Glock Sued for Civil Racketeering & Malicious Prosecution (Again)

Glock Inc. and a few of its attorneys are being sued by their former internal investigator, Jeffrey Pombert. Ironically, Pombert was employed by Harper’s Investigations who Glock hired to investigate and eliminate corruption. Previously, Pombert was charged with and had charges dropped on racketeering based on the alleged fabrication of evidence by Glock.

The complaint names Glock Inc., Consultinvest (a wholly-owned Glock entity), and attorneys John Renzulli, James Dichert, and Robert Core specifically, but does not specifically name the Smyrna police officers who allegedly were co-conspirators. has posted up the full complaint on Scribd. Its an enticing read which, if true, shows systemic and purposeful deceit by the attorneys, local law enforcement, and Glock Inc. itself.

Title photo courtesy of Daily Report and photographer John Disney. Hit the link to be taken to the full article at Daily Report, which outlines the history of the lawsuit in detail.

This is the second suit filed against the company. The most notable is from Helga Glock, who has also filed in Federal court on civil racketeering.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • TB

    Well damn! I guess if you are successfull and make a lot of money in the free market, there are always people that think there is easy money to be made by getting the goverment to steal some of your money and give it to them.

  • Oh excellent! I was worried there wouldn’t be enough Teutonic Gun Drama this week!

    • C.

      I was thinking more along the lines of Sound of Music gun drama.

  • jamezb

    LOL! – more LOL!

  • Cal S.

    When is someone going to get them on price gouging? Oh, wait…

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Not a glock owner or fan of glock other than admiring tbeir durability from afar …. price gouging is not illegal. Its not even a thing on mosmost of the world, and when it is, its about food or gas post disaster. Not toasters, or watches, ir sofas, or cars. Not guns either.

      • Cal S.

        I know, twas but an ironic expression…

        • Ren

          First person to devise proper working sarcasm and irony text-types for internet use, since italics just don’t cut it for subtle, will make a mini-Bill Gates sized fortune once they copyright it.

          Would have to be patched into every OS and every new disc sold. xD

          On topic: Not really surprising to see these lawsuits pop up, wether true or false, although some of the names involved are probably causing some poor Glock Execs somewhere to drop bricks and sweat a lot, since any fines will cut into their fat bonuses. 😀

          • valorius

            many sites discussion forums use bold green text for sarcasm.

  • Herr Wolf

    I h8 Glock

  • mosinman

    Haha this is golden.

  • Baldie

    I heard about this a week ago, would have been neat to read more of a journalist summary of the article than a simple link to the “story.”

  • Blaser270

    I wouldn’t own a Glock if they gave it to me. The ‘safe action’ is the biggest lie ever. Thanks but I’ll pass. And yes I saw and heard what they did to get a lot of PD contracts years ago. I was in the business at the time. So anything they are accused of merits paying attention to.

    • guest

      Can you get into technical details of safe action being “biggest lie ever”?

      • Blaser270

        I’d like someone to explain to me how it can even be called a ‘safe action’. There is NO safety on that gun. The little lever in the trigger is pushed back and the trigger fires. Doesn’t take much to make that happen. The 1911 had the grip safety, the manual thumb safety, etc. Without the gun being gripped properly it wasn’t and didn’t discharge. You can hold the Glock at any part and slap that trigger and it’s on the way.

        Furthermore the concept of having to squeeze the trigger to dismantle is is a bad one. Very bad and very unsafe. I know of instances where officers were going to clean their guns and forgot that when they jacked out the live round to dismantle it that they had forgot to remove the magazine first. We had a young female deputy sheriff, mother of an infant who came home and was going to unload the gun and put it in the factory box and up in the closet. While details are unknown of exactly what happened when she put the gun in the box the little post touched off the trigger and put one in her gut. She lay in the hospital for a few days before dying. Many more instances of guns discharging that with other semi-autos or revolvers wouldn’t have. Anyone wants a Glock be my guest. I won’t have one in this house.

