FNH USA to release semi-auto version of the M249 to the public

FNH USA has announced a new semi-auto variant of the M249 series that will be available this fall! As far as I know, this is the first time a major manufacturer has released a belt-fed semi-auto to the general public.

From our newest writer Rusty S reporting from the NRA show.

“This morning I headed over to the FNH USA booth at the NRA show to get some exciting details about the new M249S and FN15 military collector’s series. FN is planning on having the 1st 200 models of the M249S to be a “collector’s series”. Said models will ship in a hard case with a 200 round hard box magazine with links, FN15 magazine, and spare barrel, along with a certificate. Standard production models will ship with the 200 round box and links. The expected MSRP will be between $7,000-$7,500 for the standard production models. Not too bad for a belt-fed! They were able to keep the cost low due to the fact that it uses so many original SAW components that they already have in production. Pricing TBD on the collector’s series. The guns will take all original accessories for the M249, including stocks, forends, etc. The model itself looks outwardly like the M249 PIP version, with the fixed plastic stock and handguard on top of the barrel. It will weigh roughly 17 lbs. The model on display was the one fired in their promotional video. With a 4.5-6lb trigger, I’m sure one could get this thing to run pretty fast! ”

M249S Civilian

M249S Civilian


FN M249S™
Commercial, Law Enforcement
Made In The USA

The FN M249S, a semi-automatic version of the M249 SAW light machinegun, was originally developed by FN Herstal as the FN MINIMI® and adopted by the U.S. Military in 1988. The rifle features the signature 20.5-inch FN cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel and operates from a closed bolt position. Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, the rifle will accept both magazine and linked ammunition belt and offers a 4.5-6.5 pound trigger pull out-of-the-box.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • thedonn007

    I cannot see this selling to well

    • Vitsaus

      On the contrary, I think it will sell very well. There will still be plenty of people that cry that FN didn’t introduce it with an MSRP of 999.99, but can’t help that.

      • RealitiCzech

        And those same people will be complaining that it’s not in 10mm.

        • Dracon1201

          Honestly, it needs to exist in .300BLK

          • Anon. E Maus

            Given that all you need to do is change the barrel to have it fire .300BLK, you would only have to make yourself a .300BLK barrel and then load the thing up.

          • Tassiebush

            .300BLK barrel with awesome integral suppressor! 🙂

      • Joshua

        Well, I can see $4,000 or so. $7,500 is a bit much for a semi auto M249.

    • Menger40

      I know, semi auto only kinda defeats the purpose, but never underestimate people’s willingness to buy stuff solely for cool factor!

    • Laserbait

      It’ll probably be one of the best selling $7000 guns out there. It’s all relative.

      • Porty1119

        I was hoping for $5k or under, but it could certainly be worse. They’ll sell a fair number. Personally, I’d go for a 240 over a 249, but hey…

    • Patrick Mingle

      People buy $10K+ M107s and $7.5k-50k tracking points. It will be small volume but people will still buy them

  • This is pretty awesome! I imagine a full auto conversions would not be that difficult. This is great news for TFB TV 😉

    • Only as post dealer samples. Sad Face.

    • Drew Coleman

      Not so sure about the conversion. It’s closed bolt and not open, and I’m certain that the receiver(s?) will have modifications to prevent it from being converted to open bolt. Someone would have to design and machine a different fire control group to convert this to full auto, or modify the receiver and bolt to be open bolt and then be able to install a standard FCG if they could be found.

      • Lee

        Some engineer out there would love to get a hard on and solve this problem. A brain, lathe, and mill can fix anything.

        • Dracon1201

          I already have. Just need one in my hands and a week or so.

    • From early reports from Rusty S you can’t mod it.

      • Laserbait

        ANYTHING can be modded, just depends on your level of commitment! 🙂

        • nova3930

          Nothing a mill and lathe can’t do with the proper operator….

      • Challenge accepted!
        I would love to take something like this to a police demo! I bet the officers would love running it in go-fast mode.

        • Rusty S.

          Regular FA internals won’t fit. Different rails, bolt, FCG etc. I am sure class 3 manufacturers can do it, with the proper know-how, and of course, the proper paperwork. I wonder what the ROF will be from a closed bolt! The open-bolt ones are 800rpm. Let me know how it goes if/when you delve into it!

