New Baby Desert Eagle III From Magnum Research

The Desert Eagle has been around since 1982, and one of its incarnations is the Baby Desert Eagle. Not only does the gun have more than three decades under its belt Рor under its barrel, as it were Рthe company behind it is also now celebrating its 30th anniversary. Magnum Research is marking the occasion with an updated Baby Desert Eagle III which will be available with both steel and polymer frame options. The gun will be formally announced at the upcoming NRA Meeting in Nashville, TN.

MSRP between $646 and $691.


From Magnum Research:

This year, marks the 30th anniversary of Magnum Research, so now was the perfect time to introduce a new and improved look to the Baby Desert Eagle III. The new series is sleeker and features an upgraded refreshing new design.

The Baby Desert Eagle is known by the industry as having one of the most reliable mechanisms in the world, and this is evident in the new Baby DE III Series as well. It features a precision land and groove match barrel, ambidextrous teardrop-shaped decocking mechanism on the slide, smoother trigger pull, fully interchangeable magazines with all Baby Desert Eagle II models, and a reversible magazine catch for either left- or right-handed shooters. The integral tactical accessory rail makes it ideal for a variety of laser and light accessories.

Magnum Research has also trimmed down the slide and frame making its shape even more like its big brother, the Desert Eagle, and the trimmer design gives it a lighter weight than previous Baby Desert Eagle II models.

The Baby DE III can be purchased in polymer or steel frame, full size or semi-compact, and in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP calibers. The full-size 9mm pistol with the steel frame weighs just 38.0 oz., measures 8″ in overall length, with a 4.43″ barrel length, and slide width of 1.31″. It measures 5.375″ in height. The steel frame and slide are produced from high quality carbon steel with an attractive matte black oxide finish. The Baby DE III can also be purchased in a polymer frame with a black finish.

Other features include a double/single action (DA/SA) trigger with a 12 lb. trigger pull (DA), or 4 lb. for single action. The rifling is right-hand twist 6 lands and grooves, and combat-type, white three dot fixed sights. The Baby DE III ships with two magazines. MSRP for the Baby Desert Eagle III will range from $646 to $691 depending on which model it is.

Magnum Research will formally introduce the Baby Desert Eagle III at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville on April 10-12, 2015. Stop by the Kahr Firearms Group booth #2049 and check them out. Magnum Research will start shipping the Baby DE III polymer frame in June and the steel frame will begin shipping in September. For more information about Magnum Research products, visit

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  • Giolli Joker

    This would be an incarnation of a Jericho 941, surely it’s not a Desert Eagle incarnation, of which it has gotten the name only because of the twisted sense of marketing of the people in Magnum Research. ..

    • spotr

      New? This looked familiar. I just wikipedia-ed it. Based on Cz-75 design and built by IWI (previously called IMI – Israeli Military Industries).

      Jericho 941

      aka Uzi Eagle

      aka Baby Eagle

      aka Jericho

      aka Desert Eagle Pistol

      New to Kahr/MRI perhaps, but it has been around since the 1990’s.

      • Phillip Cooper

        I have a Jericho 941 and a Baby Eagle. No matter what you call it, it’s a damn fine weapon.

    • JSmath

      Not really twisted, it makes a whole lot of simple sense. Really, only an idiot would look at or buy a Baby Desert Eagle thinking they were getting a Desert Eagle…

    • Peacefull1

      I had a Jericho stolen years ago. I know the serial number. I wonder if there’s any way I can put a reward for its return. I just want it back. No questions asked. $$ for its return

  • Riot

    What is the deal with that logo?

    Baby DE is such a silly name (/marketing tactic) for a CZ75 clone.

  • aka_mythos

    I know a couple months back they were talking about releasing a frame mounted safety version of the “Jericho” … I sure hope they haven’t gone back to using the “Baby Eagle” moniker.

    • Jericho 941 was the original designation from IMI (now IWI). Folks may not remember that KBI was the original US importer of the Jericho before Magnum Research snagged it away from them and renamed it. Ironically, KBI is the ancestor of the current IWI US, who is bringing back the Jericho.

    • floppyscience

      Yeah, that was IWI, the guys who actually make this pistol. They announced they would begin importing it themselves under its original name “Jericho”, along with the original frame mounted safety.

  • Don Ward

    They say in the wild, Tigers will often eat their young. It’s a pity Magnum Research can’t extend the same courtesy.

    • All the Raindrops

      You ever shot a slicked up cz75 variant?

      Thought not.

  • schizuki

    Baby Desert Eagle? Sounds like a chick gun.


    • JumpIf NotZero

      It is actually a super unfortunate naming convention. Fwiw, I think “baby” has a connotation of just being small in Isreal and not small and weak like it does in the U.S.