        • guest

          That’s an interesting theory you have there.
          This (imho) goes to the core of what exactly a “safety” is.
          Absolutely every single gun manufacturer who ever bothered to hire a lawyer to dig trough their op manuals, always write that a “safety” does NOT guarantee that the firearm will not fire.
          Second, if a firearm is loaded it should be handled appropriately. If there for some reason – any reason – there is anything inside the trigger guard of the firearm that should not be there then the user is an automatic darwin candidate. If you do not want a gun to fire under any cicumstances – intended or unintentional – it should be empty. Absolutely every sport – IDPA, IPSC etc – if you have a loaded gun outside the stage, best case scenario you’ll get chewed out in a very strict manner. Worst case you’ll be sent packing home forever. Safety or no safety does not matter one bit. If this deputy sheriff of yours failed to empty her gun, and got a round in her gut, I would investigate her fitness to serve as a LEO.

          It does however feature 3 different mechanisms that make sure that only by pressing on the trigger will fire the gun. And if you seriously believe that some tiny lever, button etc that shows the letter S when you activate it is a guarantee that the gun will not fire when loaded, then you sir are an idiot, a danger to yourself and to others. Does not matter if it’s a Glock, a 1911 or some revolver… whatever that can shoot for that matter.

          Best regards, many year long glock owner and avid shooter.

          • Blaser270

            I never said that a safety would guarantee you that it would never fire. In normal situations they do their job. Anything can break. Given that anything can break I’d rather have something there then nothing there.

            As I said if you like them help yourself. BTW I was also a firearms instructor for over 30 years so I do know a bit about guns. I carried a Walther P88 for the last 14 years and it still works like a dream.

            Lastly mostly every fair sized department has to have a Glock armorer to fix them and keep them going. I’ve yet to see any other handguns that require that much maintenance to keep going.

            Call me an idiot all you want. You’re the one who’s playing with fire. Buy more. Gaston can use the money.

            BTW questioning someone’s fitness to be a deputy who managed to die from an accident is a pretty damn lowlife thing to do. You didn’t know her nor did I. Neither of us has the right nor the ability to question her fitness or skill level to be a cop. I just hate like hell seeing someone die and leaving an infant behind without a mother. I’ve seen veteran gun handlers make mistakes. It’s called stuff happens and doesn’t make them morons. I sure wish I was as high and mighty about myself as you are about yourself. Then again you do represent their fan club very well. Pompous, arrogant know it alls..

          • guest

            Saying that Glock needs frequent service, more than other similar handgun goes to show you have not clue what so ever, and I very much doubt everything you say from now on.
            I use my Glocks like I use a pair of garden scissors: use and f*** maintenance. I have had TWO times the gun failed on me: old military ammo with hard SMG primers and long time ago when I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing I put oil all over the gun and it found its way to the firing pin, and kept collecting dirt until it failed to strike primer properly. That’s it!
            Absolutely noone I know has ever complained on its reliability, which compared to many other guns is absolutely stellar, so sorry but you are talking out of your rear end.

            As for “accidents happen”…. no they don’t. Unless the gun fires due to other factors than pulling the trigger, which makes it unfit for use. The best safety is in one’s head, and expressed in trigger discipline and proper handling. You ain’t much of an “instructor” if you ever rely on a technical mechanism for safety.

            Call me arrogant – but Darwin’s theory is mercyless. If the reason is not looking left and right while crossing the street, or being so stupid as to improperly handle a loaded gun.

            Oh and BTW my field of work does not involve firearms, but has dangers that can kill you in a million different ways and stored energy of every type that can kill a man even behind 10 layers of safety equipment or a fireproof wall. The idea was and will always be that safety starts with individuals, and the guy you see in the mirror every day he’s the head of your private safety dept, not a small metallic lever. Once you cross that line of being careless with anything then you’re a danger to yourself and to others with or without a gun, and be sure mr Darwin will bring his whole theory down on you wether you’re a young mother or a “range instructor with xxx years bla bla bla”. I’m done with this discussion.

