Happy (Early) Easter – How Many Cadbury Eggs will a 22LR go Through

No, prior to this video, I never had a desire to know how many Cadbury Eggs a .22LR would go through, but seeing the title, I know I was a victim to click-bait. 22Plinkster is at it again with another video of just what a CCI Stinger can go through. The results are highly interesting and to quote the shooter’s description:

“I knew that Cadbury changed their recipe for their eggs; I just didn’t know it involved Kevlar…”

Nathan S

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Cool a will go through many video…

    • Jack Morris

      You are one salty bastard, Jump.

      • JR5232


  • Paul White

    what a waste of tasty tasty candy

    • Tom

      Candy!!! They are chocolates, Bloody Americans 🙂

      But if it makes you feel any better they have not tasted the same over here in the UK since production was moved away from Birmingham.

  • Darren Hruska

    “Nobunny knows Easter like Cadbury!”
    Well, except for 22Plinkster…

  • Sulaco

    The eggs are not the real danger to mankind! Its the Peeps that will destroy us all….!

    • jamezb

      Hmmmm how many peeps will a…. oh never mind.