      • J.T.

        That isn’t what it is called in Israel.

      • Tim Pearce

        Agreed 100%. It wouldn’t be so bad if they came up with something similar, but not identical. Desert Fox or Arctic Eagle or something like that. Not Desert Eagle 1911, Micro Desert Eagle, Baby Desert Eagle, Desert Eagle Spoon, etc.

  • Lance

    Another SADA 9mm……… YAWN!!!!!

    • Cymond

      If you’re expecting something truly new, you should stop reading now. Literally every gun is going to be “another _______” until someone invents a “phased plasma rifle in the 40W range” or whatever. Everything else is just a remix of existing tech until then.

      • Katie A

        Do I hear a Diehard quote coming…

      • Tom

        Just what you see buddy.

    • Jack Burton

      Because there’s so many new DA/SA pistols coming out these days…right?

  • Captain Obvious

    It’s the Baby Deagle, homms

  • Looks like a BUL Cherokee with full length dust cover rail. Nice that they’re coming back to the states.

  • Caffeinated

    And of course they kept the safety/decocker on the slide —> FAIL

    • Tom

      I am sure there are some people out there who prefer a slide mounted safety/decocker. But then again there are people that prefer heel releases and we do not see these too often.

    • All the Raindrops

      I don’t see the decocker on the slide being the same type of issue…. it won’t stop the action like a safety will. Got a slide decocker on my s&w 3913, can’t complain about that design…

      • Caffeinated

        I own a 3913nl and 4006tsw. Great guns but both have issues with the safety/decocker engaging when practicing stoppage drills. It’s not just me either. I’ve seen other people have the same issue using the hand over slide to tap-rack when training under the clock. You can inadvertently end up with a disabled weapon after clearing a stoppage.

        Additional, both designs require a shift in firing grip our another hand to disengage the safety unless your thumb is as long as your trigger finger.

  • sam

    Bleh. I like the previous ones. The new beaver tail is large and unsightly.

  • Dan Atwater

    Alright, I’ll admit to being ignorant here, but didn’t IWI announce a re-release of the Jericho (in both metal and poly frames) a couple months ago? And isn’t “baby eagle” a rebranding of “jericho”? What’s the difference between IWI and Magnum Research? I’m confused.

    • mig1nc

      I had the same thought…

    • Tim U

      IWI did indeed announce the Jericho pistols. The physical difference is that the IWI guns have a frame mounted safety instead of the slide one.

      While the BDE and BDE II were made by IMI and IWI, I suspect that the BDE III is not made by them. Perhaps Magnum Research just bought rights to making them outright since they already had the brand name?

      • J.T.

        This is what I am guessing. The BDE II has grips with the IWI logo and the BDEIII doesn’t. I don’t think they bought the rights to make them because I am also seeing a number of other changes that were made. The rail, slide release, hammer, decocker, beavertail, and trigger guard are all different. Also, the grips look like they might either be a single piece that wraps around or they at least cover the entire backstrap plus one less serration on the slide and a few less on the mag release. They probably did all of that to make it unique enough to not get in trouble with IWI.

  • Tim Pearce

    I’ve never understood why “it looks like a Desert Eagle, from a distance, if you don’t know what one looks like” was ever a selling point.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Apparently Kahr bought them or is importing them, judging by the location of the booth at the show.
    Finally, something worth having from Kahr.

  • LCON

    the “Baby Desert Eagle” moniker keeps me waiting for them to announce a whole family of Eagles with the “Mama Desert Eagle”, “Uncle desert Eagle”, “Sister Desert Eagle”,”Brother desert Eagle” “Cousin desert Eagle” “Grandma desert Eagle” “Aunt Desert Eagle”, ” Desert Eagle Jr.”….

    I mean Okay You made the Desert Eagle, a Icon of bass Addery hand gunning but slapping that name on every product you make is a little excessive, and inconsistent with with Mountain Eagle, MR Eagle and Micro eagle.

    • All the Raindrops

      Whatever, theyre nice guns. Can see the Tanfoglio influence… the compact steel BDE3 could be like a g19 sized tanfoglio match limited… bad azz. Nothing wrong with new cz variants and these look pretty unique and combat oriented.

  • GreekPreparedness

    They have totally destroyed the design…What differentiated the Jericho from the lot of CZ-75 clones was the particular grip design (on the backstrap). Wish I could buy one of the older ones in time.

  • john huscio

    I wanna like the jerichos but sphinx has pretty much realized the full potential of the CZ design…..that and the sdp subcompact looks like the perfect ccw…..a gun slightly larger than the HK p2000sk but packing nearly the same number of rounds as a glock 19…..

  • Phillip Cooper

    Anyone wanna translate this? My head hurts…