          • Blaser270

            Well your lack of experience speaks for itself. You are just as I said earlier, pompous and arrogant. The more you write the more evident it becomes.

            You don’t rely on a technical mechanism for safety but it sure the hell beats not having any!

            I can’t even imagine someone so incompetent that they over lubed a gun to the degree you did. Never seen that in 40 years of dealing with guns of all types and kinds.

            Yeah best you move on along. The more you babble the more you’re showing your posterior. And it’s not something we want to see.

            You’re the type of Glock owner though that comes to mind when I think of this junk. Keep carrying and keep shooting. RIP.

          • Pike0331

            I’m sorry, but if you need a manual safety on your handgun to avoid shooting yourself you probably shouldn’t carry a gun. I’m far from a Glock fan, nothing wrong with them, just not my cup of tea. However I carry a CZ with no safety and a Sig with no safety, and I’ve remained hole free. How did all those folks survive when revolvers were the norm? Gosh they didn’t have safeties either.

          • vyse04

            While I have owned guns with/without safeties, I do not feel strongly either way about guns having them.

            You say that you carry without a safety, yet list two DA/SA (judging by brands) and mention revolvers as well. If you think those examples in anyway compare to the trigger pull of a Glock, you are most certainly mistaken. Just because a gun has no manual safety, doesn’t mean everything else is equal. Revolvers have notoriously heavy/long trigger pulls to act as a safety measure, Glocks do not. That probably had something to do with their survival.

          • Pike0331

            Yes the cz is da sa but the Sig is striker fired. Traditional sigs were a bit more expensive than I’d want in a carry gun. The 320 solved all the problems I had with Glocks namely the Grip angle didn’t feel natural to me and I can’t justify buying a 300 dollar gun with a 200 dollar roll mark like the XD plus I didn’t like the grip safety.
            I carry a LCR 9mm which has a light double action but I get your point. Either way if you need to rely on a safety to be safe you have no business being around guns without supervision.

          • valorius

            apparently the us military thinks no one should own a firearm then…..because almost every weapon in the arsenal has a manual safety.

          • valorius

            if you ignore maintenance on your firearm, no one should listen to anything you say.

          • guest

            I don’t ignore anything. What I do is that I don’t go over the top. Glock needs (assuming frequent shooting) just a few drops of oil on critical areas every now and then, and an annual cleaning of the firing pin channel to avoid bad primer strikes. The rest is cosmetic cleaning, and that’s up to indivudual taste.
            What I do not do, is that I never waste time as if a religious fanatic at a prayer – meticulously cleaning every speck of dirt away, every single time after using it, for an hour or more. That is not maintenance, that is lack of social life.

            As for the infamous “errare humanum est”: if you are a mouth-breathing butterfingered slippin jimmy then stay away from firearms. If the simple logic of common gun saftey (clear = clear, loaded&safety on = same as ready to fire) does not compute then stay away from firearms. I know some consider firearms a natural right but there is also a natural right to life those around such firearm owners, who’s right not to be exposed to lethal idiots surpasses everything else.

          • valorius

            some would say that the ritual cleaning of their firearms after shooting is a very zen aspect of life, and a family bonding experience.

            to each their own.

          • valorius

            sometimes specops soldiers have nd’s and get bounced from their units, same for experienced cops, swat and otherwise.

            every human makes mistakes. even glock owners.

          • Wolfgar

            Excuse me Blaser 270 but I have had more years in firearm instruction than you and I can attest if an owner of a Glock never changes out any OEM parts it is one of the most reliable and dependable firearms on the market. I compete in USPSA competitions and the most un reliable handgun I have witnessed bar none is the old tried and true 1911. The STI Edge I compete with needs much more maintenance than my Glock 34. Yes if you have your head in your back side and allow anything in the trigger well it can discharge but this is the operators mistake not the firearm. As far as not knowing a loaded mag or cartridge is in the chamber then I would most assuredly blame the shooter not the firearm. Yes I will own Glocks thank you very much. Maybe we need an external safety and 40lb trigger pull for the mouth breathers but don’t judge every handgun user with the lowest common denominator. Your comments and opinion are the same used by the anti gun crowed on why we should all be dis armed.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Not having a safety and wishing it did have a safety is not exactly wishing for disarmament.

