT of fun. Thanks Victor.


  • Mother Nature’s Son

    that ring is unburned powder, the charge needs the longer barrel to achieve the proper burn and hence pressure.

  • Rotorcrafts

    Thats no muzzle flash, check this from a 6″ version.

  • Stephen

    I’m disappointed by the lack of photos of the actual shotgun.

  • Swarf

    See also: KSG paw.

  • Jeff

    WHAT!? You’ll have to speak up!

    • Zebra Dun

      Mos Deaf!

  • Pete Sheppard

    Like Swarf, I think of a blown-off hand. No thank you.

  • Bal256

    Just avoid buying a foregrip made for airsoft and your good to go.

  • Duray

    Wouldn’t that be an AOW rather than “short barreled shotgun?”

    • Stephen

      The Mossberg version could be since Mossberg sells a pistol grip only 500. I’m not aware of any standard pistol grip only offering of the 870 from Remington. Thus, an 870 coming from the factory with a stock would not be eligible to register as an AOW and would require a regular SBS tax stamp.

      • Synchronizor

        Remington offers pistol-grip-only 870 models. They don’t make as many different PGO models as Mossberg (Remington’s 870 lineup is overall more practical-minded than Mossberg’s 500 lineup, for better or worse), but they’re available. It’s also possible to simply purchase new 870 receivers that have never had a stock installed on them, and build an AOW shotgun pistol on that.

      • Duray

        The article says “produced by Safety Harbour Firearms” thus it’s not coming from the Remington factory. Once SHF uses an 870 receiver to legally “manufacture” an AOW, the original factory designation is moot. Just like Wild West guns “manufactured” rifles based on marlin lever guns.

  • ghost

    No, just no.

  • I should have been more descriptive when I sent in the pictures. It is a KEG12 AOW from Safety Harbor Firearms with the 8″ barrel. As an AOW it was a $5 transfer tax. The original pistol grip tended to sting a bit and was replaced with a Shockwave Technologies Raptor, a birds head grip. This change made it much more comfortable to shoot. The foregrip is steel and locks into position so no potential failures there. It’s actually quite fun to shoot.