          • DP

            Rusty from Columbia plant, I presume…? In that case greetings from Denny, one time your co-worker.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          It shouldn’t be too difficult to develop and happy sear and a way to trip it. Just a safety mod after that.

          Also, damn you Alex and all your cool stuff. There’s going to be a build party in your neck of the woods soon and we need you there!

          • Converting it into a closed bolt fully automatic firearm would be easy, but m249s are open bolt guns so you would need a 249 grip stick to start along with a modified carrier and a firing pin attached to the op-rod assembly.

          • BrandonAKsALot

            I imagine converting back to open bolt would be some work. They’ve likely put in some sort of denial for the original carrier or reduced the diameter somewhere as those are generally the simplest ways to prevent the original carriers from being used. Sticking with closed bolt wouldn’t be original, but it would definitely be more cost effective. Dem 249 parts are high. I’ve never had a chance to peek at the insides of one of these, but I would love to see the differences between the 249 and 249s.

          • For sure. I would love to see the guts of one of these new guns!

  • 3XLwolfshirt

    Awesome, but doubtful that I will be able to afford it.

  • -V-

    Perfect for 3-Gun tac-irons division!

  • ComradeCole

    I’m sure the price point will be the verge of ridiculous and out of reach of most buyers, but with that being said, I want it. Though since this is FN and presumably because their production costs should be lower, since they are a major manufacture, than some of the other companies that make semi belt feds that maybe the cost won’t be *to* bad.

    • MR


      But yeah, I’d like to see the MSRP on this thing so I’ll know how long I’ll be limited to bread and water budget.

      • Drew Coleman

        Or how many organs you’ll have to sell.

        • MR

          I considered that, but I’m kind of attached *to* mine.

      • ComradeCole

        …yeah, figured someone would see my mistake. saw it after I hit “post” and couldn’t edit it afterwards…oh well.

        But yeah $7,000-$7,500 isn’t *too* bad I guess when compared to other options(?), lower than I was expecting honestly, but not my much…

        • MR

          Yeah, that inability to edit can be a pain. Gives us an opportunity to sneak in a grammar lesson or two, to any children that may be reading.

    • Matt

      The FNH rep at the NRA convention said he expects it to be in the six- or seven-thousand dollar range.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Bumpinators are standing by.

    • sadlerbw

      You know, I never had much use for SlideFire or any of those other goofy bump-fire stock, but if they made a model for THIS gun…well, I think that might actually make some sense!

  • Menger40

    Cue youtube videos of guys hunting hogs with M249s in 3…2…1…

  • Matt

    I can’t think of any practical purpose for owning one of these, but I wouldn’t mind having one just for nostalgic reasons. It’s the same reason I’d like to find a used, beat up M9 with wildly diverging points of aim and impact.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      There is no practical purpose to an RPK either, but that hasn’t stopped me owning a few. LMG’s are just cool as hell and fun to go shoot even though they offer no practical advantage.

      • iksnilol

        RPKs are pretty practical. What Matt probably meant is that nobody is seriously going to buy a 5.56 rifle that weighs twice as much as an AR to use for things other than fun.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          I’m in agreement with that. It’s all about fun and the cool/historical factor. LMG’s are not generally designed with precision in mind, so they just end up as heavy versions of guns that offer no real advantage over their lighter counterparts for civvie use anyway. I adore my RPK’s, but they really aren’t noticeably more accurate than my other AK’s and they are way bigger and heavier.

    • “Having a practical purpose” has never stopped many folks from making some gun purchases! But I agree that an M249 definitely has limited use in semi-auto, but I am glad that FN is actually making them available. While the price is high, I am glad that it exists and is a thing similiar to how Auto Ordnance make Thompson copies in semi for people who want a fun and nostalgiac blaster! The price is steep, but other companies have offered them in semi for over $10,000, which is insane.

      • Bob

        Can I get a pistol version with a SIG brace?

      • Ben There Dunn That Befo

        The fact anyone who’s ever run one of these “professionally” and wants to spend $7k+ on a neutered semi-only variant is, to put it bluntly, inconceivable. They’re too heavy/bulky for what they offer, and predictably unreliable without a slathering of CLP. You thought your M-Forgeries liked to be wet? Eye pro becomes a necessity or you’ll go blind from all the (lubricant of choice) being splashed back in operation. Have expensive, favorite AR Mags? Keep them out of the 249, they’ll never be “the same” again.
        Although, to be fair I suppose they could be reliable BRAND NEW, but after a thousand rounds or so, start carrying a spray bottle of whatever lube you like.
        Just, NO.

