Interview with Glock Engineer About Glock 43

Ok so this was a joke someone posted up but it is hilarious. They make fun of the release of the Glock 40 10mm and how Glock is releasing the Glock 43 after Shot Show.


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  • Vitsaus

    This was brilliant actually. I’m just licking my chops to see the fan boy butt hurt explode here now. The tears will taste like wine.

    • MrSatyre

      Sounding kind of desperate there, Vitsaus. Your ego bruise easily or something?

  • Wolfenstein

    I actually want the Glock 40… What’s the joke about the glock 40? 🙁

    • Cal S.

      The fact that Glock trolls it’s fangirls to no end and yet it works. Every. Single. Time.

      • No

        It’s an abusive relationship, and Glock knows it because it’s fanboys will slather the Glock D whenever it can.

    • J.T.

      Everyone was asking for a small carry gun, and then Glock released their least concealable gun ever.

  • nova3930

    I loled

  • ryobiwankenobi

    This is very funny! English subtitles for a Spanish guy who’s supposed to be an engineer for an Austrian company. This is as much of an international effort as me deer hunting with my Czech rifle of German design with a Chinese scope and Serbian ammo with which this American missed the deer in Alabama.

  • mlk18

    The reason that was so funny is because it was also completely true. 90% of all Glock 43’s will be sold to fulfill some long standing deep desire for a slim Glock 9mm. Price, performance & size won’t factor in at all.

    • uisconfruzed

      It’s a Glock, of coarse performance is a factor, or they wouldn’t sell the way they have since they came out.

  • ryobiwankenobi

    This video has left me with a case of the giggles or,as it is known in Spanish “El Resitas”

  • Jack Morris

    Oh damn, I couldn’t stop laughing

  • dan citizen

    Glocks and Iphones.

    I like a gun with a track record. No gun I carry is borderline enough that a minor difference like single/double stack is going to make me go out and get a different one.

    • iksnilol

      I just think the G43 is a bit fat. I mean, I would rather live with the extra half centimeter width for extra 4 rounds. Actually a bit less than that, it is 4 millimeters. So 4 millimeters extra width for extra 4 rounds is more than worth it IMO.

      • dan citizen

        A valid point.

        I am an old man, stuck in his ways.

  • Giolli Joker

    Seen it on TTAG on the right day (April 1st)… I’m still baffled by the fact that some of the commenters actually didn’t realize that it was a joke and took it seriously…

    Pretty funny however… and it’s funny because it’s true! 😀

    • Grindstone50k

      Feelings on Glocks run strong on all sides.

  • Glock people are a great source of humor.

    • Wolfenstein

      What’s wrong with glocks?

      • iksnilol

        For me personally they are uncomfortable and you get very little bang for your buck (they are expensive for what you get). + plastic trigger and sights isn’t winning any points in my book.

        Though that is my opinion, other people might have grrrrrreat experiences with Glocks.

        • Wolfenstein

          Second to none quality magazines, high or highest capacity double stack full size frames, customizable grips out of the box, conversion barrels galore. Compared to the MP Series the glock wins hands down.

          Oh and you can complain about the aesthetics of a polymer trigger/sights but there’s no functional difference between the two besides weight and cost.

          • iksnilol

            Um, if you can’t make quality magazines then you shouldn’t be making guns. Wouldn’t need to customize grips if they were good to begin with. + pretty much any pistol can change grips. Only those polymer frames with the molded in grips can’t. Conversion barrels, you get a point there.

            I don’t care about aesthetics, just plastic sights and triggers are a bad idea. mushy triggers and sights that aren’t as sharp as other sights.

            But I guess I am a hater and I am old fashioned.

          • Wolfenstein

            Honestly there’s nothing mushy about any glock trigger I’ve shot. And from what I’ve seen in MPs, Springfields, CZs, the magazines always have the potential for issues. Glock mags, on the other hand, have been 100% reliable since day 1 for me.

          • “Honestly there’s nothing mushy about any glock trigger I’ve shot”.
            Aaaaand credibility gone.

          • Wolfenstein

            No really, do tell me how much more you know about guns since I’m completely incapable of forming my own opinions and anything I say that you don’t agree with makes me an ignoramus.

          • How much more I know about guns? Well, being as how I do not know you I cannot quantify that information (which would be difficult to quantify in the first place I suppose).

          • Wolfenstein

            aaaand credibility gone

          • To Whom It May Concern

            You’ve had issues with Mec-Gar magazines?

          • High or highest mag cap? Lol. Hk had them a decade earlier with the first polymer pistol at 18 rounds 🙂
            So the model 17 was deficient in capacity out of the gate. Oh wait, I forgot about their mallninja mags. Oh wait… They didnt do that first either.

