Gun Review: High Capacity Bottle Mystery Shottie 94 Demysteryfied

In a new discovery that sent shock waves through twilight state (and municipality) continuum, beer bottles appear to be high capacity magazines. Observe these two shotguns, completely legal in Massachusetts, complete with 5 round magazines.

Both shotguns heartily accept limited capacity of magazines, yet both can accept bigger capacity magazines (illegal if “post-ban”).

… also one of those magazines looks like a soda bottle.


To satisfy Massachusetts law for 5 shotshell limit on post-ban magazines, all bottles now have to be made much smaller or constipated with epoxy (inclusion of hammers and sickles are optional … but helpful)


So how does this Shottie works? Dubbed as “trombone”, this epithet is accurate for this rusty device at tax time. From the other side one can see the ambidextrous bottle opener for right hand challenged people.


Magazine well (held by rubber bands) can be opened up



to reveal the … err “purging point” actuated back and forth via steel cable. The rubberized sides allow gentle cradling of beer bottle (and of course of vodka, as always)


Steel actuating cables go over golden (not really … not even plated) pulleys


… and disappear into the intertubes (like internet)


From what I can tell of taste, the tubes are well lubricated with cosmoline and gutaline bouquet, with a hint of DDT soap.

Handle actuate the cables (back and forth) it also drives the piston that pushes shells that drop down to the loading chamber.


The handle also actuates the rest of the shottie action. Since action cycle distance travel is shorter than shell length, an extended cam slot allows to fully cycle and push the shell into loading of chamber.


California “magazine repair kit” are already being designed. Does it does not make sense?


One thing is clear that just as Nostradamus predicted, more device of bottle fed construction will be discovered. Their semiautomatic mystery will only be exceeded by the most glorious of cartridge … but is another story …


Son of Kalashnikov.


  • spotr

    I think this easily fits into the WTF category.

    • Boris

      the real WTF is the fact that mere possession of 6 shell mag in MA carries up to 10 years prison sentence.

      Come to Boston with one and you’ll be saying WTF to your cellie at Walpole.

      • SP mclaughlin

        Surely you can smart talk out of it by saying, “Go Sawx!”

  • Confused Confusious

    Wait… is this a working firearm? Or did someone take “Shotgunning a beer” to heart?

  • El Duderino

    I’ve Bubba’d some guns, but dang…

  • wat

    uhm….. april fools was yesterday…..

  • Ted

    WTF is he trying say? The most nonsensical blog post yet….

    I’m going to go watch that Glock engineer vid again….

    • M

      He leaves out critical information so the post ends up sounding like the ramblings of a schizophrenic.

      It’s a hopper feed system. The beer bottle is a funneling the rounds into the tube.

      And of course he would leave out the pictures of the bottle holding ammo, so people don’t understand what a bottle is doing there

  • Don Ward

    Some say Boris is of day late and ruble short for makings of April Fools Day post. I say Boris is of 364 days early for next years April Fools Day, stealing a March (and May through February) on lazy, decadent Capitalist humor once again!

    *Proudly begins singing Soviet National Anthem*

    • Blake

      In Soviet Amerika, shotgun loads YOU!

  • Jack

    is that an underbarrel flame thrower?

  • lucusloc

    I am curious to know what this actual is supposed to be. There is no link to any build site, which could be fun. . .

  • Porty1119

    That inspired about ten minutes’ combined laughter between my girlfriend and I. While this is not quite the strangest shotgun I’ve seen (that honor goes to the Russian riot gun using surplus ZSU-23 barrels), it still has me at a bit of a loss for words.

  • Roger V. Tranfaglia

    The pictures and story must have come out yesterday………

  • Grindstone50k

    April Fools was yesterday…?

  • lucusloc

    Thanks for the link, I was so confused what it was supposed to be. It is a hopper fed shotgun, using a bear bottle hopper!

  • Grindstone50k

    But…. why?

  • Blake
  • Blake

    “From what I can tell of taste, the tubes are well lubricated with cosmoline and gutaline bouquet, with a hint of DDT soap”

    MMMmmm… I do love the smell of cosmoline…

  • the Streilok

    You are being of greatest comrade. Workings of shotgun is genius. Brain of man makings of design brain is stronk as bear.

  • Boris

    8 states: MA, NY, CA and others + municipalities like DC restrict hi capacity magazines in some shape or form. People have gone to jail over possession of high capacity magazines. This is REAL.

    This build is not some “un-bubba”, golden inlay, pinnacle of craftsmanship. It purpose is simple. Demonstrate that common item can be used as high capacity magazine … and there for is illegal to possess.

    If any item can feed more than 6 shotgun shell, it’s a high capacity magazine in MA (and probably most other totalitarian states) This build demonstrates that. Nitpick bad bluing job or lack of fitting, this is not about craftsmanship. This is about unjust and nonsensical laws so broad that they encompass your piehole-stuffing utensils.

    This is all fun and games when you sit your fat ass in warmth of comfort, reading internet and porn. It is laughter like string is machine gun and brillo pad is a NFA suppressor part and all beer bottles are high capacity magazines. This is all fun until you get caught and charged (and people have been) and you are wander WTF happened when you cut timber in Siberia Gulag equivalent of USA.

    I ask you, what is so funny that you are ruled by a bunch of illiterate buffoons who debate the meaning of “shall not infringe”?

  • Zebra Dun

    Dang! Derp! D’oH!

  • derfelcadarn

    Just because you does not mean you should.

    • M40

      Your statement seems to be missing the word, “can”. Maybe it’s better that you left it out… wouldn’t want to give the guy any ideas for his next project.

  • iksnilol

    For the confused:

    He made the shotgun feed from bottles, the bottles can have more than 5 shells in them and thus they are “high capacity mags”.

    • M40

      I’m guessing he emptied at least a dozen of those bottles down his gullet before embarking on this project.

      • iksnilol

        As a person who doesn’t drink alchohol: Isn’t that the opposite of a problem?

        In all seriousnes, I doubt this is intended to be used as a practical firearm. I think it is just to illustrate how stupid the law is. I will admit though, I like the shotgun. Just add a heat shield over the barrel for that apocalyptic look and you are set.

  • Yellow Devil

    Necessity is indeed the mother of all aesthetic cruelness.

    • M40

      Such wasted talent! This guy should have worked making ‘thingamawotzits’ for Dr. Seuss, or perhaps making mousetraps for Rube Goldberg.

  • cobalt327

    Three minutes I’ll never get back…

  • Anomanom

    My brain just had a failure to feed.

  • LeeC

    Steam punk!! Rock on! Complete this badboy with the required gauges, valves and switches… and that will be on fine firearm!