        • wzrd1

          Never had quite the number of issues you claim on the 249. Ours were reliable and didn’t need to be doused with CLP or any other lube.
          Not all that heavy, for that matter. It beats the M240 in weight and is far lighter than the old M60.

          That said, the video lists police usage, only if the police is engaging an army and well, we have an Army for that.

          • Ergo

            ours were not reliable. they were serviceable and fun to shoot but they were never reliable.

    • Rusty S.

      Dont forget a cracked locking block and out-of-spec magazines for extra authenticity on that M9

    • Ripley

      Practical? Imagine surprising a home intruder with one of these. You’d get the deer-in-the-headlight look.

      • T Sheehan

        You’re probably going to get laughed at because they will think it’s an airsoft gun before they think it’s real. Make sure to add the attorney’s fees for a self defense case to your budget.

        • Ripley

          Anyone that are willing to thug-splatter their kitchen with a Mossberg would have a plan where to put a warning shot in case they meet such a carefree joker.

          • Guest

            Better be damn careful where you put that warning shot with a 5.56 out of a full length barrel. I hear they come out with some zip and penetration…

    • Esh325

      That’s the argument of people who want to ban firearms like AK’s and AR15’s. You don’t need 30 rounds for target shooting, you don’t need a folding stock etc.

      • BR549

        We don’t need mindless, Constitutionally uneducated, and ignorantly progressive libtards in a civilized republic either, but we apparently haven’t yet grown tired of them enough to line them up at 100 yards.

    • wzrd1

      Isn’t that what the M9 naturally does after a year or so of actual service?
      Don’t forget the worn off finish, from the crummy GI holster.
      They got so bad, my unit replaced the lot of them with M1911’s.

  • Armchair Command’oh

    This thing is perfect for those quick trips to Chipotle.

    • RealitiCzech

      You win the internet.

    • Yellow Devil

      With the amount of money spent on ammo to feed it, you would be hard pressed to even go to Taco Bell.

  • wetcorps

    So it would just be a very heavy and cumbersome 5.56 rifle… but still awesome nonetheless 🙂

  • ColaBox

    I don’t know whether to be excited or not. On one hand owning an m249 would be insane. On the other it would be a huge let down to pull the trigger and only shoot once. Its like owning a Ferrari that only goes 10mph. You expect so much more.
    “Woohoo gonna mess things up!”

  • ManBear

    Dear Santa …

  • MountainKelly

    Cheaper than a desert ord at least

  • Chijen

    I have a Ares MCR in semi. That at least you could bumpfire stock it. This will be a purely collector item. I may get one when the street price is less than $6k.

  • Laserbait

    Just wondering out loud, but does a belt fed rifle get around magazine capacity restrictions?

    • They dont. Mag cap laws usually say “container, clip, magazine, belt, feed strip, etc limited to 10 rounds”. However, I don’t think they understand that if you have a box of links and a bunch of ammo, nothing stops an individual from making a belt-a-saurus.

      • MR

        Kind of like having an AR pistol and an AR rifle at the same time. Mechanically, you *could* put the pistol upper on the rifle lower-but don’t do it. You *could* build linkzilla- but you’d run afoul of the law.

    • Porty1119

      For Canada at least, I’ve heard rumors about grandfathered links…

      • Steve_7

        There’s no grandfathering in Canada for mags or belts, they’re banned. However, belts that pre-date 1946 are considered antiques basically and are exempt from the ban, hence the semi-auto M1919s. For something like this though you would be limited to 5-round belts. I wonder whether the State Dept would grant an export license? I doubt it.

    • Cymond

      From what I read on CalGuns, you can’t have a belt over the legal limit. It was recommended that if you have a pre-ban disintegrating link belt, that you keep it above the “hi cap” limit at all times. For example, only shooting 80 rounds from a 100 round belt in California, leaving 20 linked rounds. That way, it’s still a “hi capacity” belt, and you can add more links later.

      Of course, that’s just the interpretation of an internet forum, and only for one state. There’s no way to really know how the judicial system will interpret the law unless someone goes to court.

  • northafrican

    is this a late april fool’s day joke

  • FAL

    DSA is not major manufacturer. FN is the original designer, manufacturer and original supplier of this machineguns. That’s quite a difference from a shop putting together guns from parts kits.
    Hats off to FN For even considering this.

