Steve Johnson

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  • ghost

    Another less than lethal load?

  • jcl

    It will give the bad guy diabetes.

  • JT Win

    Bean’em right in the Jelly!

  • Southpaw89

    “…that would hurt either way, ooh fruity!” This made my day.

  • Don Ward

    I want to hunt chocolate Easter bunny and Marshmallow Peeps with these…

    • Hank

      That’s the only thing those Peeps are good for.

  • Riot

    You’ll get that all important cavitation

  • Blake

    easter egg?

  • Southerner

    Insufficient shot mass for proper smokeless powder burn. Repeat test with black powder propellant for a true test of JB penetration potential.

  • Eddie_Baby

    Don’t ask this guy for jelly beans.

  • Bal256

    When I hear unusual shot loads I usually think of taofledermaus

  • Joseph B Campbell

    I see burnt sugar on the inside of the barrel and mass infection on the victim!

  • Roadrunner0

    Gotta freeze the shells to make them beans harder.. Try stuffing a peep in the hull and get it frosty hard.. They will come out the barrel like a lead slug..