            There is a reason the term glock leg exists.

            Maybe its because so many mouth breathers are drawn to glocks and its beyond there skill level.

          • Wolfgar

            Stating the Glock is unsafe because a few poorly trained or incompetent individuals “I repeat myself mouth breathers” are unable to is exactly the logic the anti gun crowed uses as their excuse to disarm everyone. I’m no cheerleader for any firearm, use what ever you wish is fine with me but when you try to push your own prejudices to further your opinion based on lack of training and knowledge reveals your own short comings . You want an external safety , knock yourself out, but please don’t push the “it’s not safe” because you are not comfortable with out one. I compete with both types and have never felt unsafe with either one.

            Any person who discharges a firearm without checking to see if it has a loaded mag or bullet in the chamber is a mouth breather. An external safety will not prevent stupid people from being stupid. Making sure nothing is in the trigger well when holstering is not beyond most people who are trained, apparently it is with a few such as yourself.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            I do not see it that way. I do not care if people shoot themselves in their own leg. I see that and think, hmm maybe he could use some redundancy in the safeties, not storm troopers need to take his guns from him.

          • Wolfgar

            Unlike yourself, I do care that people may shoot themselves but to correct the problem one needs to focus on what causes the problem in the first place. A safety will not compensate for poor training.or unsafe actions. When a person miss uses a firearm the anti gunners always focus on the firearm and new legislation to ban this or that firearm becomes their wore out battle cry. Blame should fall on the shooter not the firearm when it is the shooter that caused the problem in the first place. This was my point about attacking the Glock as being unsafe. It is one of the safest handguns made when handled appropriately. If you feel more comfortable with an external safety then by all means use one, but don’t say the Glock is unsafe when it is shooter error that caused the problem. In my opinion any person who cannot learn to handle a Glock safely should not own any firearm with any amount of redundant safeties. Firearm training should be taken very seriously. If people followed the 4 firearm safety rules there would never be any firearm accidents do to shooter error. Think about it.

          • valorius

            you seem dead set on ignoring other experienced peoples valid opinions.

            says a lot about you.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            None of my handguns have a 1911 or highpower type safety.

            I shoot 225 and 228 sig, xd with grip safety, and mp with no safety.

            I just am not too proud to admit an external safety is more safe.

          • valorius

            a FEW??? LMAO!!!!

          • valorius

            dont be a douche.

          • valorius


          • valorius

            the problem is that human beings make mistakes. all of us.


        • NikonMikon

          “I know of instances where officers were going to clean their guns and forgot that when they jacked out the live round to dismantle it that they had forgot to remove the magazine first”

          I’m pretty sure it’s not the gun’s fault that the officers forgot. You ALWAYS remove the magazine FIRST. This is basic gun safety knowledge.

          Glocks have numerous internal safeties and as long as you keep your gun properly holstered you will have zero safety problems with a Glock. Everything else is up to the end user. External safeties are a liability because they rely on the user to function. A false sense of security is the worst thing you can have with a firearm. Remove safety, remove problem. Then the user has to be diligent when handling the firearm instead of falling back on a mechanical switch that is ultimately up to them to manage in the first place.

          • Sulaco

            This is not a new problem really, same complaint was sounded against the 1911 and became known as the “boot trick”.

          • NikonMikon

            What’s not a new problem? I don’t follow. I guess I should google “boot trick” lol

          • Sulaco

            Sorry should have been more clear. Boot trick refers to a recruit removing the magazine from a 1911 without clearing the chamber or “clearing” the chamber by racking the slide then removing the mag., thus resulting in a AD. Comes from WWI

          • valorius

            the glock is an inherently unforgiving design. that is beyond debate.

