Synchronized Jumping Kommandos

I found this video on Facebook. It seems to be shot from the perspective of the audience and the officers are performing for the audience. It is really apparent when a third officer joins them and holds targets for them to shoot while he is down range.


Edit: This is a Special Forces Unit in Malaysia. Here is a high res video someone linked to me. It shows a snippet of the video above but shows a lot more of the demonstration.

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  • anon

    Maybe Malaysian bad guys are synchronized as well.

    • MR

      Like those terrible “dance-off” movies, but with guns.

      • Ren

        More amusing to watch though.

  • Pete Sheppard

    How many commandos did that cost?

  • USMC03Vet

    Good thing they blew up the resort at the end.

    I was worried that building was going to get away with it.

  • Bal256

    Special doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    • Hoff

      Special like their mom used to call them?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Too bad their reloads aren’t 1/2 as good as their choreography.

  • Will

    Shooting with choreography.

  • Grindstone50k

    Can’t even…

  • BrandonAKsALot

    All I could think was: Metal Gear: The Ballet.

  • Bill

    Points of fact:
    A: Malaysia has the largest Muslim population by percentage in the world
    B: They’re on our side.
    Mock away, we aren’t allowed to train at anywhere near that level, the risk assessment & insurance guy said it was a too dangerous way to learn to kill bad guys, and the union guy said it was too hot.

    • Patrick Mingle

      Morocco is 99.9% Muslim (as of 2010), thus the highest percentage, and Indonesia having the largest number of Muslims with over 204 million (88%) (once again as of 2010). Many smaller countries are in the high 90s, where as Malaysia is around 60%. Sorry for being a Melvin I just happened to have used the data for a thesis in college

      • Nicholas Chen

        I think Turkey is rather high as well.

        • billyoblivion

          Mostly because of all the hash that flows through there…

          Oh, you meant Muslim population…NM.

      • Bill

        dammit, that what happens when I don’t check the CIA Factbook. I knew of a Turkish figure skater, Olympic level, who had to get special dispensation from her Imam and parents to wear a skating dress at the Olympics.

        Anyway having Malays who can shoot is definitely a good thing for us.

  • Lance

    Looks fun but there range safety skills would make a RSO have nightmares.

  • Vitsaus

    Sure we can laugh, but with the way things are in their neck of the woods, these guys see plenty more action than the internet does.

  • Rooftop Voter

    At first, I thought I was watching a Kung Fu production like Avenging Eagle produced by the Shaw Brothers from the mid 80’s. (Insert slapping and other contact sounds randomly at your discretion). Do the bad guys synchronize their moves also?

  • whodywei

    This should qualify as an Olympic sport.

    • Ren

      It would drastically raise attendance on that day. I’m thinking pay-per-view? >.>

      Granted live spectators would be watching from behind bullet proof glass. Just in case someone slips.

  • Core

    Singapore has some of the best snipers in the world. The rolling and jumping is cool but it’s wrought with wasteful movement which cost time and gets you killed.

    • Adam Czechowski

      i think,… thats dangerous i know… that the point of the jumping and rolling, is to get use to shooting on the move or shooting right after a disorienting moment. or, they practiced this for a while, to impress the politicians. you know, the guys who hold the purse strings.

      the Army SF did the same thing, but on parade floats back when they first started up for a demonstration for JFK. At the time, he, JFK was either injured or suffering from a chronic condition, and stuck in a wheelchair, so, they brought the demonstration to him. from what i heard about it, it was mostly BS, i regards to the actual nuts and bolts work of Army SF, but it got the IDEA across.

      same thing here… i think.

  • Elroy

    I can hear “Ha ha ha stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive…” playing in the background.

  • Elroy

    Reminds me of the drills we used to do in football practice.