    • iksnilol

      I will admit that RPD seems way more attractive. It is lighter, chambered for a cheaper cartridge and 2400 USD versus the 7000 USD pricetag of the M249.

      • Tom Currie

        EXACTLY! The RPD is simply an overpriced toy while a semi-M249 is an insanely overpriced overweight toy.

        • iksnilol

          Sorta want a RPD now… I mean, that is the cheapest way to get into the beltfed game.

      • jcitizen

        True, but not having a removable barrel spoils it for me. I’m a design freak, and I like having that capability, even if it is not “necessary”, like so many here like to joke.

    • Rusty S.


  • Paul White

    Nothing practical, yet totally awesome

  • GPSrulz

    Does anyone know if some company is making a concealed holster for this?

  • Seburo

    Your movie HK. Maybe you can start making that civilian version of the MP7. *snicker*

  • Tom Stelene

    I suppose a semi-auto SAW in 5.56mm would take prairie dog shooting to a new level of fun!

    • jcitizen

      Exactly what I plan to do with it! HA! And believe me the barrel gets pretty hot, when cleaning out a 10,000 population prairie dog town; be sure to bring the spare barrel!!! So far, I’ve had to use an American 180 and swap barrels on it – this M249 would be a lot better – although I have my doubts on accuracy.

  • Joshua

    Do want, never have.

    Not at $7,500 at least, very cool though. I however hate that stupid stock they chose.

    • Rusty S.

      It accepts all the M249 stocks, so you can put a para-style or SPW style stock on it if you like. That stock just happens to be the PIP style stock, which does have a hydraulic buffer. I’m just glad it doesn’t have the original tube steel stock.

  • mosinman

    yawn… wake me up when they can start selling FA versions to the general public

  • Lance

    WANT M-240, 30Cal rules belt fed guns LOL

  • J.T.

    The expected MSRP will be between $7,000-$7,500 for the standard production models. Not too bad for a belt-fed!

    Not bad in that it is cheaper then the $14k that OOW wants for a semi M240, but not good because one can get a semi M1919 for $3-4k or a DSA RPD for $2k.

  • Southpaw89

    Heard that the 249 had reliability issues when using m-16 mags, and it was likely due to the rate of fire. I guess one perk of having it in semi is that that would no longer be an issue.

    • iksnilol

      Why would you go through the trouble of getting a belt fed rifle and then use box mags?

      • jcitizen

        It is the original design requirement. For me this history is important – the box magazine is a good emergency supplement when scrambling for the next can of belted ammo. There may be some folks who don’t have access to linked ammo, or the loading tool for such as well. I can think of a lot of reasons to want this original feature.

        • iksnilol

          I understand that and all, but nobody buys a beltfed so that they can use their AR mags in it. I mean, it is as heavy as two rehular ARs. You wouldn’t bother with that if you were going to use the same mags as the forementioned AR.

          • jcitizen

            Sure! Of course, but the average shooter isn’t going to be interested in this semi-auto LMG at all anyway. I’m a weapon’s design enthusiast, and try to collect the best of the world; and I could use one in 5.56mm to round out the three main HBMG and LMG groups. I just wished a PKM semi-auto were still available, but they sold out fast when Sandy Hook hit! It doesn’t look like anymore will ever be available either – especially with the US threatening sanctions against Russia.

  • curt

    isn’t it a bit late to be pulling an April fools joke?

  • Wetcoaster

    I suspect this means that business is slow at FNH

  • Del Bancroft

    Looks scary….. when will the Democrats try to ban it?

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      When Republicans acknowledge science.

      • Doom

        that makes no sense at all…

        • G0rdon_Fr33man

          I.E, never.

          • Doom

            Ah, I see, someone with the I.Q. of a dead goldfish.

          • G0rdon_Fr33man

            Takes one to know one. Btw, jesus is not in control of the climate.

          • Doom

            Im not the one saying the rank and file of the DNC dont want guns far less “intimidating” than this banned. so this needs to be double banned or something, think of the children! Democrats are gun owners enemies, Repubs are owners of foreign guns enemies. both are bad on the 2A. Not sure what Jesus has to do with any of this stuff. I guess man made global warming must have ended the ice age too huh? or could it possibly be… cycles of natural heating an cooling??? my god, what a concept…

  • DP

    FN is apparently scratching for cash. Do not expect to hit barn door at 100 yards though.