          • valorius

            you want officers on duty to unload their glock to reholster it?


            glock apologists are almost beyond belief…the pistol suffers from a design flaw, it is too easy to inadvertantly fire.

        • Jon

          So what your saying is slander against Glock than!!!! Sounds like the owners of Glock should sue you Blaser270!!!!

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Not unless they can prove its safe. Which they cannot do.

            Slander is spoken, did you mean lible?

            That would be a gogood start, then all you need to do is prove they suffered damages. That wil be hard to do if sales are up.

        • Spencer

          Don’t pull the trigger, and the gun doesn’t go off. It’s just that simple. A negligent discharge is not the fault of the gun. I own handguns with and without external manual safeties, and anyone who relies on one to keep them safe is an idiot.

          • Wolfgar

            Trying to use logic with this person is an exercise in futility. Many in law enforcement are very capable and trained individuals but there are a few like in all groups of society who are on the bottom rung of intelligence. Their egos pass their abilities and they get mad if we call them out on it. A badge doesn’t make an individual an expert with firearms no matter how long they have carried one. Case in point:

          • valorius

            dont design a gun that is so easy to inadvertantly fire…..problem solved.

          • Spencer

            What a stupid comment. Pretty much all modern handguns are incredibly safe. You can throw them around, drop them, do whatever, and they’re fine. But when you pull the trigger, a firearm is supposed to fire. The amount of the people here blaming the gun for their and other’s negligence is frightening. Usually gun owners are a little bit more willing to take responsibility for their actions. Don’t pull the trigger unless you’re wanting to shoot. It’s one of the basic tenets of firearm safety going back centuries, yet it seems like you’ve all completely forgotten.

          • valorius

            awwww, did i hit a nerve to cause your little ad hominem tirade?

            it is far to easy to inadvertantly discharge a glock pistol.

          • Spencer

            Calling your comment stupid does not qualify my “tirade” as ad hominem. Look it up.

            If you would like to be unsafe and go around willy nilly pulling triggers on guns that may or may not be loaded that’s your prerogative. Hopefully your general conduct shows this same lack of maturity that way others near you know to exercise increased caution.

            Anyway, I’m done with you. It’s clear that you aren’t wanting an intelligent discussion.

          • valorius

            yes it does.

            is it willy nilly pulling of triggers that has caused multiple cops to be shot when a drawstring from their duty uniform causes their glock to fire on reholstering?

            or a design flaw?

            answer: design flaw

    • Brad Ferguson

      If I am woken in the middle of the night, to a gun fight and the only thing handy is a pistol. The last thing I need to worry about is……………Did I remember to bump the safety off, on my cocked and locked 1911? If you can handle a wheel gun, you shouldn’t have any problem with Glocks “safe action”.

      • valorius

        no, what you really want when you wake up startled an half awake is a pistol with no safety and a light, short trigger pull, like a glock.

        yeah, that’s exactly what you want….

    • valorius

      agreed. the glock is the clear #1 choice if you’re a fan of nd’s though.

  • Sulaco

    Carmon: “Don’t care, don’t care. don’t care.”

  • valorius

    gaston glock is the most horrible person in the gun industry.

    total sleazy trash.

  • jcs

    I am a dyed in the wool 1911 fan, 45 cal of course. I have had many 1911 and love them all, Glocks although ugly, just work. The Idea that they are not safe is simply wrong, just because you can not see internal safeties does not mean that they are not there. Glocks are safe, accurate and very cost effective. I have been a handgun instructor for over 35 years and prefer a Glock to any other for first time instruction. Glocks are used by over 60% of all law enforcement agencies for a reason. I will always favor a 1911 in 45 Cal, but also carry a Glock, because they work and they are safe. This is America where we are able to chose what we purchase and use, I thank Big Guy everyday for our good fortune!