          • Wulfforgothislogin

            I’m talking about now, larger calibers, and what I can buy new from the store. I have no idea what you’re referring to regarding mall ninjas, nor do I care. Nor do I intend to spend 900$ on an HK just because they were “FIRST”

          • Alright then, but you can get a vp70 for cheap 🙂 or a nicer gun they offer/have offered.
            Make the right choice and renounce those Austrian junk heaps.

          • Rusty Shackleford

            Damn, I wouldn’t complain about the HK prices if only they actually re-introduced the VP70, P9, P7/P7M13 again.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Why in the world get your nickers in a twist over what someone else likes?
            Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Move along.

      • Sights, trigger (eww), grip angle, ergonomics (complete lack I should say), no safety, limited grip options, top heavy, hard to conceal (even the 26), malfunction prone when “limp wristing”, and more!

        • Wolfforgothislogin

          All opinion, all subjective, all of which I disagree with. My use is a duty pistol and it hasn’t failed to fire once in .40, .45, and my short time with a 10mm. I can’t say the same for a Sig, SW, SA, nor a CZ. Grip, sights, trigger on a G21/41 are perfect for me.

        • DonDrapersAcidTrip

          This guy actually writes for this site?? lmao

          • Indeed I do! However feel free launch another ad hominem without challenging my statement.
            But you are going to have to run that call of duty bit by me again. A bit over my head I’m afraid.

          • DonDrapersAcidTrip

            Challenge your statement? What statement? That you don’t like the glock grip angle? That you don’t consider the trigger safety a “real” safety? Do you want to have some teenage pissing match over preferred firearm manufacturers like we’re in highschool or something. The call of duty statement is me expressing disbelief you’re a supposed actual employed professional here lmao and not some random youtube commentor who wandered in.

          • My opinions and misgivings pertaining to the Glock pistol?
            And no, that trigger safety isnt a real safety. Remember around november or so when that lawman got his jacket drawstring caught in the trigger gaurd and it got him in the leg? Score one for the trigger “safety”. And no pissing match here, just riffing about a pistol brand and my experiences with it.
            But indeed I am employed here! In fact I am the senior writer, a licensed dealer, manufacturer (07/02), and collector 🙂

        • Nicholas Chen

          You should try the Eidolon holster with a Glock17. It is really amazing how it conceals

          • I am 6’4″ and 175 pounds. My concealed carry options are limited.

        • uisconfruzed

          I’ve G22, G23, G27, Sig 229, Kahr PM9, Colt 1911 Commander and multiple revolvers. The Glock is what I carry. I bought the 23 & 27 when they came out. I attempted the limp wrist FTE multiple times with each one, it never happened. In my large hands the grip angle is spot on, it’s the reason I bought my first Glock. The M&P ergonomics are OK, THAT TRIGGER SUCKS. For $100 plus I can replace the S&W trigger with an Apex and carry a modified gun for self defense, no thank you.

        • Phillip Cooper

          I agreed till you said “prone to limp wristing”. I’m no fan of Glocks either- though I do respect the engineering. I’ve tried to get my Glock 17 to fail due to limp wristing and it just … runs like a Glock.

    • wildman0708

      The same could be said for HK people.

  • Topo Solitario

    You’ve just lost a spanish reader! 🙁


    • Steve Zahn

      Lighten up, Francis

    • mosinman

      It makes zero sense lol but that’s just like Germans watching downfall parodies

      • Topo Solitario


      • Chase Buchanan

        Fegelein! FEGELEIN!

  • Ted

    My three year old thinks I’m sad because I’m crying. She doesn’t understand how hilarious this is…

  • Marco Antonio Gonzalez

    Yo no le veo el chiste
    And since I am not very familiar with the arm environment. Well in english i do not see the joke either


  • Ted

    That video has been repurposed like this dozens of times since 2007, hilarious but not original.

  • Mrl

    Am I the only one who thinks that this engineer thinks that we are all idiots, Maybe with all the money he makes, he should get a bridge or something to replace his missing teeth. Now that’s something to laugh at.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Wow, you’re really easy to spin up, aren’t you. Have you considered decaf?

    I think the point you are (willfully or ignorantly) ignoring is- any device which does not, by design, prevent the trigger activating the weapon when something (finger, clothing, foreign object) enters the trigger guard and disturbs the trigger is BY DEFINITION *NOT* a safety.

    So yes, this “safe action trigger” is NOT a safety. Here’s a neat observation- *this is why Glock NEVER calls it a safety, but instead refers to it as “the safe-action trigger”.

  • Harold

    Effing brilliant

  • Chase Buchanan

    He looks like the Spanish-speaking version of Nathan Lane.