    • mosinman

      why’s that?

      • Less recoil. Full auto is fun and useful however it takes a lot of training and isn’t meant for accurate killing at distance. Its meant to take out hordes of enemies charging or keep enemy soldiers heads down.

        • mosinman

          yes but these are semi.
          i understand that full auto has it’s uses and it’s not “insta-Rambo”

          • And due to it being semi more accurate since far less recoil, Full auto recoil can be pretty strong. Strong enough to flip over a number machine pistols and rifles killing the person using them. This is why during training people are trained in 1 second bursts with someone helping holding the shooters arms to control the recoil.

    • KC

      I think that the closed bolt semi-auto will be a fair bit more accurate than the open bolt machine gun

  • DW

    Bumpfire stock. NOW

  • /r/guns

    This blog is now only four days behind Reddit /r/guns

    • Tengu

      This blog is also not reddit.

  • KC

    I want one, but I have more important things I should be spending $7k on, such as paying down debt.

  • Bill

    “Consumers” may be utility companies and such that may have the need for heavier than average weapons on vehicles or fixed posts, but don’t want to deal with the permitting for actual FA guns, nor do they want the 3rd shift out hunting raccoons in a Chevy Silverado with a M249 mounted in the bed.

  • Stevie T

    Bump fire stock please??

    • Bump fire should be made illegal. It is just a loophole allowing one to replicate full auto with one trigger pull.

      • Zachary marrs

        Its actually multiple trigger pulls

      • Bumpfire is the marriage of “physics” and “multiple trigger pulls”. I dunno if your comment was sarcastic or legitimate, but in the former case, it wasn’t funny, and in the latter case, it was really stupid.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    I agree with the magazine capacity!
    (Yes it’s a belt fed. That’s the joke.)

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    As a former soldier, who is familiar with this weapon, but used the M240bravo much more, I think this is a bad idea. Even though it will be priced out of reach of most buyers, there is always going to be that ONE idiot, who ruins it for the rest of us.

    The government is looking for any and every excuse to kill the 5.56mm market, and with manufacturers playing into their hands, making it more and more difficult (and pricey), for the recreational shooters to go to the range.

    Leave the military weapons, to the military. The first one of these to illegally converted, will rain hell down upon us law ABIDING gun owners.

    • jcitizen

      We the people do not need to have our rights removed because some idiots decide to abuse theirs.

      • Anthony “stalker6recon”

        Not sure if you caught my point. We the people, are not in charge anymore. We have an electorate filled with half wits, illegals, and control freaks. Conservative values are all but evaporated, the age of the internet has ushered in moral decay, depravity and the forgot fallen, while the ones pulling the trigger are idolized.

        The Second Amendment is being attacked from all sides. Ammo is through the roof, gun laws being stripped all across the land, one county, one city, one moron at a time.

        Then you have ridiculous guns being made, pistol AR’s, they serve only to weaken our argument, in a time we should be laying low, these weapons just give the rulers more scare power over the stupid. We can explain everyday, that millions of law abiding gun owners, never kill anyone. It won’t make the news. Some dumb rich kid, with too much money, and zero parenting because they are too busy buying a bigger house, another fancy car with a german name, or otherwise ignoring their children as an inconvenience, so they put big tv’s in their faces, with 1080p internet, watching porn or is-is beheadings, then playing COD for 20 hours, on redbull and vodka. Next thing you know, they end up dressed as the joker, going to a shopping mall with one of these belt-fed M249’s, instant legends. Parents claiming they had no idea! Of course they didn’t, raising children is the problem of the state now.

        Again, is there anything wrong with this weapon? No, there isn’t. But is it something we really need, at this moment in history? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

        Protect our rights today, or lose them tomorrow. AR walking to Kmart to prove a point, does exactly the opposite.

        Any military members know already that full auto is useless for most weapons. We never used anything beyond semi on our M16’S or M4’s, unless we were tasked with dumping 50k rounds at the range. So, with that in mind, what is the point of this weapon, except to piss off those already hell bent on destroying our rights?

        We need to be conservative, until we get a hold of our government again. This is just playing with fire at exactly the wrong time.

        • jcitizen

          Oh I hear you, but I refuse to let the media control my rights either – no matter how many scare stories they make up. It is just the way you have to be with inalienable rights – if we don’t use them to the full extent of the law, we will loose them.

