Gun-tips – Lint Free Swabs

The next entrant into the gun cleaning swab market is Gun-tips from Swab-its.

What is different about Gun-tips is that they are cleaning foam swabs which are lint-free, washable and re-useable (compared to say RamRodz).

Gun-tips are made in a range of sizes for cleaning slides, rails, trigger assemblies, crowns and other hard to reach places. The plastic handles are bendable and will not break or splinter like wooden sticks.

Sizes include:

  • 3-inch mini tip swab
  • 3-inch precision tip swab
  • 5-inch large surface swab
  • 6-inch extended reach swab
  • 7- inch double-ended workhorse
  • 9-piece utility kit.

I am interested to see how they hold up to solvents and repeated washings.  i.e. what is their actual lifespan.  Has anyone had the opportunity to use them yet?

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  • Joe

    These have been around for a couple years. They work well but I’m not sure how reuseable they are.

  • Limonata

    I have been using them for years and love them. The company I work for uses them too for industrial use to clean position sensors and high speed print heads. For my firearms the larger ones last far longer that the very tiny ones but they are both very reusable. They clean up well with Dawn dishwasher soap. If you want them to shiny white again you must use Denatured Alcohol.

    • Grindstone50k

      Have you been able to compare them directly against RamRodz?

      • TuesdaysGone

        I’ve used them both. I found swabits to work ok, but theyre rather expensive. some you can get more use out of, but they tear if you really clean with them. novel idea but the idea of standing over my sink washing them out just so i can reuse is where it falls short for me. The ramrodz held up pretty good and actually seemed to clean a little better going down the barrel. My only issue is I have to lock them in my gun safe because my kids keep taking them.

      • Limonata

        I have not compared the two.

  • Jason

    They clean quite easily and are very convenient to use. As I’m going along cleaning my weapons, I keep a bowl of water with dish soap in it on the table next to everything else. As I use up a swab, I just toss it in the bowl and let it soak. By the time I’m done with everything else, I can just take the swabs out, squeeze them out on a few paper towels and then let them sit to dry for about an hour.