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  • Mike N.

    Just need one mounted on the back of a Ford Raptor and you’d have an American technical.

    • Beju

      Next season, on The Walking Dead…

    • Yes!

      • Realist

        Like the pic. Isn’t that Lt.Col.-General Rambo Skywalker?

  • Mark

    What do they mean by “low toxicity” on the mk52?

    • superflex

      There are no 7.62 DU rounds.
      25 and 30 mm rounds offer DU and tungsten penetrators

    • Dave

      My best guess was that it doesn’t fill the fighting compartment of a vehicle with toxic smoke when it is fired.

  • MR

    Only slightly less affordable than FN’s civilian market SAW.

  • Dracon1201

    I’m more erect than that 35mm barrel.

  • mosinman

    now does this company have any connection to the Bushmaster small arms company?

    • No, the M242’s Bushmaster nickname was the by-product of the US Army’s own nickname for the Vehicle Rapid Fire Weapon System – Successor (VRFWS-S). The VRFWS-S Bushmaster winner was intended to arm the Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle (MICV).

      • MR

        Was that the RV on STRIPES?

    • crusty11b

      The M242 25mm was designed and built by Hughes Helicopters.

  • Kevin Harron

    That was some quality cannon porn. I need a cigarette. after watching that. 😛

  • CrankyFool

    Needs more rails, ideally in m-lok.

  • Chase Buchanan

    That video certainly does show off ATK chain guns’ ability to spin around in front of a gray background. :-/

  • ghost

    “The Walking Dead” is just a take off on socialists. They live and they are among us. Our only hope is people of the southern persuasion with cool firearms. (I can not believe I spelled a word right without spell check). Most will be confined to Socialist City States, keeping them contained will be the big trick. How long before they eat each other and run out of food?

  • Dan Atwater

    Hey, is that the codex narrator from Mass Effect? Doubleplus awesome.

  • Miles

    I had my hands on one of those for a couple of days when it was brought to the armor conference back when the armor school was still at Knox.
    Very impressive for such a tiny chain gun

  • Phil Hsueh

    When is ATK going to pull an FN and offer a semi-auto version of one of these chain guns?

  • NikonMikon

    I’ve always loved the m242 Bushmaster. What an awesome gun.

  • T Sheehan

    Sear, sear, safe. Handle, cable, handle. Link chutes, feed chutes, straight drive shaft, handle!
    Ahhhh, the old M242 jingle can give any LAV or Bradley gunner the heeby-jeebies.