          Fireworks were getting unpopular in my state until I and a lot of other enthusiasts started pushing the limit, and getting licences for the big boy stuff – Now they are so popular the politicians are running scared at the thought of restricting them any further than absolutely necessary. In fact many restrictions have been lifted, and public safety actually increased!! Turns out many of the oppressive laws made unsafe practices more common instead of less.

          • Anthony “stalker6recon”

            Well glad to hear something is scaring the politicians, they have been running wild for way too long. When I was young, I thought serving was a privilege and an honor.

            It is clear the people are upset with congress, but what do they do? At election, they all say, “it’s not my senator/congressman that’s the problem, it’s other states!”. They re-elect these self serving imbeciles, over and over again.

            Only recently, did we learn that insider trading on the floor of congress, is LEGAL. Do the people rise up in protest to demand accountability? Nope, and the members who enrich themselves buy making stock deals before major votes, had a collective brow wipe, as they count on the short term memory and flat out stupidity of the population.

            As a veteran, who loves his country, I saw the tides of change long ago. When I was discharged from the Army, and returned to the US, I knew within days that I needed to get back out again. Sadly, the decline is rapid and no one seems to care. 18 trillion in debt, 20 by the end of the monarchy of obama, and the lie of “deficit reduction”. This is another ruse, for the stupid, reduction of deficit means DEBT RISING. No one cares, even fewer understand.

            I have lived outside the US for nearly the last 13 years (including my military time), and have no plans to return, ever. As our country declines, I will watch it with great sadness and a heavy heart, from 12 time-zones away from my home outside Washington DC. I went exactly half way around the world to get away from the unwinding country I love.

            Patriotism is a punchline, free speech is being squashed by leftist radicals, respect is non-existent, and our young are the most neglected, sociopaths to be born in over 200 years. They watch young girls being raped, and only laugh and boast about how fast they are posting the video on their facebook.

            I don’t know, it’s a mess. I hope you are right, but the tide is certainly not in your favor, too many people just don’t care, or are too stupid to understand. Our rights are eroding because of these reasons.

            My host country has horrible gun laws, yet every thug has a gun, and most law abiding people can’t afford one legally. You even need a government temporary license, just to take your gun to a range, all at a cost of course.

            Glad you have guns, get more if you need them, get even more ammo, I have a feeling, you will really need it in the next 15 years, at most. Good luck, keep fighting the good fight.

            Stalker6Recon, Scouts Out.

          • jcitizen

            Kudos to you Stalker! Thanks for your service; I got out after Desert Storm.

          • Anthony “stalker6recon”

            And thank you for your service as well. I just watched yet another video of “stolen Valor”, and as always, I get sickened by the idiots who comment “who cares”.

            When I confront them with the hard facts, the pain of hearing a final role call for a fallen friend, the honor of pulling the trigger three times, the standing in salute while Taps is played, or escorting the records of a fallen member of my Battalion, to Landstuhl, I always get the same responses.

            These idiots claim to be too intelligent to join the military, but you and I know, they are too scared. I hate these morons, who despise Patriots, but they remind me of the ones we lost along the way, and why my love of country is unending. It is sad to see the state of things, but it has not softened my heart for country, all branches of service, all members, past and present, and the flag.

            Anyway, just babbling to someone I know understands were I am coming from. Talking to most civilians, is usually pointless, they will never understand. Thanks again for your service!

  • jcitizen

    I’d rather buy one that is convertible between calibers, like the competitors we already have on the market. Some of them actually address design problems reported by our brothers in the GWOT. The price is the same plus conversion parts.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Not as much fun as the full auto saw.

  • Bill Akins

    “As far as I know, this is the first time a major manufacturer has released a belt-fed semi-auto to the general public.”

    That statement is not correct. Ohio Ordinance as well as other manufacturers have for a long time been manufacturing for the general public belt fed semi auto versions of the Browning 1919 as well as the belt fed semi auto version of the Browning .50 caliber.

  • drewschlosser115

    CAN ANYONE SAY SLIDEFIRE!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO CALL THEM AND VET THE DESIGN GUYS ON THE PHONE! I’m getting one for sure, after all my kids don’t need to go to collage, or pay for it anyways!

  • Anonymoose

    Gibe semi-auto Mk48mod1 pls.